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Fri, Sep 6 6:18pm · Help: Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) - very scary in Hearing Loss

@ed140 Hi. I posted this a week ago for someone else, but I will repeat it for you as your loss sounds like my wife's. She woke up one morning 2 years ago with no hearing in one ear. I got her into my ENT the same day and he prescribed steroids like yours did. But he also had her get an MRI, which showed that she had an acoustic neuroma (non-cancerous tumor) pressing against her hearing nerve. It was small. Within a week of drugs, her hearing was back to normal and she has been normal for 2 years. However, even though acoustic neuroma's are typically slow growing, we go back for follow up MRI's each year to make sure it isn't getting too large. She might still need to get it surgically removed in the future if it grows too big. Hope this helps. I would get an MRI if I were in your shoes so you could confirm what it is. Good luck.

Mon, Sep 2 12:27pm · Sudden Hearing loss--options after steroids are ineffective? in Hearing Loss

@sjd324 Did your audio or ENT send you for an MRI to rule out an acoustic neuroma? This happened to my wife 2 years ago when I was at the Salt Lake City HLAA convention. My wife woke up that morning and sent me a text to call her ASAP. She said she woke up with loss of hearing in one ear. Fortunately I was surrounded by experts at the convention. I found an ENT who said to immediately get to an ENT for steroids and an MRI. They gave her another drug but I can't remember what it was. By getting on the steroid right away, the inflammation of the neuroma, which had been pushing on her hearing nerve, reduced within several days and she has been fine since. Since her neuroma was small, we just go back every year to see if it has grown much. They are usually slow growing.

Wed, Aug 28 1:09pm · When to replace hearing aids in Hearing Loss

@judysmayo You are correct. I learned later that the audi practice had recently been bought by a group of practices in the tri-state area which had a special 'relationship' with Starkey, i.e. they pushed Starkey as their top choice. I also am looking at the recent Phonaks as they have gotten good reviews and I like that I can use my Roger pen without the streamer on my neck. Also going to try out the Oticon Opn.

Wed, Aug 28 7:40am · When to replace hearing aids in Hearing Loss

@imallears Thanks Mary. I did and the Starkey person said no good. Between that issue and the fact that the Starkey's can't handle the slightest bit of moisture is why I am shopping for new ones.

Tue, Aug 27 4:48pm · When to replace hearing aids in Hearing Loss

@hearingpeg You are correct – not all BTE's have a telecoil. My Starkey Halo does not even though I told my audi that a telecoil was important to me 3 years ago! I am in the process of getting new ones and have researched the major brands. Many times there will be a model without the telecoil but it will have a similar model with all the same bells and whistles but also a telecoil. The only difference in the Model numbers is the letter T at the end. So look for that.

Tue, Aug 13 7:39am · Sharing the burden of hearing loss in Hearing Loss

It certainly is covered. There is a summary of the ADA and other Acts on the HLAA homepage under Programs and Events: Know Your Rights. Also, each State should have an Office of Vocational Rehabilitation or something similar. It helps people with disabilities be able to gain or keep employment by helping them get the accommodations they need.

Thu, Aug 8 8:05am · Walk4Hearing Page Dilemma in Hearing Loss

@mmyatt01757 I am going to pass your question along to Ronnie Adler. She is the national manager of the Walk4Hearing but I am on the Walk committee for Philadelphia with her and will see her at our meeting next Wed. I have never tried to go directly to my Walk page. I always go through the main page. But let me see if there is a way to go directly to your Walk page where you can just put in your password and enter it. Mike M.

Mon, Aug 5 8:11am · Speech-to-text Apps in Hearing Loss

@katherinebouton Thanks for that info. I also have an iPhone and was considering Otter and Google Transcribe but didn't want another phone in my pocket. Since it is free, I will download Otter and give it a try at our next meeting.