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Sun, Jun 14 4:17pm · Constant tinnitus: Are there any solutions? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@kimjensch Hi. I do not have what you describe, but can point you to 2 areas for help or information. One is for the American Tinnitus Association of America. I belong and it is worth joining. The other is a symposium being sponsored by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) next Friday from noon – 1:30 as part of HLAA's Virtual Convention next week. There will be 3 experts in tinnitus talking about the latest research and info on tinnitus. The link is There also is a Q & A that afternoon after the online symposium, I believe starting at 2:30 where you can submit any questions you have. Good luck with it.

Fri, May 22 3:33pm · Help! I can't afford to buy hearing aids in Hearing Loss

@lamb2828 Your problem is very common and unfortunate. There are a couple of choices that I am aware of. One is to contact your state's Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. They sometimes have connections to groups (like the Lions Club or Rotary) that have hearing aids as one of their projects. The 2nd is Starkey Hearing Aids. Starkey has a Foundation that it sponsors whose mission is to bring hearing assistance to those who can't afford them. They do it internationally as well as domestically. The Domestic group is called the Hear Now Program. You have to qualify as being financially in need and complete an application. The link is

The 3rd option is called Hearing The Call and is a national organization of audiologists with the same goal – finding a way together hearing assistance to those who can't afford them. There is a Hearing The Call chapter in Sarasota. It looks like the only one in FLA that I could find. Its link is What is different about them is they arrange to find affordable hearing aids for those that qualify under the financial requirements but they also ask the recipient to give back thru community service hours.

I hope you find help there one of these groups. Lack of insurance for HA's is a serious problem and several groups, including HLAA of which I am a member, are working with Congress to try to get changes to the Medicare laws. Unfortunately with all that is going on in the world right now, this will move to the back burner again. Good luck. Mike

Tue, Apr 28 9:23am · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

@julieo4 Julie, you seem pretty knowledgeable with these ALD's. I have Starkey HA's without a telecoil (they were supposed to have one but my Audi screwed up!). Does that neck loop work for what I have if I want to listen directly to my laptop or connect with a hearing loop in a meeting? Or do I need to add something. Thanks.

Wed, Apr 15 11:19am · Losing hearing because of brain tumor in Brain Tumor

@bigmqama I noticed you live in Elysburg – home of Knoebels amusement Park. Fun little place. It looks like you are in between a couple of our chapters. If you go to our HLAA PA State website ( there is a pull down menu for Chapters. The Capital Region chapter is a good one in Harrisburg. Not sure how far that is for you. But their President Augusta Spandler is very active and would be happy to talk to you. And if it is too far to travel for a meeting, ask if they are going to start using Zoom or some other remote conferencing app for their meetings. Several Chapters have started using this because of the virus but I see it continuing in certain regions because of the remoteness of where people live, like Central and Western PA. We are going to use Zoom for our next State meeting in May/June.

Other Chapters that might work for you are Central in State College and Lebanon. I know very little about either of these. But there is an email contact for the president of each chapter if these are closer to you. I am a member of the State Advisory Council and my local Chapter is Chester County which meets in West Chester but also might go virtual in order to attract more elderly members who don't like to drive. I also am on the committee that runs the PA Walk4Hearing in Philadelphia in October each year.

If you ever want to contact me go to the State webpage mentioned above and hit the Contact Us button. It will take you to a page with different people to contact. Go to the bottom under Chapter Coordinator and send me (Mike Miles) an email then I can respond with my personal email address. They don't allow us to put email addresses on this blog.

There are a lot of handouts Julie or I can send you on best practices to communicate with people with hearing loss. There are also a lot of apps. Keep in touch. Mike

Tue, Apr 14 12:01pm · Losing hearing because of brain tumor in Brain Tumor

@bigmqama @julieo4 I am the Eastern Chapter Coordinator for HLAA-PA. We have 7 chapters (one temporarily inactive) around Philly. We are working on getting chapters in the Scranton area and Lehigh Valley. If you live in the eastern part of PA I can lead you towards the closest chapter. We also have 3 in the Central part and 2 in the Western part. Let me know where you live and I can point you to the right person in your area. Mike

Thu, Apr 9 7:48pm · Losing hearing because of brain tumor in Brain Tumor

@bigmqama I agree you should see a specialist, but would want to know additional info. Were you told what type of tumor it was, maybe an acoustic neuroma (AN)? My wife woke up deaf in one ear 3 years ago and was diagnosed with an AN, but she acted quickly and steroids helped it relieve pressure on her hearing nerve and her hearing came back. Her AN tumor was small and the specialist told her they grow slowly. But we have to watch it to make sure it doesn't start pressing on the hearing nerve again or the brain stem. She went to an otolaryngologist at Jefferson in Philly. I would think you would need a current MRI if you haven't had one in awhile.

Fri, Mar 27 10:19am · Help! I can't afford to buy hearing aids in Hearing Loss

@hammock2015 Another option is Starkey Hearing Aids has a Foundation that distributes free hearing aids all over the world. You have to qualify financially. If you go to their website and look for the Foundation (might be called HearNow) it has a pre-qualifying link to tell whether you qualify or not. Good luck.


Tue, Mar 24 3:43pm · Retinal Detachment Surgery in Eye Conditions

@jaguar737 @imallears @sue225 @lisalucier Thank you all for your different perspectives. I just got back from the ophthalmologist who said it wasn't a tear or detachment ( I think I heard a 'yet') but the vitreous gel that is against the retina has 'liquified' in a couple of places, and moved away from the retina causing the floaters. The explanation for the flashes of light was a little more technical but he said to give it 3 weeks. If the floaters multiply and/or I get any shading across the eye to come in immediately. Otherwise I'm ok. I don't want to lose an eye (I already lost hearing in both ears) so I am going to get another opinion at one of the large Eye Hospitals in Philly where I live. Thanks again and will update if the 2nd opinion differs.