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Sat, Sep 12 1:09pm · Living WELL with Hearing Loss in Hearing Loss

@lizzy102 Lizzy, what VPN do you use?

Tue, Sep 8 11:27am · speech-to-text app in Hearing Loss

@sag I just got done evaluating Streamer for Zoom for my HLAA Chapter meetings. Streamer's captioning works well. But the one big drawback to using it is that everyone who wants to access it on your call with you must download Google Chrome browser in order to access the microphone. With many older, non-techie people in our group that was thumbs down for it. Maybe if we can spend the next several months educating our members on how to download and use Chrome we might come bask to it.

Tue, Aug 18 12:00pm · Signia. Resound - Anything else out there? in Hearing Loss

@lucyg I am testing Phonak Audeo 90's right now which overall I like. One issue is the bluetooth connection when I am outdoors walking and listening to music. If I have phone in my left cargo pocket or in my left hand, the music cuts out. If I have it in my right side, it is ok. Only happens when outside. If I am inside, it is fine in either pocket. Have you seen anything like this with the Widex, which is the other brand I was going to look at. Thanks.

Tue, Aug 18 10:29am · Dizziness: I'm searching for the unknown cause in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@tonyinmi I had same problem for several years. My ENT also recommended drinking more water so I now also take a bottle to bed every night and sip it. But he also recommended using a sinus rinse and since I've been doing both, no sinusitis. I used to get a couple of sinus attacks every winter but last winter was first time without.

Sun, Aug 2 6:07pm · What can be done to help with hyperacusis? in Hearing Loss

@lhester10 I just read a great article today in the latest edition of Hearing Health magazine, which is the quarterly publication from the Hearing Health Foundation ( They are currently doing research into hyperacusis and part of their funding is coming from a non-profit called Hyperacusis Research Ltd. ( The article was written by a founder of Hyperacusis Research, Bryan Pollard, who decided to start the Foundation when he couldn't find adequate information online. Their website has a lot of good info also. HHF also is doing research into Tinnitus, so it is worth looking at both websites for info. Another source is the American Tinnitus Association ( Good luck.

Mon, Jul 27 9:03am · Hearing Loss: Come introduce yourself and connect with others in Hearing Loss

@tarheel I am in the market for new hearing aids too. I also use the HLAA checklist. But in addition to that, I use a forum from Hearing Tracker as it gives a lot of input for specific brands and resources. It has been very helpful. Good luck.

Mon, Jul 13 4:43pm · Hearing loss and career in Hearing Loss

@ozlin423 And the other good thing about captioned phones is that they are free. The federal government covers the cost through fees they collect from everyone's phone bills