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Mar 8, 2019 · Hyperhomocysteinemia with MTHFR C677T mutations. Does anyone have this in Depression & Anxiety

2 months ago my doctor tested me and I have the double mutation. I have completely changed my diet . Back to eating like the Indians and pioneers. I also take 5000mg of folate and metholated b vitamins . I use a hot tub to sweat and detox 5 times a week. I am a new person 😁 I feel fantastic. My doctor is very pleased. My anxiety and depression are completely gone, I sleep way better, less pain, more energy and the list goes on…. I focus on all the good food I can eat and not on what I can't eat. This is a be a real break through for my family . Lots of pernacious emina , mental illness, strokes , cancer etc …have plagued my family . Feeling well