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Tue, Feb 18 6:36am · Decreased sense of smell may indicate early dementia in Brain & Nervous System

My mother had dementia and died at 86 yo. I think it may have started during her late 70s. She was sending money to all sorts of charities and a place that sent her pictures of the president. She was feeding her beloved dog moldy food. She also bought furniture that she couldn't afford and would walk on the street (or entertain visitors) with just her underwear on. . Finally, her money was gone so these places started having her send money through money orders (a guy would come and get the money and then send the money orders-I think he was associated with one of the national delivery services). Finally, one of her kids was there when the guy came to pick up the money and he told us what was going on. We changed her phone number since that was how these people were getting in touch with her, We finally had to put her into a nursing home. She lived a couple of years there. I would stop after work to be sure she was eating since they didn't have enough workers there to feed everyone (and make sure everyone was eating). They would remove all the food after 1/2 hour even if someone was still eating. When I asked why they said it was the rules (something about the food could be dangerous after 1/2 hour). Another thing I noticed about my mother in the early stages was that when she was writing something she often crossed out something and wrote something that was similar but a little different.

Mon, Jan 20 7:59am · Neobladder Replacement vs. Stoma in Kidney & Bladder

My husband had bladder cancer and also had a stoma after they removed the bladder. It is scary at first because it is something new (I had to take care of it for him since he was also very sick with COPD) but after a month or so it just becomes a new routine. He lived another 12 years with the stoma and it was the COPD that killed him.

Mon, Jan 20 7:52am · Afib: What causes an episode? What if I don't notice? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

My doctor has me on Eliquis (a blood thinner). I also have high blood pressure and one of the drugs I take for that (Amlodipine Besylate) is said by some people to cause Afib. I also have kidney insufficiency and am taking drugs for that. I am wondering if the Amlodipine has caused my Afib since I have been taking it for some time.

Mon, Jan 20 7:36am · Afib: What causes an episode? What if I don't notice? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Definitely for me is stress. I was under a lot of stress recently and, when I lay down in bed, Afib started. It is the first time I have felt it even though the doc said I have it. I just went to sleep and, when I woke later on, it was gone. I also had just eaten a spicy pizza so that may have had something to do with it.

Wed, Jan 1 5:08am · Bradycardia in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Sounds like you need a new doctor. Ask friends about which doctors are good. Go online and check reviews about different local doctors. When you try to get an appointment with whoever you choose, tell them what is happening and you might be able to get in to see them earlier. You have to be your own advocate. If you have good insurance, try the emergency room when your heartbeat is so low. This is what I would do.

Dec 31, 2019 · Stage 3 Kidney Disease and Diet: What can I eat? in Kidney & Bladder

If you like garlic….I have found that McCormick Perfect Pinch Garlic and Herb SALT FREE seasoning is great on lots of things. I almost always use it on meat. For broccoli or cauliflower a squeeze of lemon seems to make it seem sweeter and adds another layer of flavor. I also like slicing a tomato, topping it with a slice of fresh mozzarella and some avocado and putting an oil and balsamic vinegar dressing on it. The balsamic vinegar is the key here. Not sure if these are good for diabetic but they work for me (level 3 kidney).

Dec 29, 2019 · Bladder Infections in Kidney & Bladder

I never had UTIs growing up but we didn't have a tub or shower. We always took "sponge" baths. When I started taking tub baths I started having UTIs……but it was also about the time I became sexually active. After becoming sexually active I started having UTIs. I had them on and off for years until I became a widow. I haven't had one since.

Dec 29, 2019 · Diagnosed with tachycardia as well as dementia: heart beating wildly in Brain & Nervous System

I had a really bad headache for two or three days and finally went to my GP doctor. He diagnosed me with SUPER HIGH blood pressure (which I didn't know I had). Blood pressure pills stopped the headache. Do you have a general doctor? Could you go to him or her?