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Thu, Sep 26 10:10pm · Aortic stenosis and regurgitation/leaky valve in Heart & Blood Health

My doctor has also told me I have a leaky valve but he said it wasn't bad enough to do anything about it. He also said I have Afib and am on Eliquis (a blood thinner) to control the Afib. He did give me some other medicine for the Afib but it affected my kidneys (I only had 40% kidney function) and reduced the function to 23% in about a week so I stopped taking that. Wonder if I should get another opinion.

Tue, Sep 3 8:04am · UTI with ESBL in one year old girl in Kidney & Bladder

I never had UTIs until I started taking tub baths. Try showers.

Thu, Jul 18 6:14am · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

How much do you take every day?

Thu, Jul 18 6:12am · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

This morning I noticed that my stool was black. I think this might be because of blood in it. Has anyone had any problems like this while on Eliquis?

Tue, Jul 9 1:15pm · Long QT Syndrome in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I am currently reading a book "DEATH by prescription" by Terrence Young. I am not that far into it but they have mentioned Long QT and the man's daughter died after taking Prepulslid for throwing up and bloating. He blames the drug. Stay away from that drug if it is still on the market.

Tue, Jul 9 8:14am · Valsartan in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thanks Lisa. I am sticking with the Valsartan for now since it is basically free with my health plan and with some other high blood pressure meds make my ankles swell a lot. They still swell some with Valsartan but not as much. Also, my kidney function hasn't changed much for years with Valsartan and I am afraid of new medicines since one they put me on before (Multaq) made my kidney function go from 40% to 23% IN ONE WEEK!. It went back up after I stopped it but only to about 34%.

Tue, Jul 9 7:56am · Ebstein's Anomaly + afib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Not sure if I can help since I haven't been diagnosed for very long and I have never heard about Ebstein's. Maybe AFRobin's info can help but I have never followed any dietary restrictions. Everyone is different…..

Fri, Jul 5 7:03am · Magnesium and heart rhythm problems in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Emergency room visits have long lines here too (near Saratoga Springs NY) unless you have heart problems.