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Sat, Apr 25 7:35am · Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI) in Kidney & Bladder

Do you take tub baths? I used to get them all the time when I took bubble baths.

Sat, Apr 25 7:34am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

Let's face it-Life is Change. Very few of us are the same person we were 20 years ago. If we were we would be very boring people. If you can't do what you used to do, find something else you enjoy but keep your mind engaged. I really think that is the key.

Thu, Apr 16 8:25am · Downsizing, To Move or Not to Move? That is the Question in Aging Well

I guess I am lucky. We built our house when my husband was disabled from COPD so we have a ramp in the garage that makes it easy to get into the house. The master shower has a seat and the house has just two bedrooms. It is also small (only 1250 sq. feet) and is in a small town (under 3000 population). The only drawback is that the closest hospital is 30 minutes away but we have an emergency squad that can get us there if we can't drive. The hospital is small and if we needed something large the nearest large hospital is over an hour away. We have a screened in porch that is wonderful in the summer. I know most of my neighbors which also makes it great. My husband is now gone but I plan to stay here as long as I can.

Sun, Apr 12 6:39am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

She is a beautiful dog. A friend of mine was lost after his wife died. Didn't feel needed and was lonely. His daughter took him to a rescue organization and he found an adult cat that gave him a reason to get up in the morning. If a dog is too much care because you have to walk them, maybe a cat (who uses a litterbox) is the right move.

Sat, Apr 11 12:47pm · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

I like cross country skiing until I fall and then can't get back up without taking one ski off! One time I couldn't get the ski off the boot and had to take off the boot too. Luckily I wasn't far from my car. I have been thinking about getting an elliptical machine. What brand do you have?

Thu, Apr 9 7:55am · How do you accept change as you age? in Aging Well

My reply is, "If you don't use it you lose it." I am 79 and I find that I still can do many things and could probably do more if I hadn't stopped doing others. Just a few years ago I was riding bikes all over the place, hiking (small) mountains, kayaking and taking 4 mile walks almost every day. Then, I has knee problems (they said it was bone on bone) but I didn't want an operation (I had heard so many who it didn't help). I stopped most of my activities and just sat around, getting more and more lame (and gaining weight). Then I decided to go to the YMCA (many advantage Medicare plans cover the cost). I found I could use an elliptical machine without any pain and feel it really helped my knee so I was going three days a week and playing ping pong after (total exercise a little over an hour). I plan to go back as soon as they are open again. As long as you keep moving you won't lose everything. Some members of an activities club I belong to are in their 80s and 90s and still bike, hike and kayak. They have been active all their lives and never stopped moving.

Sat, Mar 28 10:59am · Smart watch to monitor heart in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I am thinking about getting an Apple watch to monitor Afib. The doctor said I have Afib but I sometimes wonder if I really have it and am hoping that the watch will tell me what is going on. When my blood pressure is taken I never have Afib. I am on a low dose of blood thinner but other medication they put me on caused my kidneys (I also have stage 3 kidney disease) to drop drastically to almost stage 2. Has anyone had experience with the Apple watch? Do I need an Apple phone to get the results?

Sat, Mar 28 10:54am · Questions about Eliquis in Heart Rhythm Conditions

That happens to me all the time. Don't know how it affects me though.