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1 day ago · Afib with Rapid Ventricular Response in Heart Rhythm Conditions

So glad to hear/know that it its indeed possible to live a long life with Heart Failure… Its such a roller coaster ride. I will certainly ask my EP about my AV Node if its intact. I see them in 2 weeks. Thats when I will find out if they will do another ablation or whats d next step. I am so afraid. It makes me anxious and I think that triggers the palpitations.

1 day ago · Afib with Rapid Ventricular Response in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello and Thank you for explaining that, I absolutely would prefer an open forum indeed. We can learn so much more. Unfortunately I just realized the responses from my previous questions were going to my spam mail and I deleted them all by accident. Therefore I thought if I post my email it would go to my inbox directly as oppose to spam box. But I certainly understand it being removed. I will be careful not to delete my spam mail before going through them. Thank again…..

1 day ago · Afib with Rapid Ventricular Response in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@soliloquized, I can send you my email in private message if you’d like. I’m hoping it comes to my inbox instead of the spam box. have a good day….

1 day ago · Afib with Rapid Ventricular Response in Heart Rhythm Conditions

GoodMorning @soliloquized am just now seeing your response (so sorry). The responses were going to my spam email and I was deleting the spam not knowing. Now that made me sad because I didnt get to read all the responses from my original post. My fast heartrate is due to Afib. They ablated back in Jun 2018 but it was unsuccessful. My heartrate jumps to 130 to 160 bpm so they have been upping my rythmol which is crazy it has my body feeling outright exhaused. I recently was told am having PAC in the upper chamber which is what may be causing my palpitations. Its a horrific feeling all off in my neck and only so at night. I think EP and cardiologist is thinking of ablating again but my body is so tired. They are trying to look into other options i was told by the nurse. Am not sure now what they are trying to ablate but I now will certainly ask. I am having these palpitations and night sweats often. Am so scared the heart will get tired and stop. Am just not sure what else to do or ask. Thank you so much for your response. Hope you are doing well…

1 day ago · Heart Rate fluctuated up/down repeatedly in sleep in Heart Rhythm Conditions

OMG GoodMorning I am a 47 year old female with similar symptoms as well. I was diagnosed in 2011 with Pheochromocytoma and that led to congestive heart failure/stroke and DVT, Fast forward over the years i was told that I have Arrythmia, tachycardia, Afib/flutter and PAC. Now I've had 3 unsuccessful ablations withing the last couple years and my heartrate would be between 130 to 160 bpm. I've had pneumonia Nov 2018 Jan and mar 2019 and I have in a pacemaker. My EP has me on propreferone 225mg 3x daily for the Afib issues and xarelto 20mg for dvt. Are you on any kind of Beta Blockers or meds for AFib?? I have been having those same night sweats and hot and cold feeling as well. But I thought it maybe peremenopause for me bcus of the hot flash and sweating.. I would have to change my bed sheets at night. But whats crazy am ok during the day. Night time it seems is when the body decides to go off. My cardiologist, EP and Pulmonologist refuse to make that peremenopause diagnosis so am at a last now on why the heart is misbehaving the way it is. Not sure what to do but am having these issues nightly. The palpitations are all off in my throat. Its a horrible feeling. The only machine I have at home is to monitor my pacemaker to make sure its working to help the heart. Am not sure what else to do or say to my Docs. I hope that you get some answers from your Doc's and post it if can. Hopefully it can help anyone thats experiencing similar issues and not sure what to do. Have a great day and thanks for sharing. Ilna

Tue, Mar 19 11:09am · Afib with Rapid Ventricular Response in Heart Rhythm Conditions

GoodMorning to you hoping all is well. So sorry to hear about your health issues.. its absolutely crazy to not be well, we know something is wrong, but we cannot get a proper diagnosis. Its so frustrating. Yes I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure which caused DVT so am on Xarelto blood thinner. I go back and forth between Afib and Aflutter. my heart rate was 180/260 last September 2018 so I am now on Rythmol (Propeferone – 225mg) to control that. I was told by Docs that my heart is totally dependent on the pacemaker and will be for life. it was installed because of the rapid heart beats.. I recently had 2 unsuccessful ablations last year so am like what now….. you know. May I ask why your wife thinks that Heart Failure is contributing to the pneumonia?? i had pneumonia in Nov 2018 jan and mar 2019. The pulmonologist seems baffled and dont know why it keeps coming back. I have had 2 CT scans 3 chest xrays ( no definitive answers there either) and a upper GI series test that checks the stomach for ulcers and what not. am still waiting for results of those.. I do hope you get some answers from the Docs on why you are going thru those changes with your heart rate. Hope to hear back from you and thank you for responding..

Mon, Mar 18 11:04am · Afib with Rapid Ventricular Response in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello since I am new to this group discussion website. How do I go about finding out if I had any response to my question. Please let me know. Thank you…

Mon, Mar 18 11:00am · Afib with Rapid Ventricular Response in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I sincerely thank you…