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May 21, 2019 · Heart Palpitations in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I remember getting my first palps when I crashed my bicycle at maybe 9 years old. I have lived with them on and off ever since. To make a long story short I have used every type of magnesium know to man and for the most part they do help. I am getting ready to retire in July 2019 and wife and I are moving to florida. We went to visit friends a few weeks ago and the palps started again with a vengeance. Its been daily now for 3 weeks! Im back to trying different mags and some actually make it worse! I saw a dr. on youtube say that they can be electrolyte levels so I picked up some Gatorade and they got worse? Today I tried Mag. Taurate and they got worse? I do go to the gym often and luckily they don't bother me too much when exercising, But there have been times when I get them at the gym I just stop and go home. There has to be a reason for these life stalling bumps in the chest. Still in search of..
I had colonoscopy and throat camera at age 55 and ever since then I started getting Chest Pains, some minor some harder. Dr said I have hiatal hernia? Its never bothered me and I rarely get heartburn? I have had 3-4 stress tests in my life and actually told Dr as they were occurring on the machine and he looked at me as if it was impossible to detect. I feel every little bump and he circled as I told him. he said PVC's just ignore which I do for the most part.