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2 days ago · Captioning Zoom Meetings in Hearing Loss

I belong to a local book group, and provide the Zoom connection with a Zoom Pro plan on a Microsoft computer. I would like to have the meetings captioned, either for free or for low cost, from an outside service. Is this a reasonable option? Has anyone tried it or found any good information about it? Thanks.

Thu, Sep 3 6:11am · Phonak TV Connector in Hearing Loss

Thank you very much Tony for the additional information. I really appreciate your help in understanding what the issue might be so I can make an informed guess about what to try. That's a great idea to try to figure out what's going on over a phone call. We could start with my neighbor's TV on and then see what happens when I turn the TV on with my streamer on it. And then try moving the streamer to the computer (where I Zoom quite often) and see if that has any different effect.

Hm – the idea I might have to give up my streamer even for a short period while it's being checked out by the manufacturer raises some anxiety. That device has improved my life immensely by giving me a clear connection on Zoom and allowing me to give up the headphones. But you're right that Phonak should be informed if it's causing problems. And my neighbor deserves to be able to use her devices without interference.

Thanks again. Usually my experience with technology problems is pretty lonely and frustrating. It's great to have the support!

Tue, Sep 1 12:02pm · Phonak TV Connector in Hearing Loss

Thanks so much for the speedy reply. And the really specific technical info. You're right about the Phonak transmitting 50 feet and 2.4 Ghz (whatever those are)! I think you hit the nail on the head – we each have our own internet and wireless routers. My upstairs neighbor was talking about tinfoil too and I thought she was crazy, but maybe not. Time to install a shelf! Thanks again.

Tue, Sep 1 7:34am · Phonak TV Connector in Hearing Loss

I recently purchased a Phonak TV Connector – a device which streams the audio from my TV to my Phonak hearing aides – and find it has made a huge improvement in my ability to hear my TV. However, a possible problem has come up. I live in an apartment building and my upstairs neighbor has been asking if anything I'm using could be interfering with her TV listening – she streams video from her phone to her TV set. Is this a possibility? I just don't know anything about the technology and would appreciate any advice.

Sun, Feb 16 7:04am · What do you do when someone is in denial about their hearing loss? in Hearing Loss

Scott: Love your response about being secretary for 2 organizations. Sounds to me like you're doing them a favor by keeping the minutes brief. I carefully avoid volunteering to keep minutes, but perhaps I should change my approach. Ann

Jul 24, 2019 · Do you know about Telecoils & Hearing Loops in Public Spaces? in Hearing Loss

to nightwatchrenband

Yes definitely hearing loops need to be more widely publicized. There are very few in my area in Western Mass. When I think about requesting more (I'm just vaguely considering it at this point) I always get hung up on three things: 1. People need to have the telecoil as part of their hearing aides to use them (I'm not sure many people around here would have the feature since there are few places the telecoils are available and the audiologists aren't pushing them), 2. They're expensive for a venue to install ($10,000 or more) so it's a lot to ask for and 3. They only help out in situations where there is a microphone or other central source of sound. All that aside, however, it's a great idea and I will looking more closely at the HLAA article and the info on Mayo Connect. Ann

Jul 19, 2019 · Do you know about Telecoils & Hearing Loops in Public Spaces? in Hearing Loss

Thanks for the information! So far I've only purchased the individual MIC that speakers are supposed to attach to their lapels. I'll ask my audiologist about the Roger Pen! Ann

Jul 16, 2019 · Do you know about Telecoils & Hearing Loops in Public Spaces? in Hearing Loss

By "the gap of time ranges from 5 to 10 seconds…" do you mean the time between the sound and your comprehending it? I've never quite counted the seconds but I do sometimes feel pretty slow to hear, understand and reply. At 71, I assumed that was because I had to piece together the limited number of sounds I heard into words and sentences. Interesting to think about . . . I can identify with feeling confused a lot of the time. It must have been a very frustrating disorder to have dealt with most your life – an invisible disorder, like hearing loss. Thanks for your comment.