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1 day ago · Does anyone find that a brand of shoes helps your foot neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I can wear slip-ons that have a small heel or lift to the sole and I wear leather orthotics in my tie shoes. I cured my foot pain with rubber band therapy, orthotics, and Finn shoes. After years of spinal stenosis, I had surgery and can bend over slowly and carefully but can't walk far without tightening and maybe some pain. Yes, I have some neuropathy but we think it is from spinal surgery nerve damage. I can't sit for very long. I just keep working on it.
At age 83, I may never get back to "normal", whatever that is supposed to be, but I do well on wide width, expensive shoes, mainly Finn, German, and SAS, American made shoes. I can wear SAS sandals for a while in the summer. My Finn slip-on shoes have a wedge sole, more than an inch lift, maybe.Dorisena

3 days ago · Trouble with everyday realities of diabetes in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Hotfooted, I am so glad you can be available for your son, as my mother was when I was overloaded with stress on the farm raising three children and trying to do it all. Oh, how she loved coming to the farm where the eating was so good and I did the cooking. I hope your son is taking all the vitamins recommended for vision problems that my husband never knew about, and my sister learned about too late in life. I am learning more about Parkinson's from a couple of friends and reading what I can because I think we do not know enough about prevention in old age. I keep telling people that most of these problems are not "measles" and we don't get them out of the air like when I was a child. I am so glad we got on top of polio when I was young, and know we can eventually prevent some of the old age chronic illnesses if we begin to learn about them sooner in life. I have become a real nutrition nut in eating.
I feel good being on the nutrition team on the web and supporting each other. Dorisena

5 days ago · more thyroid issures??? ( hypo to hyper) in Diabetes/Endocrine System

It's my son's turn for cancer. His brother had prostate removed a couple of years ago. No. 1 son had his prostate removed this spring and they didn't get it all. Now he is scheduled for The James at Ohio State University which has a fabulous reputation for good results. Their father died of cancer after refusing surgery for his prostate, had radiation, did not stay on the program, ate like a pig, and ended up with a tumor wrapped around his spine. My son will do everything the cancer experts recommend. He knows a lot about the medical world having been a volunteer paramedic in his younger days. Dorisena

5 days ago · more thyroid issures??? ( hypo to hyper) in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I don't know enough to suggest anything. I had an ultrasound and then went right to the surgeon and had the surgery. I had multiple nodules and they said I had them for a long time. My vocal chord was damaged during surgery, which is common and I can't sing much and don't speak well, but I never shut up. A year later they put me on a certain diet, took away the Synthroid for a month, and did some tests with a big machine, and said I was free of cancer anywhere. But I am expecting cancer again before I die. That is why I eat so well and study what I can find to read. Please call and annoy the doctors until you get in for more evaluation. Dorisena

5 days ago · more thyroid issures??? ( hypo to hyper) in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Question: Is the nodule cancerous? Since you asked, I will say what I saw with my husband, but I really don't want to bring it up. He was dying and your symptoms are what he went through during the six weeks he was in Hospice from his cancer. He also had untreated diabetes and an eating disorder.
My daughter's father-in-law had cancer and lost 40 pounds while his doctor was "just watching it". They couldn't save him by the time he finally was hospitalized. He was only 55 and had colon cancer which has a high success rate with surgery these days. I suggest you get moving on the thyroid nodule and find out more. I survived breast cancer because it was stage one and I ate so well. The first doctor misdiagnosed me. Dorisena

5 days ago · First change in over three years and no idea why in Diabetes/Endocrine System

The reason why I don't use the Mediterranean diet is because it has too many carbs. It is for non diabetics, in my view. I do like to pile the veggies on a plate, throw in some shrimp and eat the meal all mixed up on the plate. It looks like a kid eating, but I enjoy it.
You can't keep the ingredients in the taco shells anyway, so I just pile it on a plate all together. There also too much bread on the diet.
The Europeans are big on bread so the diet reflects that custom. In Italy they don't pile on the tomato sauce on the pasta like we do, and the pasta looks golden instead of red. Same with the pizza. Not so much tomato sauce. I eat what works for me and count carbs. Has anyone read the book advertised on computer by Dr. Merrill, the oriental medicine doctor who claims she cured her diabetes and has the answers in her book? I can't get through the day on her diet and I can't do her exercises. Too severe. Dorisena

5 days ago · First change in over three years and no idea why in Diabetes/Endocrine System

A couple of years ago I said "no" to the surgeon who recommended both shoulders be replaced. He has been nice about it and treated me with my current fractured shoulder. My doctor's office has never told me what to eat for diabetes and leaves me to manage it myself. He knows I study a lot and seek out my own solutions, so he gets paid basically to check my heart. Yep, it's still working! I think it is very important that we share with each other and try to find measures that work for us, even though we are all different. We ought to find a diabetic mental health professional who will share with us for free and get some support for our mental stamina. Dorisena

5 days ago · more thyroid issures??? ( hypo to hyper) in Diabetes/Endocrine System

As someone who experienced a husband in Hospice, yes, you should be concerned. I know enough to realize you are wasting away. The sweating is the result of your body metabolizing your stored fat. I would see a doctor immediately. Are you eating much at all? I don't know much about thyroid except that I had cancerous nodules and had it removed. The Endo keeps my Synthroid numbers low to prevent more cancer. I have little energy, but I do O.K. Dorisena