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4 days ago · How do I lower my morning fasting glucose levels? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Just keep at your diet changes, reading low glycemic lists and learning to enjoy foods that are low glycemic numbers. Eat high fiber foods, increasing gradually so you have no discomfort but have regular bowel movements. Be happy about each little improvement in the numbers and don't starve yourself.
Get someone to exercise with you so you can share the victories. Spend the money you save by not purchasing food in a box by purchasing fresh foods and lean meat or protein. I enjoy milk and I drink it every day but I have to give up some fruit in order to keep the calories down. I do not count calories because it is depressing, but I am quite happy when my fasting blood sugar is close to 100 in the morning. If it goes lower, I get the shakes, so I do not try to reach any lower because years ago I was hypoglycemic. It was stress related and I worked on the issue for a better daily life. The whole plan must be a personal journey fitting your body needs and activity level. Be aware of sleepiness after eating and driving while not alert. Believe that you can get much better.
Find a friend to take this journey with you and avoid those people who do not take diabetes seriously. I respect you and your efforts. Dorisena

4 days ago · Question about eyesight issues and pre-diabetes. in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I am older than most and have witnessed a number of experiences with bad health to make a strict nutritionist out of me. I watched my sister ignore basic instructions about diabetes as she gained weight and lost her ability to reason well. It broke my heart, and she died of several chronic diseases. Before that, I lost the battle with my late husband as he ate himself to death, ignoring diabetes and cancer risks and not following any doctors instructions. He was very uneducated, he was narcissistic, and his arrogance led him to believe he would outlive any threats to his health. His vision declined, and we noticed the dementia for about 15 years. Meantime I read and studied everything I could get my hands on to educate myself because it was useless to reason with my dying husband. In the end, he died a painful, death, and never reconciled with me at all. He was paralyzed and died in Hospice telling lies every minute he was awake.
His friends believed him to the end, and blamed me for feeding him badly. His constant eating was done in restaurants, and he was seldom home during the last year until the squad took him to the hospital less than two months before his death. There was also the alcoholism which he denied for many years. Few doctors will explain the terrible things that can happen to the body with these diseases, as they don't want to scare patients, and they don't want to lose customers. So we need to read, read, read, and ask many questions for clarification. A nutritionist is the best teacher, as well as an endocrinologist. We can succeed in having good health most of the time if we pay attention to weight, diet, exercise, and stress management. There are excellent books on the market, but I have found a couple that are unreasonably strict for my age and ability. My son and I support each other and stay on the success program. You will not die tomorrow if you overeat. But you can live a good life on the right program for you. Let's go, Team! Dorisena

4 days ago · Question about eyesight issues and pre-diabetes. in Diabetes/Endocrine System

You can study on the web and learn more about checking your blood levels and beneficial diet for controlling blood sugar. Congratulations on the weight loss as it is a huge victory for you. Eye problems can come with long term uncontrolled diabetes as my sister did when she gained weight and refused to limit her eating to a sensible plan. I couldn't reason with her at all, and she didn't follow the specialist's recommendations. Testing daily will tell you better how to eat and exercise and you will gain confidence about better health. I don't wait until I have eaten too much to see if I have overdone, but test in the morning and count my daily carbs along with staying active to keep the numbers from rising too much. I had eye problems from stress and when I got on top of that, my eyes have been fine. If I overdo on eating once, I know to not do it a second time, and the next day the numbers are better. You get used to behaving yourself with your eating because you know that you are doing the best you can for your health. Keep up the good work. Dorisena

Mon, Sep 9 4:11pm · Taking Norethindrone and Metformin at the same time, not for pregnancy in Women's Health

This menstration problem is beyond my experience and expertise but on the matter of Metformin, I did not take it when I was prediabetic, just worked on a strict low carb diet and lost weight. That worked quite well so long as I avoided other people my age who were not serious about low carb diets. It seems to me losing weight is a winner for you as changing your eating is better than taking pills and eating the wrong food. Yes, I am going to have a corn dog at the county fair but I will walk as much as I can, and not repeated it the next day. The doctors don't really believe you will get over diabetes and some of them
would lose some good customers if we did. I want to show them they are wrong about me. I will push myself harder until winter, and I will not bake Christmas cookies because my family isn't interested in them anymore, and I don't want to ruin my eating. Out of sight, out of mind. Dorisena

Tue, Sep 3 11:49am · Mildly Elevated Blood Calcium (10.3) and Higher End PTH (60) 47y/o F in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I have learned nothing about the parathyroid glands, so I think I need to study. Sudoku puzzles are about logic and I like that because it is practical thinking. I do not like to guess, so sometimes I am stuck so I cheat and look up the correct number. it gets me going to the finish and then I think I don't have Alzheimer's today. I can't walk far because of my spine surgery, but most people think I am perfectly normal. The knee replacement surgeries were not perfect, either. I compensate my thinking by being happy that I don't have to go to work every day, so I feel privileged. I walk too slowly for anyone to want to walk with me so I lack companionship. Aren't computers wonderful. I am tempted at times to let everything go and allow the old body to die, but then perhaps I might suffer some in the end. My first grade teacher, an old maid, was hit by a truck crossing the street at 92 and died shortly thereafter. She saw my mother in the store shortly before that, and asked how I was, by name. I was impressed with her record of longevity. Dorisena

Mon, Sep 2 1:08pm · Mildly Elevated Blood Calcium (10.3) and Higher End PTH (60) 47y/o F in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Thanks for the info. I just had a calcium blood test and it is o.k. The bone density test was below normal and that is my current concern. I gave up the bladder medicine except for occasionally because I learned it was causing constipation which I had to resolve after spine surgery. My back pain and constipation went away when I stopped the pills. Life is much better now, and it is nice that I have four bathrooms in my huge home. I take calcium and vitamin D pills and eat a high protein, low carb diet for my diabetes control. I do not exercise enough. My hair is better due to taking biotin and not doing any permanents. I can deal with the other old age issues and am doing better than most of my friends mentally. I do two Sudoku puzzles every day. Dorisena

Sun, Sep 1 3:07pm · Why do glucose numbers range so different? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Good Job! Medicare paid for my dietician but I think I only went once or twice and she gave me a book for counting carbs. Eventually I went on Metformin but would like to decrease that when I can. I need to lose more weight as well and exercise more. It is all about balance, I think. Dorisena

Sun, Sep 1 12:23pm · Mildly Elevated Blood Calcium (10.3) and Higher End PTH (60) 47y/o F in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I am interested in this because I recently had a bone density test and for the first time it is in the minus range, at -.9 which is considered osteopenia and not serious, but my doctor recommended taking more calcium, taking Fosamax, and doing weight bearing exercises which are difficult for me with two bad shoulders the surgeons would like to replace. I have always loved milk and continue to drink it, am rejecting the Fosamax for now, taking two calcium pills, and hoping to get outside more for the sun. My calcium was tested at 9.1, down from 9.4 six months ago. I would like a higher dose of Synthroid but my endocrinologist refuses, and is no longer treating me because she says my numbers are perfect after thyroid removal a number of years ago due to cancer. My neighbor says her osteopenia improved after working on it and she no longer has low numbers. I gave up yogurt because it interferes with Synthroid in the morning but am going back to it, without sugar of course. I fell and fractured my bad shoulder in May. That's my story for sharing. I will be 84 next week and am not using my rocking chair yet. Dorisena