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9 hours ago · Heart Problems, Cardiac Symptoms, But Test Results Normal in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I respectfully disagree. I am happy that the meds work well for you, but I have had a number of prescriptions over the years that made me want to go to the emergency room but I managed to last until they wore off and then never took them again. My doctor thinks I should take his suggested meds until my body gets used to them. And be able to drive a car? No, thank you. I am refusing to take the full dose of a medicine now because I can't stay awake during the day and I think I should be able to cook and take care of myself, at the least. My doctor never checks to see how a new prescription is working out so I must be the one who decides yes or no as I am living alone. I am feeling pretty well this fall and managing my diet in good balance. That helps a lot. Dorisena

4 days ago · Thyroid mass, cystic components in Diabetes/Endocrine System

.I went to hear a doctor speak at Ohio State University on their research with black raspberries made into a powder and then reconstituted. It reduced the risk in men. He also spoke about tomato sauce and the research on reducing risk in men. They are doing the research with the Agriculture College and it is very complex. This doctor is a diet and exercise and nutrition guru. Of course I will be following their guidelines as I have gardened for 63 years and love the food that I can grow. It is doing some good. Dorisena

5 days ago · My first A1C since diagnosis 3 months ago!! in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I understand completely, Carol, as I have been plagued with health problems all my life, but not issues that would keep me from my daily duties and responsibilities. I realized pretty young that everyone needs a buddy to hold us up and inspire us on our down days, and someone to congratulate our little victories and actually mean it. Sometimes I say that it feels so good to feel good. With allergies I don't often say that, but try to convince myself that I am "normal." A doctor once told me I couldn't be normal if I tried. He is dead and I am still living and doing pretty well. I appreciate being around cheerful people at my age because it means to me that we are some sort of "winners" against the problems of aging and disease. I had a nose bleed at 3:30 a.m. and haven't a clue what that is all about. But I am taking my granddaughter shopping for a Christmas present today. I keep on keeping on. Dorisena

5 days ago · My first A1C since diagnosis 3 months ago!! in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Carol, whenever I have pain in my legs or feet, I make myself exercise by doing heel lifts, and sometimes I do them in the shower after I get my back warm. If it is neuropathy, the gentle exercise will decrease or stop the pain and I can get to sleep. I don't have this all the time and I find I can fight back with the heel lift exercises. Sometimes I must hang on to the counter for balance. My sister took Klonepin for years and said it was for her "restless legs" but she ate an awfully big diet and gained a lot of weight and would not cooperate with a diabetic program at all. She took lots of BP meds and I could not reason with her at all. She was very bad before she died. Dorisena

6 days ago · Thyroid mass, cystic components in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I read about diets that help prevent cancer but I have never read about diets to shrink growth, yet. My understanding of immunotherapy is that it builds up the immune system to prevent unwanted cancerous growth. Radiation kills cells and growths, and it is targeted to certain spots. Surgery removes a dangerous mass. We are having a conversation here, as I don't really have the answers to our issues. I believe that garlic and onions, which the oriental medicine people promote, helps build up the immune system to prevent disease and illnesses. I learned in animal science that stress in young cattle causes pneumonia like symptoms. As the years go by, I find myself in better health than some of my friends my age, so I believe in all the supposedly little things we do to help keep us alive and feeling better than if we didn't eat right and exercise, get a good night's sleep, and avoid emotional stress. I also believe we need to develop a few skills and hobbies and learn to love the people we live with as much as possible. Sounds simple, but it is not. I value my skills I learned at a young age. They lift my spirits and make me feel like a person of value. I never wanted to be Homecoming queen, and that never happened. Dorisena

6 days ago · I have a very large nodule on my thyroid, does it have to mean cancer? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

This conversation is making me wonder why I wasn't tested for cancer before thyroid surgery eight years ago. How did they decide it was cancer in my case, or did they just assume? I had breast cancer lumpectomy six years before the thyroid surgery. Then I had radiation which burned my skin but they continued to finish the 42 radiation treatments. Did the radiation cause the thyroid growths? Of course, they would never admit that, because when I studied the brain tumor treatments I learned that some patients had terrible brain relapses six months after brain radiation and the doctors said the radiation didn't cause the relapses. I know they are trying to save our lives, but it seems every treatment is a risk of some sort. I have the protective cover put on my neck when I have x-rays at the dentist. They give me antibiotics when they clean my teeth because of my knee replacement surgeries. I have been told not to eat soy because of a test I had. Now I am reading about foods that are considered anti-cancer foods. It is quite a job keeping up with the medical science. Dorisena

6 days ago · I have a very large nodule on my thyroid, does it have to mean cancer? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I think you are thinking well. I am living pretty well without my thyroid but I'll admit it is not perfect. Nothing in my body is working perfectly. As you say, "oh, well". My mind is still keeping me going. I played three pieces at church yesterday. Dorisena

6 days ago · My first A1C since diagnosis 3 months ago!! in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I have been thinking lately how we have been trained to believe in taking pills to cure everything and make us well. Yes, antibiotics can do that and pills can correct imbalances, relieve pain, heal rashes, and all sorts of seemingly magic problems. Some of us need to become scientists to keep up with the diseases that crop up. Frankly, I would rather sew, play the piano, and bake for hobbies. But I continue to read and try to educate myself to keep this old body going as well as I can and feel reasonably comfortable. if I make it to age 90, I plan to sit in my rocker, drink some wine, watch the beautiful sunset, and perhaps do a little knitting. Also, I would like to listen to some Bach, Mozart, or, my favorite, Rachmaninov music. Today I will eat right, exercise, and go vote. Maybe I'll read a little. Dorisena