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21 hours ago · Experience with Trulicity (Dulaglutide) in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I was born with eczema and have itched with something all my life. Although I have learned to desensitize myself against some allergens, it is prudent to consider the effects of medicines as I am sensitive to so much. That is the main reason I stick to a diet and exercise program to manage diabetes, however I do take Metformin at night. I can sleep through most medicines that could bother me, and this trick was taught to me by my family doctor whose interest was in allergies. I hate staying inside, and know that sun helps the vitamin D that I need, so I tolerate the weeds, wind, and rain to get the vegetables grown in my garden which helps decrease the diabetes. I wish I had been educated and warned about diabetes when I was young enough to help prevent it. A pill is probably not the answer, and discipline is the motivation for improvement and better health. We keep studying. Dorisena

1 day ago · Sugar has the potential to reduce your body's defenses in Healthy Living

You should live as far south as Virginia to grow peanuts, and I live in Central Ohio. They are a long season, sandy soil crop, and you need a place to dry them before baking them. I have the sandy soil, but won't try it again. I don't buy much for the birds because there is enough for them on the farm. The squirrels go into the field, drag the corn to my front yard, and eat away. Then I have to pick up the cobs. In the winter I feed birds but not Blue Jays because they chase away the other birds. I never saw an anti-inflammation diet, but the allergist said I shouldn't eat peanuts. I have always eaten them anyway.
I do know that sugar makes my knees ache, however they have both been replaced. I am not going to give up milk, either. I ate peanut butter at night to cure my low blood sugar years ago and it worked. When our business burned down in the middle of the night, I sucked on peanut butter to keep from fainting.
Protein is the big help in both low and high blood sugar. Peanut butter absorbs slowly. Dorisena

1 day ago · Sugar has the potential to reduce your body's defenses in Healthy Living

I had a nutrition class in grad school where they taught us the natural carcinogens in some foods, showing that there was so such thing as a perfectly safe food for everyone.
We can tolerate some toxicity on some foods, so they set limits on known problems. Peanuts have a naturally occurring carcinogen and must be tested in America before they are used for peanut butter. Imported peanut butter may not have been strictly tested. I grew some peanuts one year in an unusually hot, long summer, roasted them and they tasted pretty good. Of course I couldn't test them. But they were natural! I shared them with my squirrels. Dorisena

1 day ago · Hypothyroidism Diagnosis in Diabetes/Endocrine System

There is nothing wrong with seeking out an endocrinologist or another doctor for a second opinion. I have had similar experiences. One doctor who was subbing for my regular doctor, threatened to have me involuntarily committed to the psych ward because I complained of pain. I later was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my back and had much therapy to heal. Then my doctor continued to diagnose me so insurance would pay for the patient visit. I called him on that because I wanted my health report to be clean for my insurance premiums. You don't always know what is behind the treatment or lack of. Dorisena

1 day ago · Sugar has the potential to reduce your body's defenses in Healthy Living

Growing up as a young girl, the first thing I was taught to bake was cookies and pies, followed by making homemade fudge. Even though I was in Home Ec. classes in high school, and learned nutrition in 4-H cooking projects, nothing was ever mentioned about the possible harmful effects of eating too much sugar, or the fact that it has no nutritional value but can provide some energy. I am thankful to be able to learn more about good nutrition and its effects on our bodies and how to manage so we can become healthier and active in old age. This sounds obvious, but I am still angry that I was kept ignorant about food and didn't have the opportunity to learn best practices at an early age. My mother knew if you ate too much, you got fat, and that was about it. She said they got rid of the milk cow in the back shed after babies were weaned at about three years. Doctors are not excellent educators and don't have the time. Thank God we are learning better eating habits and exercising more. We don't grow much cane sugar in America but do grow sugar beets. It is enough. Dorisena

1 day ago · Sugar has the potential to reduce your body's defenses in Healthy Living

I am so glad to know someone else who thinks avoiding sugar decreases inflammation. Please don't mix the subject of pesticides and GMO's in one discussion, because they are two different issues. It bothers me that sugarcane is burned before being manufactured because of the possible toxic affects from burning. It gets very complicated to those of us who grow food and other products for non food use.
Today my blood sugar is down and I don't have pain. I''ll take it even though I don't understand it well. Dorisena

1 day ago · Sugar has the potential to reduce your body's defenses in Healthy Living

We need to be careful about our assumptions with scientific issues like GMO because we are not getting the complete story at times, and we are not eating all the products that are affected by it's use. I am educated in the agricultural world but new studies come to light all the time. Agricultural people are not crooks or cheats, and want the same safe food as everyone else. Food in American is getting safer and safer, as we learn to use less chemicals, but foreign food is not always as safe. I don't eat soy products because of a test I had with breast cancer that showed I should avoid it. So I am satisfied with growing GMO soybeans for industrial use. There is no such thing as a perfectly safe food, as there are toxic chemicals occurring naturally in some foods. We also have naturally occurring unsafe water in some areas. It is a long story and we need to study and learn. Farmers are not the bad guys, because it is expensive to use new products so they want to be as careful as all consumers. Even steak on the grill can become toxic. I keep studying. Dorisena

2 days ago · Morning glucose test in Diabetes/Endocrine System

The doctors at the hospital where my son had his prostate surgery were the ones who sent him to The James Cancer Hospital. You are correct, the primary doctors don't want to work on the tough, chronic concerns. My doctor switched to pediatrics and is a salaried doctor for the big health corporation. It is not like the old days when the doctor tried everything possible to help you get well. They change doctors often and seem to have new staff and nurses quite often. I am not that comfortable with the new style medical care, but I can see another doctor on my doctor's day off. I like that. My son starts radiation the end of the month now. We wouldn't be so tense if his father had not died of metastasized prostate cancer with a tumor on the spine. It grew fast. Doris