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4 hours ago · The characteristics of a burn out in Depression & Anxiety

This is the first time I have had anyone say that the narcissist sits and enjoys the mess he has made of someone's life. What an understanding! Yes, that is what they do, and I couldn't explain to my family that what my late husband was doing was enjoying making me miserable. You could see him laughing in his eyes when I got upset, so I quit arguing with him and would walk out of the room. It is a terrible mental condition which begins in childhood from trauma of living in an abusive home. Then they never heal and learn bad coping habits, and essentially become con artists and feel the joy of their victories. The lies get worse and worse, every day, and eventually they can become dangerous. Even though I stayed, I urge people to leave such relationships, but then you must still figure out how to live safely because the narcissist thinks he owns you and he should punish you. Nothing is ever his fault. Dorisena

Wed, May 27 1:55pm · The best AIC goal for type 2 diabetics in Diabetes/Endocrine System

The article didn't say what made heart disease worse, but I know the heart is a muscle, so it seems to me that it should be exercised to keep healthy. I read about muscle wasting in the elderly who sit around, so that may be a factor. I think old bodies eventually wear out and die regardless of how hard you work at it. But I don't feel ready for that eventuality yet. I can't get the weight to budge, either, but at least I don't have a problem with gaining if I stay active. I don't need as many calories each day, and I eat slowly and chew a lot. If I ever get it figured out, I will let you know. Ha Ha! When I was first married, I was dizzy if I stood up fast after getting a pan out of the lower cupboard. I must have been in really poor condition because of an inactive life. That soon changed on the farm where I worked myself too hard, had allergies, and worried my self terribly over financial debt. Those days are over for me now, and I concentrate on peace and happiness doing the things I enjoy first and the jobs I don't like eventually when I get around to it. Dorisena

Mon, May 25 2:59pm · The best AIC goal for type 2 diabetics in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Since my recent test was 6.1, down from 6.8, because of strict eating and more active working outside, I don't think I should be taking as much Metformin. I get nauseous after three hours, and I was nauseous when I first took two Metformin pills. My endocrinologist dismissed me, and my doctor says nothing.
According to your guide, I am pre-diabetic, but I avoid spiking blood sugar like the plague. My blood pressure is down, and I have cut my one BP prescription from three pills a day, which made me feel awful, to one pill a day, and I feel so much better. I have plenty of greens from my garden now and intend to spend the summer eating them, both raw and cooked, with a little beef and chicken, and a lot of fish, no white potatoes or white bread. I still feel I need to lose weight for the diabetes management and for fitting into clothes in the store. My waist size is out of range. I feel there is more work to be done in my case.
Is too low a number bad for my heart? I have an irregularity which the doctors say is no problem. I am not at risk for strokes. I am 84. Now what? Dorisena,

Mon, May 25 1:07pm · The best AIC goal for type 2 diabetics in Diabetes/Endocrine System

A doctor writes in my local paper that there is controversy over the best AIC number, depending on age and other medical conditions such as heart conditions, and whether or not medications are used. A study showed that below 6% can make heart disease worse. The suggestion is that persons who wish to go off medication should not do it abruptly, which is common sense. Experts may not use medications for someone below 7%. Changes in weight, diet, and exercise factor into deciding a goal, and 6% or less goal is not necessarily better for an older person who may have heart disease. Dorisena

Fri, May 22 12:36pm · Middle of the night "episodes" in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I spoke to my son and we reviewed our blood sugar journey and my sister's and husband's, and we feel that something makes the insulin system in the body "wear out" and not function at all which results in type one diabetes. When my sister was in a small hospital years ago, they mistakenly gave her insulin shots and didn't realize it was the wrong treatment for her hypoglycemia. She almost died before she got them to not give her shots. She ate and ate after that and was soon very diabetic and obese. Her health declined after that. The professor at college who taught me about diabetes has died, or I would ask him more questions as he lived in my neighborhood. I am definitely interested in studying and learning more because I want to keep up my health if I can. I will find a person who is knowledgeable and is up to date on the latest discoveries. I will question someone when I have the opportunity. Dorisena

Thu, May 21 2:04pm · Middle of the night "episodes" in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Now we are getting somewhere! Thanks for letting us know. Dorisena

Wed, May 20 8:49pm · Middle of the night "episodes" in Diabetes/Endocrine System

This is beyond my understanding or anything I have experienced, but it has made me rethink my episodes of the Seventies when I had low blood sugar and then the need to eat every hours or I was nauseated, and then in the early 2000's, being diagnosed with diabetes, which I have never really understood.
Now I believe that the two issues are connected and I would like to learn how it evolved. I am not educated on type 1 diabetes at all, except that the insulin is not working at all and you need insulin to live. My fear is that my insulin pump will quit working altogether, but right now it is working enough that my diet is lowering my AIC to 6.1. I am happy about that and will continue to study. I want my last years to be comfortable so I am not a pain to others. I hope we can be insightful to each other and find the right medical help for our bodies. My goal is to get off the Metformin and be safe with my eating. Dorisena

Wed, May 20 5:09pm · Middle of the night "episodes" in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I am rethinking my response about using sugar for low numbers or feeling faint. With diabetes, a sugary drink or orange juice has long been the remedy for active people whose sugar levels drop and they need a quick fix to keep from passing out. I forgot that diabetes has low numbers and high numbers, depending on how well the insulin system in your body is working, and how active you are. People on a long hike can run low on sugar for energy. In this case, a liquid or snack bar can be a quick fix. You need to see an endocrinologist as we are not experts, and everyone is different. Dorisena