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Jul 12, 2019 · How does hearing loss change you? in Hearing Loss

The ear phones have made listening to TV an absolute joy. I use the big soft pads that surround the ears. Plugs into TV, with charge stand by the T.V. As to music, I do not enjoy playing on my keyboard, nor listening to some music as much anymore… music in restaurants is annoying. A talker, I now talk less, go to restaurants where just one group at my table as my preference. I'll settle for hearing aids, for the terrible high price they cost to actually improve the quality of my hearing. My keyboard, if not wearing head phones, sounds super tinny. As to any cure, I'd forget that. But seems tech could vastly improve hearing reception by now.

Jul 12, 2019 · How does hearing loss change you? in Hearing Loss

I simply say, after anytime asking someone to repeat what they say… that "I have the best hearing aids on the market, but nothing replaces God-given hearing." For family, I have to keep reminding them that they need to know they have my attention before they speak to me. If in another room, they should call out, " (name)….. can you hear me?" first, before begining to talk to you. In same room, opening the fridge and starting to talk to me, while their face is toward inside of the fridge doesn't work at all well, as to my understanding what they're saying. At work, in casual situtations, such as a lunch break, can remark that if young people knew the down side of hearing loss, they'd take better care to lower the volume to their music. And, remind… that Medical studies have never found a link between IQ and hearing loss. And "Thank you God," remember, you are not to be considered "deaf". You have a hearing loss, or hard of hearing.

Jun 8, 2019 · How does hearing loss change you? in Hearing Loss

I (marijaneb) was replying to the one above me, who said her/his parents' friends thought her/his hearing loss was "catching".

Jun 4, 2019 · How does hearing loss change you? in Hearing Loss

Ignorance and pride have no limits. So sorry to hear of your feelings of powerlessness … helplessness … isolation. But, now, you no longer need be shy as you atune yourself to today's "all out there wonderfulness." When you see someone who could use your help and you feel comfortable to be of aid, that will make you feel your self-worthyness, as you are, truly, one of God's miracles.

May 13, 2019 · How does hearing loss change you? in Hearing Loss

I, now, at 84 have hearing aides in both ears. Music in restaurants is distorted and an irritant. Have nice ear phones to prevent reception distortion when watching TV. Women's voices and words not understood, unless nearby, particularly so, when out sociably are not clearly picked up, so do less socially. Have to ask young people who phone to speak slower. Have a free phone for hard of hearing folks with nice screen that prints conversation. That's so helpful! Husband is a treasure in my life, but he doesn't understand that I do not understand what he's saying when in another room, when he's facing away from me and talking while washing dishes in the kitchen, when he's out of sight, though nearby, and starts to talk to me. Yes, wearing hearing aides has markedly altered my life. Thankful I have my sight and mobility and functioning nogin.