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Mar 3, 2019 · Meet others living with Head & Neck Cancer - Come introduce yourself in Head & Neck Cancer

Hello, my name is Lisa, and I have salivary gland cancer– adenoid cystic carcinoma. January 2016 I had a partial maxillectomy with a free flap and temporary trach. Radiation followed after I had healed a few weeks. Thankfully my dentist was able to make me up an amazing partial denture to fill up the hole left by taking half of my hard and soft palate along with my right jaw bone and teeth. I have my 3 year recheck this week, and the stress is real. But the world keeps on turning!! I am thankful for my 2 little boys that keep me running and keep my mind (usually) occupied on normal life stuff. So far no recurrences or metastasis. I am both optimistic and realistic. One thing my docs said I can do is to get into the best shape of my life to help fight when it comes back. Which it will. Is what I am told. Luckily I have always loved sports and working out!

I am new to Connect here, but looking forward to possibly meeting someone with similar stuff to mine. I am still figuring out how to deal with crazy dry mouth after losing a lot of minor salivary glands and then the radiation. Also sinus stuff, ear issues on and off, and dry eye. Mostly on the surgery/radiation side. I actually think mouths and all inner connected stuff is kind of gross. Kind of ironic that I have docs looking at all of that so much now??