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Oct 22, 2019 · Transplant List Process Time in Transplants

Last month when my GFR dropped to 22 my Nephrologist sent a referral to Mayo Arizona to begin preparation for a preemptive kidney transplant. Last week my GFR dropped to 20 and new blood work this week once again showed 20 which I believe Mayo is in receipt of.
I am very blessed to have a number of family members who are willing to be tested as donors. How long does it take before I can begin my testing and the testing of my donors? My GFR is dropping quickly and I do not want to begin dialysis.

Mar 2, 2019 · Waiting for a kidney transplant in Transplants

My GFR is down to 23 and l should be down to 20 in few months. My nephrologist refers to Banner as he is part of AHKD. I would like to consider Mayo Arizona as well. Suggestions? Once my referal is accepted and the testing process begins, how long until Surgey? I’m blessed that I have a number of family members as donors that are blood matches.