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Mar 1, 2019 · Anyone else diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a benign brain tumor? in Brain Tumor

@kkkk – thanks for sharing that. I definitely feel more comfortable knowing that others are simply monitoring rather than treating. I'm not typically a wait and watch kind of person so that was difficult for me to get behind. Sorry about the other issues you are having to deal with. My group has done quite a bit of GI research dealing with IBS and GERD over the years so I know how stressful those things can be for patients. Best of luck to you!

Feb 28, 2019 · Anyone else diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a benign brain tumor? in Brain Tumor

Hey – Jennifer here. I was diagnosed last week with a 2mm (very small) AN. I happen to work at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles so I was able to meet with the Chair of Neurosurgery here yesterday (Keith Black). He highly recommended that we monitor it for the next 6-9 months so I will be getting a baseline hearing test soon and then another in 6 months (my call on not waiting 9) as well as a 2nd MRI at that time. He said the risks of surgery at this point outweigh the benefits. I haven't noticed any hearing loss and only got the MRI because I noticed that I was getting vertigo in specific positions and my husband refused to go to Palm Springs with me unless I found out why (he's kind of a hypochondriac which usually annoys me but paid off for me this time!). Anyway, I'm just not one to worry about things so that's where I am now. I'm just not worried. Should I be? it sounds like hearing loss is almost a definite thing whether I get surgery, radiation, or do nothing (pardon the pun!). Has anyone every had an AN without losing their hearing? Or without experiencing tinnitus or extreme vertigo? It looks like Steve (@sprucey1) is about the only person around here who has come out of this thing just fine. I have found ways to work around the moderate vertigo I have been experiencing by just not putting myself in those specific positions. I am 48, very active, and am otherwise healthy (though I've ALWAYS been super clumsy). I just want to make sure I'm being proactive enough. I would really hate to risk having my active lifestyle altered in any way at all. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!