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Feb 28, 2019 · Chronic pain after partial nephrectomy and UPJ reconstruction? in Kidney & Bladder

Hi Ethan, thanks for moving this to the correct spot. There isn't much I can do to relieve the pain. Ibuprofen 800mg helps a little, but the mild pain is still present. Warm showers help. The pain is bearable, but it consistently flares up and is taking a toll on me mentally. The testicle issue is also very difficult to deal with, as they just don't feel normal. I'm hoping these issues resolve themselves.

Feb 28, 2019 · Chronic pain after partial nephrectomy and UPJ reconstruction? in Kidney & Bladder

Hello Everyone,

I've been dealing with a strange issue that I cannot seem to get to the bottom of. I've seen general doctors, urologists and gastroenterologists to no avail. I had a very minor UPJ obstruction on my left kidney which the urologist suggested was causing the issue (found via CT scan.) I had a pyeloplasty procedure done to correct it but it hasnt alleviated any of my symptoms, so now I'm really desperate.

Back in September 2018 I woke up with soreness on both sides of my lower back, which lingered for a few weeks and my doctor and I wrote it off to maybe being a muscle strain issue. This soreness then because a dull pain that moved to my flank/both sides of my body. I also started having flares of minor pain on my sides, hips, and abdomen areas. Along with this, my left testicle felt out of place and was riding much higher than normal. I am also feeling a tingling sensation in my scrotum, similar to the retraction sensation felt in cold weather.

CT scan revealed only the minor UPJ obstruction and ultrasound of testicles did not show any issues.

All of these symptoms seemed to have started soon after I quit heavy marijuana concentrate use and chewing tobacco. (About 7 years of daily use for each)

Any responses from anyone who has ever experienced an issue similar to this would be appreciated!