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1 day ago · Single-sided deafness: How does if affect speech recognition? in Hearing Loss

Thank you.

Yes I have. I am currently on long term disability (age 63) from my employer's LTD plan. Part of that plan criteria is that I apply for SSDI, which I have done. I live in New York and had to go through the state system first (SSDI contracts it out to NYS) – they denied me and now it is at the federal level and they are questioning the degree of the disability. I am totally deaf in my right ear and have moderate to severe loss in my left. On the last two Speech Recognition Test (SRT) I scored (2019) 44% in my left ear and retook it in 2020 and scored 60%. This may seem like a big difference but, it is really not (even my ENT shrugged it off as normal variation). The test consist of 25 words – the 44% represents 11 words out of 25. 60% equals 15 out of 25. I am being told that it needs to be below 50%. That would mean 12.5 words (obviously there are no half words). As I tried to explain to the lawyer (assigned to me by the LTD provider) that this test, at least to me, is quite meaningless in the real world – you do not have "soundproof silence". An Azi Bio test I took in 2018 showed 29% correct in a noise background, I have been telling him that is the test to use as a "medical equivalency" – hence, I am looking for literature / research to support that.

There is no doubt in my mind that if the audiologist who performed the 44% test was to test me I would score in that range again The 60% tester (two different individuals) has a voice depth / tone (whatever it is) that I just can hear better. The 60% performed the AZI Bio in 2018.

I am trying to get my Audiologist (a Dr. that works for a hearing aid center – very reputable one at that) to look at it and write up a letter to that effect. However, her practice is shut down due to the virus and I cannot get a hold of her (as yet).

Thank you

6 days ago · Single-sided deafness: How does if affect speech recognition? in Hearing Loss

Hi all,

Hope all are healthy & safe !!

I am wondering if anyone has a publication, research article, etc. on single sided deafness, with significant loss in good ear and poor speech recognition (unaided in the 44% to 60% range)?

Specifically, I am looking for the obstacles faced, how it effects Social Security Disability and related items.

Thank you,


Dec 21, 2019 · Cochlear implant for single sided deafness in Hearing Loss

golden418 here – I am now on my second pair of the phonax CROS hearing aids. The first pair were so so – the second ones are much better. In my case they allow me to hear from my deaf side although eco locating (at least in my case) is still problematic (truthfully non existent). In reality I think it had caused me to lean more on my good ear (which I also have significant loss – the left ear aid serves as a conventional aid) as I have been deaf in my right ear since age 4 (meningitis) and I believe that now 58 years later my brain is wired to perceive all sound from my left side. The big advantage for me is when I am driving – I now can hear conversation that I never could before (left good ear to the window) – it is to me a huge improvement to hear my grandkids talking while I am driving them around. Not sure if deafness later in life may have more of an advantage with the bi-cros. I also do not have to worry , as much as I use to, on where I sit in a group of people (favoring my left side to a group) – it would have been great to have had that throughout my life. I would recommend anyone with single sided deafness to utilize this technology.

Oct 12, 2019 · Cochlear implant for single sided deafness in Hearing Loss

Visited my audiologist (Dr. of) yesterday and she informed me that the FDA approved CI implants for single sided deafness, as of July 2019. Wondering if anyone has any other information on this, has had one implanted for this condition and pros / cons of having one implanted.

I currently use the Phonax Bi-Cross with decent results (still cannot sound locate). My deafness, since age 3, is due to meningitis and I do have a moderate loss in the good ear. I plan on discussing this with my ENT Dr. in my annual January appointment but, he is not a big fan of CI’s in my case (he is not against CI’s – just in my situation).

Thank you in advance.

Mar 11, 2019 · Loss of hearing clarity: Solutions or strategies anyone? in Hearing Loss

I have had two separate test performed recently (one by an Audiologist at my ENT / one by an Audiologist at my hearing aid supplier) besides the normal audiometric evaluations. The first was a Azi Bio – basically listening to sentences with background noise / the other was similar test. Both came out fairly consistent and allowed my Audiologist to zero in on my aids and to me simulate real life exposures. I use Phonax Bi-Cros (deaf in right ear since 3 years old (meningitis) / moderate to severe in left ear (age / noise induced) – right ear aid transmits to my left ear). This is my second pair of Phonax Bi-Cros and this pair is much clearer than the first although, I thought the first where pretty good also. I really think that a Dr. of Audiology (although certainly more costly in my case) that dispensing aids is the best way to go. I have looked at "dispensers" of aids and find them lacking in knowledge and looking to push certain brands. One I saw had never sold a Bi-Cros – I know more than he did about them. It is the old story – you get what you pay for.

Mar 7, 2019 · High frequency hearing test: What hearing aids are best? in Hearing Loss

Does anyone have any literature or other source of information that a spouse can read concerning hearing loss of the other spouse with tips for them to cope with it? My wife just does not understand my hearing loss (deaf in right ear / moderate to sever in the left) – I think she just does not understand what it is as she has perfect hearing.