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Mon, Jun 17 9:52am · How does hearing loss change you? in Hearing Loss

I forgot to add… I have taught a State required licensing class for 13+ years and wonder how much longer I can effectively do this. The class requires interaction and many students are either shy or simply don't speak loudly enough and I can't understand them. Classes are small so I can always walk over to the student and ask them to repeat but I'm assuming my hearing will get worse, not better, so not sure how much longer I'll be able to do this. Just turned 65 and aren't relying on this income, it's just extra spending money for my other hobbies such as SCUBA diving. One thing I like about SCUBA diving is that NOBODY can hear so we're all in the same boat! 🙂

Mon, Jun 17 9:47am · How does hearing loss change you? in Hearing Loss

I've posted this before but, despite years of reminding my wife that I can't understand her when she speaks from another room or doesn't mute the TV first, she continues to do those things. It's a daily/nightly thing for me to, once again, remind her… or simply give up and not try to understand. She understands the situation but, for some reason, doesn't remember from day to day. We both accept the reality of the situation but it's odd to me that it continues. I guess because it's not a big deal when it happens – we don't get frustrated – it doesn't "stick,"

Thu, Apr 18 9:12am · Age 66 on Androgel, sex drive way too low in Men's Health

I'm 65 and a few years ago my PCP offered BioTE which are pellets inserted under the skin.


I never noticed any difference in the way I felt but numbers went from low 300's to over 1500. My wife also got the pellets and responded very nicely! 🙂 Unfortunately, her periods started again because the dose was probably too high. End result, her stopping the treatment meant that her libido died again so it was kind of pointless for me to continue.

Thu, Apr 18 9:04am · Cystoscopy/stricture questions/concerns. in Men's Health

Late to the party but I have had two urethrotomies (sp) to remove strictures. The first MD, post surgery, inserted "sounds" which are metal rods the last of which was a big as my little finger up my urethra into my bladder which did cause bleeding and pain. I changed MD's and the next guy said that was "old school" and he never did that. I have been scoped many times and it no longer bothers me although I do always ask for an antibiotic just in case. I guess my point is that I know very well that it's all very scary at first but that's just fear of the unknown IMHO. As for difficulty passing urine after being scoped, it should be easier to pass urine after having the passage way "opened up." If your strictures get worse, I would guess surgery (urethrotomy) to remove them is the next step. After that, you should pee like a race horse! 🙂

Tue, Apr 16 12:49pm · When the stuff hits the fan in Caregivers

Scott, dealing with 'never borrow trouble' has been a constant battle for years! She is who she is and probably won't change but my wife constantly anticipates what might happen next in all areas of life. I keep lobbying for us to make the most of today, the time we have right in front of us, going back to the fact that no one knows how much time they have.

rmfticker, no, she's not confined at all. In fact, she's pretty active still. We just got back from our first of two routine trips to the "gym" (activity center) every Tues & Thurs. Yesterday we drove 2 1/2 hours to meet our son and his family at a dude ranch west of here (Texas). We take at least one trip to the Caribbean every year for me to SCUBA dive and, even though she used to join me, she still loves going there and usually on the boat with me. The key with her is to be distracted and travel is her favorite distraction. On paper, she should be pretty sick but in reality she's doing very well. Her treatments are now weekly instead of every three weeks like before and her blood work is not improving so don't know how long this will last but, once again, that's why I keep pushing for living in the moment!

Thanks all!

Tue, Apr 16 8:17am · When the stuff hits the fan in Caregivers

Thank you all but my sense of your comments is that I was looking for help for me dealing with this reality. I'm mostly looking for how I will help her deal with this. She struggles now and, if/when it gets worse, I know she will lose all quality of life. It's far easier for me to sit back and try to be the cheerleader than for her to have to face her own destiny. How does the patient come to terms with what they face? I'm sure it's different for everyone but, to come full circle, maybe that's where my feelings come in… the feeling of helplessness watching your loved one deal with something and knowing there's not a damned thing to can really do to change it. I think it's common for some people (men especially…?) to want to "fix" things when they go wrong. I know that's been my role for many years. However, there are some things no one can fix.

Sat, Apr 13 5:22pm · When the stuff hits the fan in Caregivers

My wife has outlived her expected lifespan (MDS, RCMD) by quite a long time and I FEEL like the current status quo will continue indefinitely. However, I suspect that one day things could very well take a turn for the worse and we'll get the BAD NEWS. AML is the next step in this progression. If that day comes, what am I to say? I've been telling her for years that NOBODY knows what tomorrow will bring, we never know how long we have but getting a(another) bad diagnosis will push her over the edge and me along with her. Words only go so far. I see fear now and I know more bad news will only freak her out. I will, of course, stay by her side come hell or high water, but it won't be enough,

Tue, Mar 26 8:49am · Long-term caregiving: need a place to vent in Caregivers

Susan2018, I was just venting. 🙂 My wife FEELS pretty good most of the time despite years of first chemo and now weekly, sometimes 2X/week, procrit shots to try to keep her blood count up. The only wearing part is that it's always on her mind and, thus, always being talked about. I always tell her that nobody knows when the end will come, it could happen to me tomorrow, so let's focus more on the good part of today! It can always get worse. I can't judge her for thinking that way, I haven't walked a mile in her moccasins, I just try to promote a more positive outlook. Thanks!