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Sat, Aug 10 3:48pm · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

"I'm otherwise going to do my best to not dwell on things I can't do anything about. None of us are gettin' out of here alive, so, carpe diem."
This has been my constant call to my wife who, as a result of chemo from CLL, now has MDS. It was all very easy to sit back and play cheerleader until I passed out at a sub shop which led to a series of cardio tests and discovered my CAC at 662. Then i was the one freaking out! The stress test looked ok when under stress but, afterward, something looked odd so did a heart cath on Tues. My world changed again when that came back with 25% blockage except for a small spot on LAD with 40%. I was and still am elated!

I'm 65, have eaten pretty well and exercised religiously for at least 20 years but, just like my wife, somethings you can't control. Mine is most likely genetics but I never knew my father and maternal grandfather died at 66 from a heart attack. The MD who did the procedure said simply "keep doing what you're doing" meaning he thought I looked pretty good. So now my focus is to further improve on my diet and exercise. Admittedly, after I retired a year ago, I'd been slacking off somewhat but now I need to get back on track for the long haul.

Sun, Aug 4 7:58am · Facing Frustrating Odds in Caregivers

An ortho once told me "motion is the lotion" for my arthritis. Not an MD myself but motion seems to help me so that's why I swim.

Sun, Aug 4 7:56am · Facing Frustrating Odds in Caregivers

I didn't read all the posts so this may be redundant but I'm a swimmer (65 y/o) and I see lots of overweight people swimming next to me. When my wife had a broken hip, she went to the PT one time and we never went back. I got her in the pool just walking and she recovered very well. The water will provide buoyancy and you can swim or walk at whatever level of intensity you choose. You can also do water aerobics. I've never done chair yoga so I know nothing about it but this option provide as much motion as you wish, not static positions. Best of luck!

Sat, Jul 20 8:16am · Caregiving Frustrations: When the stuff hits the fan! in Caregivers

Don't ask me why… I know my oldest granddaughter wants to learn but she's only 7. I'd like to start training her before she is old enough to actually get certified and give her a great background before she goes off on her own. She and I have alway have a great time in the water together.

Sat, Jul 20 8:10am · Caregiving Frustrations: When the stuff hits the fan! in Caregivers

BTW, I am working on my SCUBA instructor certification. 🙂

Sat, Jul 20 8:09am · Caregiving Frustrations: When the stuff hits the fan! in Caregivers

Becky, thanks so much for your message! Hearing from someone going through the similar stuff is exactly what I needed! The initial fear is the hard part but learning more about what's possible is incredibly uplifting. When you say he's "in good health," what does that mean? I haven't meet with my cardiologist yet to learn what my treatment will be. I've got a stress test on Tuesday. I have continued to swim my mile and do other exercise things. Not to sound morbid or like a martyr but my main concern is being here for my wife! She's been dealing with her MDS for years and I've always been there to support her. I don't think she would do well if something happened to me and I don't want her to have to find out. She's been through enough!

Wed, Jul 17 3:49pm · Caregiving Frustrations: When the stuff hits the fan! in Caregivers

Sorry, I meant that while we were in Belize we got to celebrate. 🙂

Wed, Jul 17 3:35pm · Caregiving Frustrations: When the stuff hits the fan! in Caregivers

On the other hand, learning that I'm at high risk in advance is better than being hit with a heart attack out of the blue since I've never had any symptoms. Wife and I were able to celebrate my 65th birthday and our 25th anniversary and I was able to go diving… something that might be limited in the future now. We will continue to pursue FUN wherever we can find it!