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1 day ago · Coronavirus facemask interferes with hearing aids in Hearing Loss

I got one hepa filter mask from Etsy that has ties and also ordered hepa filters from Etsy. This particular person at Sewn
Adventures store also wears Behind the Ear heading aids. I ended up modifying that one because the ties were annoying and bought thin elastic for making jewelry at Michaels. I found that because this type of elastic is so thin the loops fit beautifully behind my ears…aids on first and then the loops behind the aids.
Etsy is making a ton of masks…I only wanted a USA made one and she shipped fast and will custom make as many of the Etsy stores do. She has friends who wear CIs and is making masks for them. You can choose such cute patterns too. You can narrow down the selection if you type in face masks for hearing aids or just type in face masks and go to town…there are so many.
I now have 2 with soft elastic loops that I can wear comfortably and one with ties.

FL Mary

5 days ago · Keto diet ... in Healthy Living


From what I understand the dirty keto diet has a high fat intake. The clean keto diet is more whole food and non starchy veggies and no processed foods. I don’t know if many people can sustain the clean keto diet for a long time but it does make you drop the weight initially. My friend, who is still on the dirty keto plan, has not lost any more weight but is happy where she is. She could do with shedding more pounds. I read somewhere that someone on a dirty keto diet will eat a bacon cheeseburger without the bun and someone on the clean keto diet will grill a grass fed burger with veggies.

If you are still very active at your age and feel good and your weight is commensurate with your build then you are doing great. At least you know what you should eat . Routine blood panels will keep you in line. Us oldies are goldies.

FL Mary

6 days ago · Keto diet ... in Healthy Living


Regarding Carbs…..While veggies are certainly complex carbs, I surmise I was referring to simple carbs. What I really try to do is limit the gluten to zero or no more than daily although that is not always the case. I do love my oils, though and have a variety of avacado and olive oils which I use in moderation.
My dinners are basically a protein which includes chicken, fish and yes….meat plus a vegetable. But if I want a pizza or a baked potatoI will have it.
I love to cook and I love to eat and have found that a well stocked pantry of spices and herbs can bring a whole new level of taste to meals.

Most of the diseases and ills in this country find their beginnings in poor diets. Growing up there were no fast food restaurants and my mom shopped the local butcher, fish market and vegetable stands in NY. I did the same when I married and was raising my kids as we had the greatest farm stands around in Long Island and the best Italian markets. Shopping in a supermarket was for other things. It's how we lived. I have good genes and no organic problems so I am lucky there and am inclined to be on the slim side.

Luckily my children are excellent cooks and my daughter, especially, is passionate about food and its effect on the human body. I have one friend on the "dirty" keto diet and she is happy with that and has lost 50 pounds. It's not easy to get people to change their ways because it involves some research into all aspects of what you put into your body as fuel. I can understand that it is hard when it comes to a busy working family raising children. I tell my female friends who complain about belly fat to ditch anything in the house that has white flour. How different they would look and feel even if they just did that. Food affects your mood too. But you know all this.

I am not extreme in any way at all. And I always have my wine and one piece of dark chocolate at night because I just love it. I will also steal a couple of french fries off your plate when you are not looking…carbs be dammed.

Bon Appetit

FL Mary

Sat, May 23 6:43pm · Music Helps Me in Just Want to Talk

I can only use gmail with Chrome.

FL Mary

Fri, May 22 1:53pm · Ear Fungus in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Good for you and you shall now be know as the Fungi Fighter. Watch out for the alcohol and vinegar as it is very drying and may make those ears itchy.
If you do decide on the iodine…it was so much more expensive than I thought it would be.

FL Mary

Thu, May 21 1:58pm · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

You don’t grill the lettuce at all nor do you put it in the pan. You pour the dressing over a bowl of cold lettuce. You add the bacon back in after the dressing has boiled. I’ve never heated any back up as it is suppose to be over cold lettuce. So you could portion out the amount of lettuce you want , use as much dressing as you want and then reheat the dressing for another time.

I don’t know if I would like reheated lettuce…think it is soggy by now.

FL Mary

Thu, May 21 6:38am · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

Hi Linda,

Let me know how that turns out. What I gave you wasn’t a precise recipe. There are probably recipes online for exact measurements but I know you are a cook and I often find my instincts guide me rather than a recipe. Just don’t saturate the lettuce. You do it first and tell me what you think and I may try it.
All is well here and have been out to different places with a hepa filter mask and gloves. Like gearing up for war before getting out of the car.

FL Mary