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2 hours ago · Educating others about hearing loss and deafness in Hearing Loss


My Audi has let me try a few assisted devices with my Phonak aids and none of them really helped as they picked up more environmental noise than anything. I have a pocket talker which was helpful years ago but but not so much now. I could have trialed the Roger products but the expense is ridiculous. May revisit that. I really rely on my phone app but it has its limits too. I find it useful and not so distracting …..you get really good at knowing when to look at the phone….I kind of hold it up a little so it’s a lot like captions which we are all experts at . Speed readers I call us lol. Thank goodness for Innocaption and the Captel phone. I retube my own aids and make sure they are in pristine condition and visit my ENT every several months for a cleaning’ and a dustin’ and try to avoid anything ototoxic. Right now I have to take eye drops 4 times a day for 6 weeks for an eye inflammation . I know the prednisone and NASID drops are affecting the quality of my hearing but it’s something that is temporarily necessary. Oh well…off to the noisey gym in a bit….I go into directional mode on the aids which blocks most of the noise around me…fantastic setting….that and the mute mode😏

FL Mary

3 hours ago · Educating others about hearing loss and deafness in Hearing Loss

Oh yeah….been in that scenario…..stuck in the middle ….until someone realizes and makes an attempt to include me. I don’t think I noticed if anyone deliberately chose not to sit next to me. This happens in a large group rather than with 2 or 3 people. Also happened several times with a deaf and hard of hearing group. I don’t sign (know some signs but don’t use) and everyone else does and uses both . But they were faced away from me in order to sign and speak at the same time. I actually avoid the lunch get together after a monthly club meeting because of this and because I don’t like the same restaurant they always attend. And I only brought up the topic to one or two people at that time. I don’t really know all of them that well.

I have learned ASL in the past but all my everyday friends are hearing so I never used it. If it’s a large group of family members I make sure I know what’s going on and try to use my Live Transcribe app. But there are rude and insensitive people in both worlds and I can choose when not to participate. Really depends on how I feel about advocating that day…usually have no problem with that . Then there are days that I don’t give a flip. You really need a tough exterior and a sense of humor at times but I have been HOH a long time and don’t feel sorry for myself at all.

Regards from FL Mary

20 hours ago · Understanding Vitamin importance in Just Want to Talk

All I can say is wow….and a whole lot more but good for you for pursuing this topic and your vitamin deficiency.

First, Doctors don’t practice holistic medicine as a rule. If you don’t have a diagnosable condition then you are healthy. I would personally seek out a nutritionist, a holistic Doctor or , my favorite, a Nurse Practitioner . NPs as primary providers will bring a whole level of care that you don’t ordinarily get with Physicians. They treat you as a partner in your healthcare.

A lab test, like a blood test is affected by so many factors ….age, gender, diet and nutrition, medications, cardiac function, life style like exercise or smoking etc.
Tests show if you fall within the normal ranges…numbers which were derived from testing healthy people. Healthy is not a simple matter to determine. But normal ranges vary from person to person.

Ranges can vary from lab to lab and how the samples are transported can affect results. Those lower and upper limit numbers are not absolute and those numbers also vary from lab to lab. So I wouldn’t worry about being a little outside the normal range. Your Vitamin D deficiency , however, is a different matter.

Doctors who recommend that you take a particular vitamin are usually not concerned with and don’t discriminate between different brands. Brand A is not always the equivalent of Brand B and Brand A may not be as effective as Brand B. We do our own research or seek out someone like a nutritionist who can guide us. Ideally our vitamins should come from food but realistically we either don’t eat the right food or we cook all the essentials vitamins right out of it.

This is by no means Doctor shaming but this is the way the medical profession operates. Nutrition is a complicated part of medicine. We need more people who really know their stuff in this area. I have seen too many positive medical reversals of disease and disabling physical problems not to believe in the power of diet and nutrition.

When we can’t get the help we so desperately need and we know things are not right….that’s when we have to be so vocal and assertive. Even with the best diet and nutritional knowledge, tests are still necessary as a guide. It’s up to each individual to take charge and be your own advocate.

I hope you get resolution soon.

Regards from FL Mary

1 day ago · Does BMI matter in Healthy Living


Awesome quote and a great reminder in the uphill battle against society’s perception of the ideal , perfect person.

FL Mary

2 days ago · Recognizing my own bias or prejudice ..... in Just Want to Talk


I started a discussion in healthy living about my thoughts on BMI.

FL Mary

3 days ago · Does BMI matter in Healthy Living

Hello all,

I’ve read some posts about BMI lately. @contentandwell ….your doctor advised you not to lose any more weight so I would listen to him. I would say that the few extra pounds he said people should put on as they age depends on where that weight is. If you are packing on pounds around the belly and waist then that is not healthy and can lead to diabetes and heart disease. If the pounds are distributed throughout the body then a few extra pounds is not problematic. Telling people your BMI doesn’t mean anything unless you know the height, weight and gender.

I personally think the BMI number is misleading and people need not dwell on it if they are in overall good health and do NOT lead a sedentary lifestyle.
A sedentary lifestyle, to me anyway, is extremely detrimental to everyone.
My BMI tells me I am underweight. But, if you measure my waist and hips, then that number is healthy according to another way of thinking. You are suppose to divide your waist by your hips. I’ve always been on the narrow, not too hippy, side so what does that mean ?

Anyway, I deliberately eat well, exercise and don’t count calories and am not concerned with that. You’d be surprised at the number of overweight people in my age group who call me skinny. I’m not skinny by any means so I think that’s a bit of sour grapes. If I refuse a piece of your cake it’s because I don’t like icing and don’t care much for cake. Please don’t scoff at my decision. I’m not going to say I don’t like cake when you went to the trouble of making it…that’s just insensitive. I will grab a brownie though lol. I think we should not be influenced too much by numbers and a few extra pounds but do be concerned on where those pounds are.

I wanted to get this discussion out of the gratitude section even though the posts on obesity and body image were appropriate there. Please share your thoughts…..I know you guys will weigh in on this (oh good grief that’s an unintentional pun).

FL Mary

Fri, Oct 11 7:35am · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

I think God is still in the rough draft stage with men.

FL Mary

Fri, Oct 11 7:33am · Recognizing my own bias or prejudice ..... in Just Want to Talk


The best alternative for me for daily starches is to just avoid them period or limit to one a day. There are carbs in almost all foods but the unhealthy white refined starch is the worse. So I consciously limit my daily intake of potatoes or bread. I use lettuce wraps and mainly have protein and a veggie for main meals. I don’t miss it. I’ll order a burger outside, discard the top bun and knife and fork it or just ask for it bunless. It’s a conscious effort and the best defense is not to have it in the house. I avoid wheat as much as possible. This morning my gluten free chia waffle with blueberries is my conscious carb for the day. I’m not buying as much gluten free bread as I use to because a lot contain sugar. I am no longer a sandwich eater.
Some carbs are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Be mindful of what you eat and learn about your body and the fuel it needs and it becomes second nature. But don’t deprive yourself…that’s no way to live….I’ll never pass up a pizza lol.