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Apr 22, 2019 · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

Gastroparesis can occur at anytime. Yes. It is vagus nerve damage but for some reason there's a link between gallbladder removal and getting GP in some cases

Apr 19, 2019 · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

Update from me I started getting worse again and it ends up I have gastroparesis from the surgery. It's more common than what you think. I go for a test to see how bad it is Wednesday then they want to put in a gastric pacemaker. From reaching out to a lot of people with GP this is not uncommon as uncommon as GP is. If you're experiencing long lasting nausea, vomiting, fatigue, fullness from a few bites, food intolerance, fatigued, weakness, or bile issues please mention GP and ask for a stomach emptying scan. You don't have to be diabetic to get GP, GP happens idiopathic from surgeries relating to the gastrointestinal, some viruses, or for no reason

Apr 9, 2019 · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

Feel free to scroll through past posts to see what myself and others have experienced. I am doing better each week. Now almost 2 months past surgery. I still have occasional nausea and still working with my GI doctor to get a permanent solution. I developed IBSC after surgery which stemmed from my chronic constipation I've always had but my body was over producing bile and it couldn't pass. Also I have general anxiety and some of my nausea came from me feeling terrible for so long. I get spells of nausea usually stemming from acid. I have a hard time with full fat dairy and caffiene especially. Other than that I've been eating more and more each week, still loosing weight though (probably from not eating a lot a lot). The nausea was very high especially before and after surgery. Then I'd say 3 weeks after I seen it start decreasing dramatically. Now the past month it's been very light spells usually once or twice a day.

Mar 30, 2019 · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

Many many many people I talked to said they've had shortness of breath and pain in the abdomen for a while after surgery. Like 4 weeks sometimes. I had back pain for about a week and the abdomen pain was off and on. Worse in the evenings. Better in the morning. It takes time.
I know my hospital gave me a tummy pillow and a breathing thing I sucked into for 15 seconds to help my lungs to prevent post op pneumonia.

Mar 13, 2019 · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

No it was taken out 3 weeks ago

Mar 13, 2019 · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health


Mar 12, 2019 · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

I found a solution that so far (has been almost 5 days) and has been a game changer

So after going to more doctors and getting tests and ideas it came down to this. Basically from feeling so sick for so long that my mind was set on making myself feel nausea and loss of appetite and ect. I was told it is a form of IBS and was put on a new medication. Since taking the medication I've virtually stopped taking all those medications. I am resuming a fairly normal diet and j eat several small meals a day. I've only had one nausea spell that lasted a couple hours if that other than some slight queasiness in the evening just from taking the medication. It has gotten better as the days go forward and nothing super bad (almost like a slight narcotic feeling about an hour after taking the medicine). It basically stopped my mind from thinking I should feel ill and every day it gets better.

I meet again with the GI on Thursday to give updates and see if they'd like to do anything else different. I hope my experience can help others because I never thought of it as a psychosis thing until I was told this isn't unheard of and this would bring me success.

Mar 3, 2019 · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

I have an appointment Thursday with the GI though I'm going to call tomorrow to see if I can get in sooner. Thanks for the article I'm going to look it over.

It's just a constant tug of war with nausea and this cramp like pain in my stomach. The thing is I got a stomach biopsy and there's no bacterial infection or major cause of it and was expected to heal by now. I'm going to try to sip some herbal teas with raw ginger honey to see if that helps. I know I read that raw honey in teas help with gastritis. I hope to have answers this week cause it's affecting my day to day dramatically and my relationships with friends and family and my fiance. Tomorrow marks week 7 of the start of all these problems and I'm 16 days past the surgery.