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Dec 19, 2019 · Rotator Cuff Tear and Brachial Plexus Injury? in Spine Health

Compared to others here, my upper arm aches seem mild. I have had 2 Total Knee Replacements (one excellent, the other pretty good with lingering numbness – neither were that painful overall). But now i have LEFT Shoulder impingement for which I did P.T. for months, BUT and since it hurts a little to do it, I do very little now. Weird – I can play a racquet sport LEFT handed (Pickleball) and feel GREAT. But then the pain/immobility returns. But here is the puzzle: for a year my upper arms – around biceps – ache at night and feel a tiny bit numb during the day,. This is not PAIN, but it is aches and increasing. I do have the shoulder impingement in LEFT arm and also have had RIGHT neck stenosis for years – but not much of a problem – I get rid of it by doing a few minutes of isometric exercise – an easy fix. I cannot figure out what the shoulder aches are all about. I will return to the orthopedist re shoulder impingement to determine next step. I DO NOT WANT SURGERY – since I had TKR and Gallbladder surgery this year. Enough is enough.
I also have circulatory issues in legs – but no one has a fix except "wear support stockings" and I have no problem walking or playing Pickleball. However, climbing UPstairs has become VERY tiring (never happened before) and going DOWNstairs I have to hold on and concentrate on rhythm – but no pain.
Any ideas anyone?

Dec 19, 2019 · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

Happy NEW DECADE to all! I had TKR on left in 2015. Perfect result – hardly any pain; works well. Had TKR on right knee 13 month ago. Hardly any pain, but more difficulty. I do have the "Tight Band" on top of knee (a little to right of center). Tightness has decreased 70% (?) over the year. However, THIS LEG HAS HAD NUMBNESS SINCE THE SURGERY and still does. Numbness around knee and calf has decreased (maybe 50%), but is still very present. I am concerned about circulation (I do have some circulation issues in both legs showing blue/purple veins especially in feet. When I use corrective stockings it improves for a while.) Two things: I can play a racquet sport with no problem. Climbing UPstairs is definitely a problem now – it is an effort and I have to rest at top (and, again, I can play Pickleball for 2 hours.) Going DOWNstairs I have to hold on, go slowly as my "rhythm" / or coordination is off. Possibly NERVE DAMAGE??? Surgeon has nothing to offer.

Aug 17, 2019 · Diverticulitis? Diverticulosis? IBS? Muscle tear? in Digestive Health

I am replying to my own post. Currently I believe I am considered a problem patient. I have asked several times for a CT Scan and think I am getting it next week. First they need to take (another) blood test. IS THAT A TYPICAL REQUIREMENT? My Laparoscopic Gallbladder surgery was 8 weeks ago and I have complained over and over about pain in lower left abdomen (~ 3 inches left and 1 inch down from belly button). During GB surgery a naval hernia was fixed (although it never bothered me and did not know I had one). My incisions are fine; no fever; no weight loss, so nausea – so my surgeon says "You are fine." BUT I A NOT FINE. Could that surgery have caused problem in small intestine? colon? strangulated organ? could there have been scar tissue from prior surgeries (30 and 35 years ago – total hysterectomy/oopherectomy or abdominoplasty) that suddenly cause a problem? Since surgery I have met with GB surgeon, internist, and gastro. (he wants me to take more laxatives to make passage easier). All have different ideas. But I am thinking Diverticulitis or adhesions. It hurts every day. BMs have been totally unusual in appearance and varied for 7 months. When I strain for BM, I find if I push my hand hard against my belly, it helps relieve pressure and soreness so I can strain effectively. I told my surgeon 1 wk. post op that I could not "push" as well. No comment. Sometimes they do not listen.
I wonder if he has delayed the CT Scan for a reason? Perhaps so more time passes since surgery so it does not reflect on the surgery? As you see, I have become untrusting, disgruntled and am annoying my medical professionals with my questions. I feel disgusted. GB is supposed to be an easy surgery. Overall I am and have been a healthy, active, and engaged "senior". I had TKR 7 months ago (my second one) and that has been quite good – still working a bit on leg exercise.
For a year I have had a dental abscess (not painful or problematic at all – but Prosthodontist wants it fixed) – am in the midst of dental implant – so my poor system is being taxed. Anyway, I just feel medical folks are stalling. I need a patient advocate. Time may be of the essence. Any comments (pro or con) are welcome. Thank you. (Also, if CT scan indicates I need surgery, I do not think I should have the same young surgeon do it. I should go to a BIG hospital in nearby N.Y. City. What do you think?)

Aug 14, 2019 · Diverticulitis? Diverticulosis? IBS? Muscle tear? in Digestive Health

How do people research doctors anyway? I do it by: Education, Hospital, word of mouth and online articles (such as ProPublica's Surgeon Scorecard). ProPublica is terrific. Provides thorough details on why and how they rate surgeons. The Scorecard is only for MEDICARE PATIENTS FOR about 6 COMMON SURGERIES (KNEE REPLACEMENT, GALLBLADDER, HIP, SPINE etc.). They use Medicare data based on sample size of 17,000 surgeries. This was excellent for my research on TKR. But the data is only for 2009-2013. I do wish they would perform their studies again.

Also when it is said Gallbladder surgery can be affected by prior abdominal surgeries – does that include vaginal child birth (probably not), Hysterectomy/Oopherectomy?, Abdominoplasty? I am interested in scar tissue or adhesions from these former procedures.

And when surgery reports say "No Complications" – what does that include? During gallbladder, if a small intestine is nicked or touched – is that a complication if nothing serious results? I guess we don't discuss ophthalmology in this forum but …. Following Cataract surgery on one eye, if pupil in new eye is a bit larger than the other eye, is that a complication? If the eye lid now has a very slight droop, is that a complication? If there is a tiny indentation (not quite a scar) by the brow where I assume a tool was used, is that one? Surgeons says no. I say yes. What does one do? Call in the FBI? or live with it if it is nominal (which means perfection seems not to be a goal)?
There are no simple answers, are there?

Aug 12, 2019 · Diverticulitis? Diverticulosis? IBS? Muscle tear? in Digestive Health

All your responses to my mystery have been so thoughtful and helpful. I went to my GB surgeon 3 times and he seems almost clueless and keeps saying "You are fine". He says not hernia after a 2-second check. My internist says not diverticular., but it seems like a muscular problem. They both suggest colonoscopy. But now that I think I may have discovered problem (abdominal adhesions) myself, I think that needs to be addressed before a colonoscopy? Would that make sense? I have not had one in 10 years. Age 70+. Physically very active (when normal). Busy lifestyle. Interestingly, Cleveland Clinic's website says "Listen to your body." Seems so important.

Aug 12, 2019 · Diverticulitis? Diverticulosis? IBS? Muscle tear? in Digestive Health

I am replying to my own post! I think I have figured out the problem (NO thanks to doctors who DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PATIENT. Unprofessional).
Based on my research, I think I have abdominal adhesions/scar tissue after gallbladder surgery June 2019. And now reading Mayo Posts, I am encouraged that I may be right and can seek new doctors. Surgery was OK. Except went to ER 4 days later because I could not move bowels. All along I have had a pain on left – 3 inches left of navel and 2 inches down. It is always sore; pulses a little and it is like a muscle tear – that is why I think adhesions. Painful: having BM, sneezing, major difficulty getting in and out of bed. Sitting is fine. Standing is not too bad. But cannot really exercise.
Surgeon did Lap. surgery and also worked on naval hernia (that I had no clue I had!). I also had former abdominal surgeries (hysterectomy, oopherectomy, pregnancies, etc. – which he knew). Here's the thing: I told him it is hard to "push" (I think this is part of bathroom problems). He keeps saying "You are fine."
Went to my internist who thinks it is muscular – not diverticular. Have appt. for colonoscopy. However, I do not think it is a good move until I have a new GI Dr. or surgeon examine me. And I want to find a very experienced one.
Oh, I discovered when I do go to bathroom, if I push my hand against my abdomen, it is less painful. As if I am supporting the colon or something?
Is there any reason I should stay with my Gall. surgeon? I have had 3 post op visits and he is not attentive to what I say. Last time he said maybe "diverticular and get a colonoscopy". I think I should leave local hospital and go to the best Drs. I can find in N.Y. City which is nearby. How does anyone suggest I get them to see me asap since time seems to be an issue with adhesions or organs that are stuck(?) or compromised by same? It hurts every day. I do think after a bowel movement there seems to be less pressure for a while, but still sore. Sorry, I am disappointed with the medical profession. Noen of the doctors mentioned adhesions or scar tissue which I find astounding. Thanks for thoughts.

Aug 11, 2019 · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Gee. I wish you well. I feel so badly when I read your efforts and sounds like you are almost guiding your surgeon. My best wishes TO GET THIS RESOLVED. I thought medicine in the U.S. is supposed to be amazing…..but sounds like they have more work to do to realize the amazement!
My gallbladder surgeon always says "You're fine". I find that to be such a meaningless and unsophisticated statement when noone can solve my situation.

Aug 8, 2019 · Diverticulitis? Diverticulosis? IBS? Muscle tear? in Digestive Health

Thanks. I have been reading too. I have had 2 TKR – the last knee was 7 months ago – so infections can be serious.