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5 hours ago · Post Laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder and umbilical hernia in Digestive Health

Thanks to YOU ALL for your comments!! Helpful and comforting. I did finally see my surgeon for the second post op on 7/19/19. Surgery was 6/26. I talked to him about staples and he said he uses clips. As I mentioned prior, I said to him the Pathology report mentioned staples in the duct – they may have been used to close off the (bile? or cystic?) duct when they removed gallbladder so bile did not spill – someone suggested something like that – I am not at home, so do not have my notes.) I tried to point to where I felt this little area of pain. But he said "You are doing fine."
He did not really press anywhere or seemed concerned about what I felt. I think he is wrong when he says "It is OK to play golf and my racquet sport." But I thought, well why not – surgeon said several times to go for it. Well, it did not work. I felt the pain get a little worse. I am interested in info on stitches/scar tissue/adhesions. Perhaps that is the culprit. Wonder why he never mentioned that? However, the feeling never changes. It is the same every day. I would say I can duplicate it by doing a "mild situp from a prone position on the floor". It is sore. This is not gut-wrenching pain. On the other hand, it does not feel good(!) I personally believe I tend toward a high pain threshhold (?) – so I have to factor that in. I am going to a hospital library tomorrow and work with them on researching "complications" post surgery. I do realize others have more pressing issues than I. But I try to maximize whatever I do – my goal is to be as good and healthy as one can be. You know, I just thought of something. I have had 2 prior major abdominal surgeries – 35 and 29 years ago. One was oopherectomy/hysterectomy after which I insisted on doing ERT for about 10 years. Maybe that is WHY I had gallstones because I read that Estrogen can cause them. I had read that scar tissue from priors can be an issue with GB surgery. He never addressed this. Maybe that is the problem – I just do not know. Regards to all and best of health to you.

1 day ago · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Interesting. Do you heat the mask in microwave on high? or lower?
14 seconds is enough for my Bruder. Also, do you use drops or other methods? I will look at your reference of Dr. eyehealth, but would prefer if I did not need drops as they used to sting a lot. Now I just use the tiniest drop. But, sometimes, out of nowhere, I need them and have to apply quickly. As you know, sometimes a breeze or air conditioner in auto can be problematic.

1 day ago · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Very interesting to hear assorted methods: warm teabags; warm washcloths; eyepads in microwave. 🙂

1 day ago · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Yes, Bruder seems a bit pricey, but seems to work. Also, when I gently washed it as directed, somehow the properties seemed to change a little, so I always test the heat carefully before applying. Dr. also suggested "OCuSOFT Lid Scrub plus Platinum" eyelid cleanser. But I believe it is because he said I had some blepheritis (which was a surprise to me). However, whenever I used it, it stung my eyes, so I discontinued it. (BTW, is it OK to use brand names? or should we not do so?).

5 days ago · Post Laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder and umbilical hernia in Digestive Health

I read some info online (but I am a total novice about medical so this is really out of my league). Sounds to me like they use staples in some cases as they are "more secure". But I also had stitches (Tycron stitches and Tycron sutures – which I assume are the same thing? and Vicryl and Monocryl stitches in different areas. I did read there is some controversy about using staples. But, thank you very much for your reply. (And I hope I am all wrong about feeling something like a staple pricking me inside. Maybe it is just stitches – but it is only one tiny area and never gets better.).

5 days ago · Post Laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder and umbilical hernia in Digestive Health

Thank you. I will see surgeon tomorrow to clarify. Being a total novice, when I saw "staple" in the Pathology Report, I was surprised. But, of course, I do not comprehend the meaning of the description: QUOTE: "………………Received…………..gallbladder…(gives dimensions)………………….intact fluctuant gallbladder which displays a 0.2 cm in length a stapled cystic duct". THAT IS THE THE EXACT WORDING – I GUESS EITHER IMPROPER ENGLISH – OR JUST MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY WHICH I CANNOT DECIPHER. (my imagination wonders if a staple from the stapled cystic duct wound up somwhere else?
Question: if there is a staple somewhere, can you see it with an Xray?

5 days ago · Post Laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder and umbilical hernia in Digestive Health

Just had surgery 3 weeks ago. I am a healthy 70-year old female. I have felt fine throughout; however I have this tiny pain every day, but not all day. What I am imagining is that a staple inside the area is pricking the area. This is only a thought and I cannot quite describe it. When I press around the belly button it does not feel worse, but there is some hardness to the tissue. Could this be stitches healing? It is only in one spot. I called the nurse and she was quite dismissive saying: “you cannot call about every little thing; you are still healing; you should not play golf and a racquet sport (but the surgeon said I could – I have not played these sports yet but I do work out in the gym); I told her the surgeon said I had a little redness irritation around the navel but she said he did not put it in his notes !!” – Well, he is the one who brought it to my attention !? The concern is that this little “pin prick” feeling does not get better – it stays the same. The surgery report says I have Tycron stitches. I guess I should demand to see the surgeon or go for a second opinion or get an X-ray? (I have asked questions throughout, as that is my M.O.).

Tue, Jun 25 8:12am · Gallbladder surgery coming up this week in Digestive Health

To Ginger, imallears and all,
Totally agree. I am obsessing. (BTW, that was me telling myself to "get with the program".) But everyone's points are well taken and appreciated.
…….. Namaste!