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Thu, May 28 1:48pm · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

T U again! I guess it makes sense to put preservative free drops in refrigerator. Never thought of that. I do keep my vile for 1 or 2 days since I do not use it all! Guess that is counterproductive? Again, when it comes to meds, I always think less is more. However, I have proven that theory to be wrong and yet I always feel I need to experiment first.

Tue, May 26 2:52pm · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Somehow I think the "moderate'" shortness of breath climbing stairs is due to the poor circulation in my legs (??) I have never had high cholesterol (although it is higher than it used to be). When I do elliptical trainer I do not get out of breath at all (20-25 minutes at moderate effort). In other words, I do not push hard enough I assume, but I do feel my muscles benefit overall. Will try to push harder. I do treadmill 25 minutes – never out of breath – again moderate speed – must push harder. Same with stationery bike – do not work hard enough but am still benefitting somewhat from these. I play Pickleball for 1.5 hours and I do push and IT FEELS GREAT! (AND IS SO MUCH FUN). I walk the golf course (9 holes) and that can be work on smaller hills – so I do push there.
Must get with the program when we can return to the gym!

Tue, May 26 10:13am · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Thanks for mentioning eye blink exercises. Sometimes when I do not have dry eye med with me and I get a "dry eye" attack (?) I resort to eye blinks and feel they help when in a jam (excessive tearing). It can take up to 5/ 10 minutes before I can open/use my eyes again. Dr. said I need to take drops EVERY DAY – SEVERAL TIMES PERHAPS to prevent this excessive tearing. My approach w/ meds is usually 'less is more' – but I think I am wrong about that. My situation is improved since I use drops (no preservatives) daily now. But if I use too many drops they sting and it takes several minutes to clear up. Lots of management with dry eye. QUESTION: DR. SAYS USE AS MANY DROPS AS I WANT. WOULDN'T THIS SOMEHOW CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO EYES? DO THE EYES BECOME DEPENDENT ON DROPS?

Tue, May 26 9:11am · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

Have been a bit delayed in responding…..When climbing stairs, the moderate out of breath and the moderate weakness in my legs I am now assuming it is the PVD and decreased circulation, some numbness after my 2nd TKR. I can play a racquet sport pretty well, but stairs are a bit tiring. With COVID, I cannot do my gym exercises (treadmills, elliiptical, bike); am doing more walking (basically boring). But think the more I do, the easier it gets (?)

Tue, Apr 28 10:43am · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

Thanks. By all means, I have rerurned to surgeon multiple times. Also sent emails to their portal. The emails are a very helpful option.

Mon, Apr 27 1:54pm · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

Hi – I had gallbladder removal June, 2019. Went well; no pain; am still adjusting to changing bowel habits, and excessive "gas".
But I, too, have gained almost 10 lbs. I eat "sort of" healthy and do lots of exercise 4X week (including racquet sport, gym machines). But my weight has been trending up for 2 or 3 years (HOW AWFUL!). Am thinking of trying Jennie Craig diet and also taking ZENACAL – anyone have experience? GALL BLADDER SURGEON TOLD ME NOT TO HAVE A COLONOSCOPY EVER! GREAT, BUT WHY? ?? I do notice, however, I have some shortness of breath when going for a walk and going upstairs is kind of difficult!! Stairs have NEVER been a problem for me. My legs feel "weak" but do not hurt (occasional leg cramps). I am 70+
I have circulation issue in my legs – Dr. says nothing can be done !?! I think it is PVD and atherosclerosis (my mother had this – but she did not exersize like I do at all; had a thin body, but smoked. My Feet are Ugly purple/blue bruising that disappears when legs are up or I wear stockings. One leg is still a bit numb (I had TKR 15 months ago).

Wed, Apr 8 1:06pm · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

Curious, what do you consider good ROM?

Wed, Apr 8 1:02pm · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

So, I had 2 TKR.  One in 2015 that was PERFECT.  Never any trouble or serious pain and still good.  The other was 16 months ago by a different surgeon (both had good reputations).  This one is also good, BUT NOT AS GOOD IN MANY WAYS as #1. Good news: The tight band across the knee has improved.  It took 6 months for some small change; maybe a year for even more change.  I have never had "real pain" with either knee surgery or recovery.  But, again, I have high expectations due to my prep etc.  Two things bother me now:  I think one leg is a tad shorter than the other (although I can play racquet sports!!) and I still have numbness in many parts of my leg.  I do not think that is good and it has not really changed at all.  I keep thinking I wonder if I will lose my leg?  Crazy, I know.  That is why I was thinking that continual massage maybe for a year might help?  I cannot get detailed explanation from this "successful" surgeon on why it is – but think it must be nerve damage???  So, then the question is WHY and WHAT CAN BE DONE??!! So, based on my experience, maybe your tightness will decrease, as you are only 3.5 months.  That is really a short time. Interesting you had bilateral (brave of you) and that results of each knee is different.  I assume you had the same device used in each knee?  I have 2 different devices.  If only the professionals would be more forthcoming with info, it would help. BEST WISHES TO YOU.  (Also, I use stationary bike several times a week and also elliptical.  I do think they helped.)
Take care.