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Mon, Mar 11 5:37am · Thyroid? Or something else? Constant internal shakiness in Autoimmune Diseases

@blulilbaby, Oh wow!! I can relate to those symptoms and more!! I have also been diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I do have hypothroiditis. My thyroid hormones check out well with my medications, however, my TPO antibodies and TG antibodies remain crazy high! I have had numerous falls (2 broken bones) due to imbalance issues, temors in my hands and head-neck. The tremors seem to be more obvious to others the more physically tired I am. I have memory issues, possible witnessed absence seizures, loss of words, horrble spasms in my feet….ugh!! I could go on and on! I have been doing test after test for more than 5 years now! These symptoms come and go! I can tell you a bunch of things i DONT have! It IS frustrating!! I just wish i could find even i trigger to feel like i have some control over this

Tue, Feb 26 12:39pm · How to reduce my events while using my Cpap in Sleep Health

@lisalucier Thank you for the welcome! I personally don't have sleep apnea. I have been a registered sleep technologist for about 9 years. I run sleep studies and do PAP titrations when indicated. I speak from observation. When patients return with breakthrough symptoms it is often an issue with the mask. Either the mask is not the proper size, not tightened with a good seal, or there is oral breathing while using a nasal mask. Apneas, in general, tend to be worse during REM sleep and also while sleeping on your back. It is a possibility during the titration study, minimally REM or back sleeping was seen. It is also very important to note the original amount of apneas before treatment compared to the number after therapy. The goal of PAP therapy is a great improvement rather than "perfect"…if that makes sense.

Tue, Feb 26 2:57am · How to reduce my events while using my Cpap in Sleep Health

@alanbruce, There are a few reasons I can think of right off. Apneas do tend to be worse when you sleep on your back. The nights it is higher may have to do with your position. Another possibility-apnea can also be higher when you are in REM sleep. My next thought is you may experience a short period of mask leakage before you realize and readjust your mask. If the fit of your mask is off, just turning your head alittle could cause more leak. My final thought, if you are using a nasal mask (one that does not cover your mouth) you could possibly be having times you are breathing through your mouth, which causes you to not get full benefit of the PAP pessure. (JMO-from a Sleep tech in Kansas City MO)