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Mar 9, 2019 · Difficult case, several diagnosis, no solution yet in Autoimmune Diseases

I have fibromyalgia also. But when I take anything to kill Candida albicans, the fibromyalgia goes completely away for a week or two. But within 6 hours of eating any high carbs that can feed Candida albicans, I start having fibromyalgia and MS again and can barely function until I take a fresh crushed bulb of organic garlic or another antifungal. Watch the shoe called “ know the cause”.

Mar 9, 2019 · Difficult case, several diagnosis, no solution yet in Autoimmune Diseases

All I can say is WOW! There is someone out there like me! Thank you for sharing your story. After going through what you are going through , I found an alternative medicine doctor and she had me take name brand Diflucan 100mg 4 times a day for 3 weeks. 7am was the first 100 mg dose. After 3 weeks I was put on Flagyl for 2 weeks. The Diflucan is to kill the Candida and then the bacteria move in to those spots the Candida took up on your intestinal tract, so then you have to kill them. Let me tell you! A ton of anxiety 24/7 for that whole 5 weeks, but 10 days later when my body was able to detox from all the drugs? I felt like I had never get in my whole life and I though : “ wow! , this is what normal healthy humans must feel like”!!! But, I still haven’t figured out what causes the Candida to want to morph into their tentacle growing faze and hold on the the mucosal lining everywhere in my body, so 3 years later, I’m sick again. For me? I think it’s from a ton of root canals I have . 15!.
So personally , since your story sounds like mine, I think it’s the Candida that is wreaking havoc in you. They love to live on your nerve endings and that disrupts the pathways from your brain and everything starts malfunctioning. Candida causes MS ( multiple sclerosis) I’m positive! When ever I eat ANYTHING sweet, a teaspoon of homey even, within a few days I get super dinilitsti g muscle weakness and can barely function. Do I chop up a big clove of garlic and swallow with some water, and then have die off symptoms for a day, but then for a week, all The muscle weekends and other ailments subside and I feel almost normal. I have an ultra extreme diet. Low salicylate, super low carb, low oxalate, and only eat grass fed beef, broccoli, and a few other veggies. All cooked. I’m stable for now. But with the 5 years of research I’ve done and all the testing I’ve dine AND self experimentation? It’s either Candida albicans that has invaded your body and intestinal tract and/or Lime disease or other bad bacteria that has taken over your intestinal tract. It’s very difficult to figure out but I would bet on it that the Candida albicans yeast is a HUGE culprit!
So sorry you are going through all this. It’s awful, just awful, and unless you are in your shoes, nobody has a clue of how difficult it is on a daily basis. If you don’t know about biofilm breakers, please go study up. There are many natural ones that can break up the houses these bad bacteria build to protect themselves from your immune system. Just beware if you have a heart problem because all the biofilm breakers interfere with bad pathogens chemical communication system and also the good bacteria in our body, ( it’s called Quorum Sensing). When I take any biofilm breakers, it disrupts my own heart beat and makes me feel like my heart is going to fail). But if you don’t have an electric problem with your heart or any blockages in your arteries, you will probably be fine. You could take many different biofilm breakers and that would improve your health greatly! Serrapeptaste, is the enzyme that the silk worm uses when it turns into a butterfly and needs to break out of the cocoon. You can buy it for about $15. But there are many other ones too. Once you carrack open the biofilms with this stiff , the other medicine you need to take will be able to get to the bad bacteria that has been safe under their house ( biofilm). Ok I know this all sound weird, but trust me! I have search the internet until I was exhausted every day and I was able to find this info. Pub Med is a great site. Ok I’m sorry this is so long.. o want to share as much as I can because I hate that other people go through this and can’t figire it out. I hope any of this helps someone!

Feb 24, 2019 · What can cause ANA titre of 1:2560? in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi Claire so sorry to hear of all your ailments. I too have suffered for 35 years with word stuff. I now know it is from Leaky Gut syndrome”. Go research it, and you will find a wealth of information. Pub Med is a great site. I went to an interventional dr and got tested through the Great plains Labarotory. Tests results proved I have overgrowth of Candida Albicans In my intestinal tract and they cause all kinds of health problems like you are describing. Anti fungal medications can help greatly. I took them for three straight weeks and after I felt amazing! Most of my health problems went away! But they came back after two years. The Candida albicans thrive in the body if your PH levels are off. It’s difficult to figure out how to fix the PH levels. Go look into the Candida diet and go from there. I hope this helps you.

Feb 24, 2019 · What can cause ANA titre of 1:2560? in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi yeast or fungus in the body emit toxins and one is called oxalates. They are tiny chemical like razor blades that embed in our tissues and cause pain and inflammation. Go out and get some Kal brand calcium citrate.,crush it and take it, see if in 12-24 hours, your pain subsides. It did for me. I now take it everyday. It binds with the chemical oxalates and they leave your body when you pee them out in your urine. I bet you that it will help tremendously with your pain level. These oxalates are what cause MS and fibromyalgia as well as other pain.