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Wed, Sep 9 11:16am · Neck & upper back pain in Spine Health


Wed, Sep 9 2:31am · Cataract surgery and map dot dystrophy in Eye Conditions

I have corneal dystrophy in both eyes and cataracts as well. Four years ago I was told I needed to have the dystrophy taken care of before cataract surgery. He kindly told me how painful a process it was so I declined. Well my vision has gotten worse from the cataracts so I went back to him this year. To my surprise, he told me the dystrophy had improved and I don't need the surgery! Tomorrow I am having cataract surgery on my worst eye and am looking forward to being able to read normal size print. My surgeon does both surgeries . He also told me if the dystrophy gets worse after the cataract surgery he can still take care of it. Is it possible for you to find a surgeon who does both?

Wed, Sep 9 2:14am · Neck & upper back pain in Spine Health

I have similar areas of pain. I have a marvelous pain management doctor who has been helping me for 8 years now. Most recently he injected my thoracic back. Being in an upright position for too long causes a lot of pain. The most recent injections gave me relief for a couple of weeks. The next step is for him to fry my nerves in a process called radio frequency ablation. I have had that done in other places and have obtained relief for as much s two years. In fact, neck pain from a whiplash, caused me to have occipital headaches that were wicked. Had rfa done for that in January and I am still headache free! Hopefully you can find a pain management specialist as great as mine. Please stay in touch. I care.

Wed, Sep 9 1:57am · Neck Surgery in Brain & Nervous System

I was told my spine is 10 years older than I am! Eight years ago I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted by a neurosurgeon. Four years later I went to him about my neck. Bad discs were impinging on nerves to both shoulders and down both arms. He said he could go in through the front of my neck and take care of shoulder pain or go in through the back and fuse the discs but not help the shoulder pain. Going through the front of my neck scared me and I determined I wasn't in enough pain to do that. Well, times have changed and if I have another episode as I did a few weeks ago, I will be back in his office. I would encourage you to seek out a second opinion from a neurosurgeon. Please keep in touch. I care and pray you will find the best doctor to help you.

Mon, Jul 27 7:01am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Hank, my whole story with my pain management doc is incredible. He actually called me and asked me to be his patient. I later found out the pain management doctor I had been seeing asked him to take me on as a patient! I'm not sure the exact reason, but I had a great relationship with him personally, but I believe my incredible number of allergies to meds may have done it. In my trial time of the stimulator he gave me versed something I am allergic to. When I asked him why, he said he only gave me a child's dose. My current pain management doc is the same age as my older son. The first procedure he did on me he gave me something that caused larngeal edema, an allergic reaction. I called, he happened to be on call, and didn't recognize me because my voice was exceedingly low and scratchy. He gave me his personal cell phone number to call. Told me he had never done that before. That was eight years ago. We text on a some what regular basis and always after a procedure. He has a great sense of humor. I have told him I think of him as an adopted son. He treats me like a queen, but I have discovered that's how he treats other patients as well. I just have a special connection. I would encourage your wife to consider doing the trial which they always do before doing an implant. It's a great way to see what it can do for you. Mine was done in the office. It wasn't a difficult process pain wise.I have a Boston Scientific system. Thanks for giving me a chance to respond.

Sun, Jul 26 6:17pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

I will pray for a great outcome for your surgery. I prefer my pain management doc as I am allergic to so many medications, including MAC anesthesias. He has helped me significantly with radio frequency ablations. In some places I have had close to two years relief. I hate headaches and an injury to my neck gave me occipital headaches. It's been a year since I had the last rfas and I am still headache free. He has also done some on my lower back with success. Not sure how long this latest series have been doing their thing.. With the stimulator I have seven programs and a variety of pulsations. It can take adjustment to the stimulator to get the best for you. I just turned my feet one on. You mentioning that reminded me I have that available.. Feels pretty good while sitting!

Sun, Jul 26 9:23am · Death of my wife in Loss & Grief

I was the primary caregiver for my husband who was first dx with mild cognitive impairment about 15 years ago. As dementia set in, it was difficult to make medical decisions for him. He had non-Hodgekins lymphoma and Afib as well as heart failure. A cardiologist wanted to do surgery to put in a filter to catch blood clots. The hemotologist felt he would have to go back on chemo before any heart surgery.. Having been in a support group at the Alzheimer's Association I saw the results of people who had been hospitalized and that was not good. They never got back to the point they were at before hospitalization.
I knew his anxiety level was high, he had spent two days in the hospital due to being admitted for an irregular heart beat, no surgery. I had told both doctors no for further treatment. At the hospital the hemotologist that saw him suggested I enroll him in a home hospice program which I did. That was the end of August. He died January 2, 2020. As probably all caregivers of people with dementia know, I found it stressful in responding to him because I never knew who I was in his eyes..Sometmes I was his sister, his cousin, some unknown person. The Alzheimer's Association said to get in his world. Not knowing what world that was, I just responded as me. While driving him to an appointment, he said, "I'm so glad Barb isn't driving! When she drives I have to hold on for dear life." What could I do? I just laughed and agreed with him! Being a caregiver is an awesome job but we had talked about wanting to die at home years before and that home hospice program allowed for great home medical care and fulfillment of that desire. I do see a therapist and I have a marvelous PCP helping me through the grieving process but the greatest help for me by far is my spiritual life and dependency on God for comfort and healing. May you open up your faith life to a new level to help you during this time.

Sun, Jul 26 8:49am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

The pain I experienced the morning was a 10. I upped the intensity on my stim and the sharpness of the pain was reduced to dullness, helpful in itself, and I would say a good 50%. The sensation of the stimulator I can change in ramping it up to provide a pleasurable massaging like experience. I have my choice of several different sensations as well with some choices directed more to certain parts of my body – like more on feet or knees, etc. This is the second one – my first was implanted in 2012 and this one in 2018 at the urging of my pain management doctor as he said the current device was superior to the one I had implanted that was out of date.. I use this 24/7 decreasing it at night. The stimulator allows me to do things I wouldn't be able to do due to pain. I've recently been widowed and have many more projects that I have to do. Both my PCP and pain management are encouraging to keep moving. I have been enjoying being in the pool after my outdoor labors. The weather has been perfect for the pool temperature to be what I like. I get to exercise without being on my feet as my foot problems really restrict movement on land. I am thankful for their advice as I am seeing a difference in a better mood and a wee bit more flexibility.. Thanks Hank for giving me an opportunity to talk about all this.