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Mar 13, 2019 · Adjusting to life with temporal arteritis in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

So I had the Ultrasound on my arteries yesterday. They had the results posted on my online chart in just about an hour. The results were that everything was "normal". So glad that even though I am currently sitting here in my recliner with one of those I shaped pillows keeping my head which is sore to the touch from touching the back of the recliner and my jaw is sore to the point that my wife says I don't open it all the way to talk and, my cheeks hurt, eyes are watery and blurry and feel like someone is trying to push them out of my head from inside and my temples feel swollen and hurt to the touch, that everything is fine and normal! So it's all just Normal! That must mean that everyone has this exact same thing happening to them too. I should just stop nothing the doctors and forget and live with this. So glad that I can finally move on from this because it's all just Normal!

Feb 25, 2019 · Adjusting to life with temporal arteritis in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

Thanks for all your replies! I really appreciate it!
As to what symptom is the most bothersome… I don't know. Maybe my cheeks hurting. That's kind of how it starts. I mean it's always there but the intensity comes in waves. When it's starting to hit me hard the first thing I notice is my neck starts feeling kind of stiff. Then my cheeks start hurting and that quickly leads to my jaw and temples and the final stage is my head. Hurts to wear a hat or lay back on my head or comb my hair. My eyes kind of come and go with blurriness with or without the other symptoms. A lot of time it looks like I am seeing light smoke everywhere. Other times it looks like I am looking through water and I often see things like little black spots that zoom by.
The more I do, for example I had to go get groceries and run some other errands, the worse all the symptoms get. Soooo frustrated which, that makes it worse too! yay. I just want this to have a diagnosis and to start treatment.

Feb 21, 2019 · Adjusting to life with temporal arteritis in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

Hello, I am 43 and have recently become a regular at my doctors office and at the Neurologists office. This all started with a very sore neck. Then a strange twitching behind my ear about an hour later. My jaw felt sore like a stressed out muscle. Then my right cheek started hurting followed by my right temple. The next day I had pain in the back of my head in the crown area along with the other symptoms. Just to touch or to brush my hair or where my hat. My eyes had started having problems weeks before this. I noticed that my eyes would go blurry a lot. Much like looking through water. And I felt a lot of pressure in my eyes. Then my ears started having a lot of pressure. So far since the neck and temple thing started its been 4 weeks and it's only getting worse. I now find myself tired all the time and have a great lack of energy along with the coming and going of the above symptoms. I also discovered that if I rub or touch especially my right temple it will set everything off big time making for a really bad day. I had also notice a tired feeling in my arms and if I try to touch my back with either arm I get a sharp pain and just can't do it. This has never been a problem before so I don't know. At first I just thought I had over done it but is hasn't gotten any better. My wife is a nurse of 11 years and she thinks it is this Temporal Artritis. As in all our searching this is the only thing that my strange symptoms match nearly 100%. It has made sleeping an issue as well as the pain in my temples and jaw and head make laying on a pillow uncomfortable. I have had all kind of blood tests for all kind of ideas the doctors had. They all come back normal except that if you look at the graph you can clearly see some minor changes. I have had an MRI and CT scan to make sure it wasn't a tumor or something and last week I had an EEG. Next month I have a scheduled ultrasound on my arteries. Not sure if he is doing that to check for Temporal Artritis or if you can even really find any clues by way of ultrasound. But at this point my Neurologist says that it can't be Temporal Artritis because I am under 50. I am frustrated and just want to to feel good and get on with life.
As a side note. I am not a normal 43 year old as back in 2008 I was in a major motorcycle accident where the end result was that I lost my right leg, crushed my hip and have 28 screws and two plates holding it together and I lost my entire left back muscle as it was used for a muscle flap in my right leg that I had amputated a year later. I spent several month in the hospital and was only allowed home because my wife is a nurse. So, I am not typically as active as a normal 43 year old man. I sure would like to be though. So I don't know what to do at this point. I do t want to go blind and I sure would like to get a good night sleep. I found this topic just doing a Google search on this topic as I was looking for more info. I guess I though I would go to the community of people who have it and see if my symptoms truly do add up to what yall are or have experienced so that I can determine whether to continue to push my doctors to look into to this. Any ideas, advice or questions are fully welcomed! Thanks so much and many blessings to you all!