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Aug 12, 2019 · Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma- Watch & Wait Approach in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Same here, follow up scan detected no growth of nodes in last 6 months. Blood count was excellent. The way I understand the sweats is that they need to be really severe before having to worry about it, like waking up soaked to the extend that all your clothes and bedding need to be changed. Picked up my exercise regimen a little, bought a kayak so me and my son go places where no man has gone before in the swamps in GA, started biking again, still play tennis and go on hikes. And quit smoking, vape a little to take the edge off initially, but am at 6 weeks without a cigarette after 45 years of doing that nasty stuff. Considering getting a second opinion though about my FL. I don't like an oncologist being in control of my future. Thanks for asking.

Feb 21, 2019 · Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma- Watch & Wait Approach in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Was just diagnosed with fl about 6 weeks ago, 57 yrs old, airline pilot. Watch and wait. Luckily the faa medical staff was understanding of my asymptomatic status and gave me a special issuance medical certificate that requires reinstatement every 6 months with blood counts and scans. At least my life is not completely turned upside down yet. As soon as I require treatment I will be done flying unless I ground myself before then, since I will not take on my responsibilitie to my passengers and employer when I feel unfit. The only problem with the “wait and watch” , being a fairly active 57 year old, is to determine whether the normal aches and pains of everyday life are lymphoma related or not. Also, has anybody ever had a second opinion with a different outcome? Just wondering! Thanks for any input.