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2 hours ago · People with non diabetic neuropathy in Neuropathy

I agree — you absolutely can have neuropathy without having diabetes — there are over 100 different diagnoses from which you can have neuropathy– from vitamin B12 deficiency, chemo, alcohol use, inherited, chemcial toxins, the list goes on and on — many of us are idiopathic, which means the doctors don't know the cause — when you call a neuropathy clinic, ask for a doctor who is most familiar with neuropathy — the scheduler will say "they all do" — not true! You really need to ask a lot of questions to find the right neurologist — AND if you see a neurologist and he/she doesn't answer your questions, it is time to find another doctor —

Sun, Jun 28 6:50pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

gabapentin is one of those — you must wean yourself off gradually or it could cause a seizure –it is essentially an anti-seizure med, but doctors have found it works for neuropathic pain for some people

Sat, Jun 20 11:00am · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

it looks similar, however my therapist had a device which she put over my eyes and she could tell on a monitor where the crystals were, and a bunch of other things — and I had exercises to do at home in between visits

Sat, Jun 20 10:41am · Eyes and Neuropathy in Eye Conditions

not sure if this applies — couple of years ago I had what I thought was motion sickness or vertigo — saw my primary care doc and he sent me to a vestibular therapist — the crystals in my one ear had become dislodged from where they were supposed to be in the ear canals, and after about 5 or 6 treatments, it was gone and I have not had it since — I'm not saying this is your situation, but it might be worth checking — fortunately I belong to a large clinic with a large PT department, which had only 2 of these therapists — there is extra training/schooling needed for this type of therapy — good luck

on another note — when you look for a neurologist, by sure to ask for a neurologist that knows about or has treated neuropathy — the person on the phone will say, 'they all do' — NOT TRUE — it took me a long time to find a neurologist that actually knew something about neuropathy — we really do need to be our own advocate and keep asking == and so important to always take someone with you to take notes when you visit any doctor or clinic

Mon, Jun 1 7:47am · Erythromelalgia in Autoimmune Diseases

Yes, write down all your questions, and don't leave the office until you have answers — AND take someone with you who can write replies on a note pad

Wed, May 6 11:05am · Cold feet due to neuropathy - need help in Neuropathy

sorry, but your doctor is wrong — neuropathy can definitely cause cold feet — but for some it has the opposite effect that the feet are just burning

Sun, Feb 23 10:36am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

go to Zopec medical foot neuropathy treatment system — asyou will note, it does not cure pain,, but does advocate a number of other conditions