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Jul 24, 2019 · Does using umbilical cord tissue help with Nephropathy? in Neuropathy

to the person who was wanting info on umbilical cord tissue helping with nephropathy — nephropathy is a disease affecting the kidneys — or are you talking about neuropathy

Jul 12, 2019 · Any bad side effects to Metformin 500 twice a day? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Have not heard that metformin can cause neuropathy. More likely, it is the diabetes that caused the neuropathy.

Jul 7, 2019 · Driving making neuropathy of the feet worse in Neuropathy

driving has no effect on neuropathy — something else is creating the problem if you feet are worse when driving, but not neuropathy

Jul 6, 2019 · Anyone go to a Mayo Clinic? in Neuropathy

John, thanks for your reply. I'm so concerned that individuals with PN are spending hundreds (even thousands) of dollars to find a cure. We may be able to reduce the symptoms/pain with some meds or devices, but there isn't anything that will 'cure' neuropathy. Please be careful!!

Jun 24, 2019 · Caring for a parent with neuropathy: When's it time to not drive? in Neuropathy

I have had PN for over 20 years, have numbness in feet and somewhat in calves — I continue to drive — I still have good flexion in my ankles (very important) — I know by the pressure on the brakes and accelerator as to how to drive — last year I drove all the way to Tucson and back (from Minneapolis) without incident — my husband was the navigator — I too, can't stand very long and have some balance issues — but that doesn't matter once you are behind the wheel — be a passenger with him and monitor his driving skills — check for other cognitive issues — hope that helps

Apr 11, 2019 · In Search of Relief in Neuropathy

it looks like this is scrambler therapy — Calmare is the name of a clinic???

Apr 8, 2019 · Rebuilder in Neuropathy

Peggy — yes I know of a few people have used this and had some relief in their symptoms, and others who have tried it and didn't work for them. This is the frustrating part of neuropathy: our bodies are all different, and the way in which we came down with neuropathy is different (there are over 100 different ways) — so therefore what works for one person, will not work for others — we want so badly to find an answer to lessen our pain, that sometimes we are willing to spend many dollars to no avail — I liked the comment that we need to find peace within us regarding our neuropathy,

Apr 5, 2019 · Stem Cell Therapy for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

I agree whole-heartedly — well written — thanks