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Fri, Mar 1 6:37pm · Alzheimer's Guide - Mike & Me in Caregivers: Dementia

My mother suffered from Alzheimer's for years, and my father lovingly cared for her at home where everything was familiar, and she felt comfortable and safe with him. (They were both in their 80's.) Almost every chapter of Rosalys's book offers suggestions and advice that would have been of benefit to my father, but Mom passed before the book was published.
I believe that every young couple contemplating marriage should consider discussions and basic agreement on how to care for each other in senior years and in catastrophic illness such as Alzheimer's. These discussions are just as important as discussions about budget, vacations, and family planning. At least they should agree to read "Mike & Me."
The book enlightened my perspective on all that should be considered when caring for a loved one at home, and how you need not be alone in your caregiver role. I'm grateful that Rosalys was willing to share her experiences with all of us.

Thu, Feb 28 11:06am · Alzheimer's Guide - Mike & Me in Caregivers: Dementia

This is a book that changes everything for Alzheimer’s couples and caregivers. It’s a must read about how a courageous couple shows us a brilliant and beautiful way to stand up to Alzheimer’s together at home. It’s an inspiring guide. Through it all, Rosalys and Mike approached each day by living with, rather than dying from, Alzheimer’s. This book will show you how.

Sun, Feb 17 7:08pm · Map Dot Fingerprint Dystrophy in Eye Conditions

The only advice given to me by a Mayo physician was to use lubricating eye drops.
I found the article helpful, thank you.
Again, would like to hear if anyone else who has had this diagnosis and, now that I know there is a corrective procedure, if anyone has had that done (their experiences and success).
Many thanks.

Sat, Feb 16 5:00pm · Map Dot Fingerprint Dystrophy in Eye Conditions

I have been diagnosed with this condition in my left eye. Does anyone else have experience with this? It is becoming more bothersome in the past few months – always feels like I have something in that eye, i.e. eyelash, and vision is a bit blurry. Then it clears up on its on for a few days. What can be done? Thanks for sharing your experiences and advice.