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Sat, Feb 16 10:55am · cbd oil for tremors in Brain & Nervous System

I am 67. Tremor first started 20 years ago. Benign Essential Tremor diagnosed by neurologist. I've had a brain scan. Tried all kinds of supplements prescribed by MD specializing in biochemistry of body, naturopaths, nutrionist. Tried acupuncture. The only things that work are a 30 mg dose of propranolol or at least 31 mg CBD oil 2x a day. I notice my handwriting is very good after the first dose. However, it seems to wear off during the day.

Sat, Feb 16 9:48am · cbd oil for tremors in Brain & Nervous System


I am getting results with cbd oil for tremor. I didn't notice a difference until I upped my dosage to 62 mg twice a day. I still have quite a tremor and not sure how long I should stay at each dose before increasing. any thoughts?