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Sun, Feb 17 8:27pm · Living with Parkinson's Disease - Meet others & come say hi in Parkinson's Disease

My dad is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. His symptoms have worsened in the past year. He suffers diarrhea immediately after eating, and continues to loose weight. He had a recent ct scan that showed rectal thickness. My mother was going to inquire if it was more than 3 mm or irregular. His Parkinson’s symptoms have worsened. His gait, walking and speach. He’s been on dopamine for some time and I don’t know if this problem started before or after the medication was introduced. I don’t think he is physically able to do the prep needed for a colonoscopy. He has spine disease and suffers great pain daily. Cortisone shots (5) recently hurt him badly and gave him no relief. He is unable to take narcotics. They confuse him even more and has had a very bad reaction from them. He actually went into the hospital about 5-6years ago to detox from them. I’m afraid my dad is going to die from malnutrition!!! Is it a complication from Parkinson’s disease or is it something else. The ct was preformed to rule out cancer. Our only answer was rectal thickening. I will question my mother to see if the diarrhea started with the introduction of the meds. And ask her if the thickness was more than 3mm or irregular. Thank you for your reply

Sun, Feb 17 1:35pm · Unexplained diarrhea,malabsorption,dizziness,feeling faint, confusion in Digestive Health

Yes, he has increased symptoms from his Parkinson's. Gait, walking, speach, memory. He gets confused, doesn't walk far as he has degenerative spine disease. Literally no cushion in his spine at all. Cortisone injections recently that were extremely painful and did not help at all. He has began to drool, ( months ago) his mouth deforms. He's had one episode of combativeness. With my mother.Totally not like him. Wanted to leave in the car. I don't know if the gi symptoms started when he started the dopamine or before. I want to say before. My mother was also going to see if the thickness was more than 3 mm or irregular. Its rectal thickness. From what I have researched, 3mm or less is not uncommon. However, if more than 3 mm or irregular, they advise a colonoscopy and biopsy. Health wise, I do not know that he could do the prep for a colonoscopy. He's tired always…just worn out. He eats regularly and continues to loose weight. I will question her on the ct scan and respond again. Thank you for the reply

Thu, Feb 14 8:52pm · Unexplained diarrhea,malabsorption,dizziness,feeling faint, confusion in Digestive Health

My father (82) has serious diarrhea immediately after eating. A ct scan showed inflammation of the rectal wall. He has doctored for this for years and with no different answers. We thought a ct scan was necessary to rule out cancer. This was all it showed. He continues to loose weight drastically and eats 3-5 times a day. Three square meals for sure, proper nutrition, and snacks. He is unable to leave home at this point because the diarrhea hits so quickly. My question is, do we need to continue with the colonoscopys’, irritable bowel diagnoses. He’s become tired weak and has had enough. He does suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Please, anyone?