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Thu, Jun 18 8:20am · Itchy shins and diabetes or thyroid in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Have you been tested for diabetic neuropathy?

Sat, May 16 6:57pm · Neuropathy in feet and limited toe movement? in Neuropathy

He is the one that started treatment for severe plantar fasciitis that has lasted 20 years and began trying to several meds for neuropathy. Actually he and family doctor collaborated. After many tests and several appointments with my first neurologist, he only gave me a diagnosis and agreed with the prescriptions I was taking. A second neurologist gave me the worst medical experience that I had ever had–he was only interested in surgery. With much research and consultations, it was clear, my current doctors were just as up to date on treatments as these specialists. I started with Gabapentin, which did almost nothing for my pain, then Cymbalta , which caused severe memory issues. We finally, tried Lyrica, which helped greatly with lesser side effects–slight dizziness. My podiatrist started me on Tramadol and eventually elevated the dosage to this point–slightly over normal dose. Pain doctor tried Nucynta, which worked very well for pain–but of course the numbness was much more bothersome and very expensive. I finally decided at that time that Lyrica/tramadol left me with a lot of pain and discomfort, but it was very manageable. The pain doctor had suggested implants–but my disease has developed quickly and spread to hands so I elected not to do that–From other disease and bad joints, I have had one major surgery per years for my entire retirement, so not interested to additional ones. At this point, I am accepting being down for the worst days and getting around as well as possible for the better ones. I still cannot walk far or fast, but am able to do light workouts and ride a stationary bike several times a week. I still have seen no reason to return to neurologist.

Sat, May 16 9:40am · Neuropathy in feet and limited toe movement? in Neuropathy

I have only known of my neuropathy for about 8 years. My toes, most of my foot and my ankles are terribly numb and painful. Now I am slightly numb and have fiery pain all the way to my thighs and fingers. I exercise or stretch my legs, hands and feet several times a day. As it progresses, I have been losing muscle, but with no exercises, it advances more quickly. Just my experience. I tried to neurologists and a pain management team, but my podiatrist has helped the most.

Thu, May 14 5:55am · CBD. Anyone have any experience with CBD and neuropathy? in Neuropathy

CBD Salves and ointments come in many variations in strengths and bases, and I have found one that works almost immediately for the intense burning from toes to above my knees and my hands. However, it has little or no effect on deeper stabbing pains. I find that taking higher strength CBD oil taken sublingually helps a bit with pain, but does more to calm my response to the pain. If neither is helping or bothering you, I suggest that you do not scratch it off your list for use as the disease progresses.

Sun, May 10 9:54am · Lyrica - Looking for Patient Experiences in Neuropathy

Have neurologists helped with your peripheral neuropathy? I have neuropathy toes to thighs and in my hands and get by on Lyrica and Tramadol. A pain management doctor could only offer surgical implants to help with the legs and tested a pain med that I may have to resort to Nucynta (strong and expensive. The two neurologists that I saw only verified how bad my case is and suggested the exact same medication as our family doctor, podiatrist and pain management had written for me.

Sun, May 3 11:05am · Lyrica - Looking for Patient Experiences in Neuropathy

After using Gabapentin with little relief, Nucynta with great pain relief $700/mo and Cymbalta with memory loss, I started with Lyrica. Over time, my Rx was adjusted to 2.25 2x daily. Other than slight dizzy feeling, I have had no negative effects. I have plantar fasciitis, arthritis in all joints, and serious neuropathy up to thighs and my fingers. Lyrica and Tramadol generally keep pain manageable—some days much worse. When it is wearing off, the pain goes up. And, if I am even one hour late taking the combination, the pain intensifies greatly and quickly. One note; the fiery feeling on top layers of skin is not well-controlled. I use a CBD ointment, which calms that down almost immediately and last for about 5 hours.

Thu, Apr 16 10:13am · Neuropathy: Anyone have any experience with gabapentin? in Neuropathy

While I cannot recommend medicines that you should take, I have used each of those drugs. Gabapentin had almost no effect in reducing pain. Cymbalta caused serious memory issues—I could not remember what I did the night before… I had just about given up, when my podiatrist had me try Lyrica. It is very effective when used with large dose of Tramadol. If I am even an hour late taking it, the pain is intense. The only side effect seems to be slight dizziness when coupled with numb feet, makes balance an issues. Despite the neuropathy and Lyrica, I do not fall as I did with Cymbalta. I take Lyrica twice and Tramadol 4 times a day and now have days or parts of days when I can move around fairly well—walking for exercise is still not an option.

Tue, Apr 14 9:46am · Cold feet due to neuropathy - need help in Neuropathy

Personally, my feet are cold and burning severely at the same time. I have found that stretching or warm soak give some temporary relief. By the afternoon,, I stretch legs, ankle, feet and fingers then soak while showering—and take pain meds. I can no longer let my feet or fingers be cold—not even for a few minutes. Topical CBD almost instantly relieves burning pain—but I have to use it 3 times per day. Good luck to you.