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Thu, Feb 21 2:25pm · CHEST PRESSURE in Heart & Blood Health

I'm thinking you're right about the cardiologist. I would definitely get some peace of mind if I could rule out cardiac issues. And you're so right about feeling like a "ticking time bomb". thanks

Thu, Feb 21 2:23pm · CHEST PRESSURE in Heart & Blood Health

thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely do that

Wed, Feb 20 6:52pm · CHEST PRESSURE in Heart & Blood Health

I do suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol and take meds for both. I also have heart palpitations which sometimes cause me to cough. I try to use the "process of elimination" with the doctors and am considering seeing a cardiologist just to rule out any cardiac issues, then maybe a gastroenterologist to rule out any gastro issues. The only problem with this process is they all run various tests and my insurance doesn't cover everything so it can get expensive. It seems like my primary care physician has run out of ideas.Maybe I'll just have to continue living with it.

Wed, Feb 20 6:48pm · CHEST PRESSURE in Heart & Blood Health

I do not take any acid reflux meds. My doctor recommended over the counter medications but they only made me feel nauseous. I think I'm like many frustrated people who suffer a wide range of symptoms but can never quite determine what the problem may be. I just try to cope with the issues and go on with my life.

Wed, Feb 20 1:48pm · CHEST PRESSURE in Heart & Blood Health

So I have this weird sensation of chest pressure when sitting or laying flat on my back. I've been to my doctor and had various tests done (stress test, 24 hour heart monitor, EKG, ultrasound) and everything comes back normal. I do suffer from mild acid reflux and a small hiatal hernia. I'm an active 55 year old male and exercise 5-6 times a week, engaging in high intensity interval training 3-4 days a week and never suffer chest pains or difficulty breathing. The pressure only occurs when laying flat on my back and at times it becomes overwhelming. There are occasions where I can lay on my back and not experience the pressure but that does not happen very often. Does anyone out there have similar experiences under similar situations?? Please let me know your findings if you do-I am going crazy over this!!!!

Wed, Feb 13 7:19am · Palpitations in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thanks for the commiseration. As for the acid redux, they did suggest over the counter products so I tried one and it made my stomach hurt so I stopped. I think what's even worse than the health conditions we have is the lack of information and solutions from the medical professionals. I always feel like a "nut" when I go to the doctor for my concerns so I just stopped going unless it's an emergency. Most of my health information is obtained via internet and that's not good either. I guess we just learn to cope with it and move on.

Tue, Feb 12 8:15pm · Palpitations in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I don't know anything about the neck palpitations…sorry. Things like that are very scary and can be alarming and nobody seems to have the answers you're looking for. I suffer from heart palpitations and have so for a few years. I've been through the standard tests of EKG, 24 hour heart monitor, ultrasound, stress test and nothing could be found. I also suffer from chest pressure most of the time so my doctor had me do an upper GI, which revealed mild acid reflux and a small hiatal hernia. No treatment was done nor suggested so of course I feel like a nut. I exercise quite frequently and a very high intensity and don't seem to have any problems but still feel periodic heart palpitations (5-10 times a day on average). I just want a medical professional to tell me I'm not crazy and to actually diagnose me with something…..this can't be normal!!! I also suffer from hyperparathyroidism and hypercalcemia as a result. Once again, no doctors have explained much about these disorders. What I have learned has been mostly from the internet (scary!!) Can someone please help!!