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Wed, Feb 13 11:03am · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

Yes I did go camping but never went swimming just on a raft that was in Missouri near Branson my temp has been staying in the 99 range and before all this I had an issue with with my bladder like frequent need to go and was in pain but they found nothing then a week after that stopped my throat had a sensation that there was something stuck that went on for a month and finally went away. Then I got the feeling like like I had to constantly swallow do to a lot of saliva build up and then the Metal taste in my mouth started with swollen tongue. Then these numbness sensations came on in my face and in my tongue and then the heaviness in my legs and arms. It’s very strange and odd. Last year I had a few episodes where my big toe on my right side kept going numb and feeling as if I had pins and needles in it. I have had lots of weird feelings like when getting out of the shower a few months ago my arms would be itching and burning and laast year for months I had like a feeling of something crawling on me and it would move all over my body and that was very very nerve wracking I have had many many weird sensations over the last 2 years I have had a ct scan about 2 and half years ago due to not being able to see out of the sides of my vison and they didn’t see anything then. I’m losing my mind over this because it just feels like I’m never going to feel good again I can tell you this before my daughter who is now 3 before I got pregnant with her I was feeling pain all I’ve rmy body and felt like I had the flu constantly it felt just like flu pains. That went on for a long time months and then when I got pregnant with my daughter those symptoms went away and now I have new ones so it is a mystery and I have seen many doctors and haven’t found really anything they did some blood work a few months ago and all the found was i was a lil anemic so that is the whole back story of when I started noticing weird things happening it was a few months before I got pregnant with my 6th child

Wed, Feb 13 7:21am · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

I have not yet but that is a good idea I did make an appointment but have to cancel as my 5 year old is sick today but will make another if doesn’t go away by true time she is better thank you for all of your help😊

Wed, Feb 13 7:13am · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

I did make an appointment with my primary doctor but will have to cancel today as my 5 year old daughter is sick, I will try and make an appointment soon Thank you very much

Wed, Feb 13 7:09am · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

I don’t remember being bitten or a rash I did go camping back in June but again don’t remember seeing any bites anywhere I started feeling unwell with different illnesses in early September so I don’t know I’m at a loss

Tue, Feb 12 5:37pm · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you for responding that eases my worries a bit. I know dr google isn’t always the answer as it could be so many things. I have been under a lot of stress lately for the last few months and I know stress can cause some really odd weird symptoms. I’m going to give it another week or two and see if the symptoms in my arm and leg go away I did do some excersises last week that I dont normally do so maybe related. Thank you for your help😃 sometimes out minds get the best of us haha

Tue, Feb 12 3:08pm · Weird symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

Hi over the past month or so I have had a variety of symptoms. First were frequent saliva and swallowing. Then a metal taste in mouth and swollen tongue. Last week I had numbness in on my left side of my face and now half my tongue on that side is numb and for the past few days my left arm and leg feel very heavy and hard to use. On top of all of this I have had severe fatigue just tired all of the time. So my question is does this sound like multiple sclerosis a few months before these symptoms I was having like burning itch sensation after taking showers and would feel like internal tremors through out my body and itching tongue that would come and go also I kept biting my tongue in the middle of the night a few weeks ago it’s like symptoms keep adding on and coming and going it’s very nerve racking an help would be appreciated!