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Feb 11, 2019 · Parsonage turner syndrome * in Brain & Nervous System

Hello, first off let me let you know I have experienced this twice. Once in my left arm when I was 18 (1985) and then again when I was 45 (2013) in the right arm. The best thing I can recommend is pain management! When the nerves are under attack the only thing is pain meds. I hate to say it that way but that is the only thing that can help. Second, and just as important, range of motion exercises. Waiting until it runs it’s course is too late! Even though the muscles atrophy will take its toll, keep moving EVERY finger, wrist, elbow, and shoulder to their full range of motion. If you don’t, you will spend months and months trying to stretch muscles and tendons, and the older you are, the tougher it gets. Once it runs it course the nerves will need to regenerate and then muscle building can begin, and with the range of motion kept in tact your recovery will be tremendously quicker.

My son (18) is experiencing symptoms right now that I fear could be PTS, I pray that it is not. But I hope this helps and YOU CAN DO IT!