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Feb 10, 2019 · Oxalates in food in Kidney & Bladder

Hello. I passed a stone in October and have been wresting with my diet ever since. I have been on and off the Whole 30 program for the last year, which is high in fat, veggies and protein. Most of the things I've been eating it turns out are high in oxalates. (spinach, nuts, beets)
My doctor did not say to avoid these foods, he only said drink more water, include citrusy drinks, and reduce my sodium.
I've avoided high oxalate foods and have been drinking tons of water the last few months.
So the question to the group: can you eat high oxalate foods but compensate by drinking more water (or water with lemon juice) to flush out those oxalates? For example, can I eat a spinach salad but reduce the impact of the spinach by drinking more water?