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Feb 10, 2019 · Too many Consultants contd in Autoimmune Diseases

Help! Have finished off what I started but can't see how to post it.

Feb 10, 2019 · Too many Consultants contd in Autoimmune Diseases

Sorry – posted before I'd finished. To continue, the lichen planus involved deformed fingernails which had to be removed, then attacked legs and mouth very badly. Then last year was very ill with what they now, after liver biopsy, believe to be auto-immune hepatitis. I also have fibrotic bowel disease. To round it off, I have spinal degeneration etc. I was referred to Guy's Hospital in London last year with suspected lupus – although at the moment they are calling it mixed connective tissue disease.
So I have a lot of different specialists – respiratory, dermatologist, gastrologist, rheumatologist, maxillofacial, endocrinologist, orthopaedic…..!!
My major worry at the moment is prednisolone. This is my second course. I started on 30 mg reducing by 5mg every two weeks. I'm now on 15mg and feeling rough. Has anyone else had the same problems reducing the dose? By the way, I also take mycophenelate along with the prednisolone.
I would love to hear from anyone in the same boat (mine appears to have sprung a leak).