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Feb 12, 2019 · New Daily Persistent Headache in Chronic Pain

Amen to that sister! Sending you a great big God Hug from Carol UK x

Feb 9, 2019 · Pelvic pain in Chronic Pain

What are phantom pains?that's a new one on me! 🤔

Feb 8, 2019 · Has anyone been diagnosed with Abdominal Wall Pain in Chronic Pain

I don't know if it's the same in the US. But in the UK. l had my procedure in the pain clinic as a day patient! Carol

Feb 8, 2019 · Pelvic pain in Chronic Pain

Some of my treatment l have been given.l had my left ovary removed due to fibroids then had to have a total hysterectomy due to a cyst on the right one Ten years after my total hysterectomy they separated my Addison due to the surgery's l had to stop my pain!! Three exploratory operations, 5, lidocaine infusions over a year's, a course of women's physiotherapy, 2, steroid injection in my abdomen,
l take 150 mg of pregabalin morning and night paracetamol on a regular basis. I have noticed that l get 3, days of chronic pain where l have to sleep till the pain dulls down so l can function normally. I will have pain most days especially if I overdo it.
Have seen a lot of different surgeons they start of good to me than as they can't help me with pain, just say unhelpful things to me which doesn't help. Kind regards Carol ,….PS just looking for some support.😣

Feb 8, 2019 · Pelvic pain in Chronic Pain

Hi new member
I am a long time suffer of pelvic pain. Would like to know if anyone out there suffers like me. I had a total hysterectomy 20,plus yrs ago. Also had lots of pelvic adhesions separated 2015. Had to give up work 10,yrs ago. I have noticed every month l have chronic pelvic pain at the same time each month. I could go on on!! Was hoping that l would be pain free after every time l have treatment. Can't seem to get any support!

Feb 7, 2019 · CRPS in Chronic Pain

Thanks for your reply Renee. l know about crps my twin sister suffers with it plus fibromyalgia. This moment she has been in hospital 2, weeks with a bad flare up can't move.
She is saying that l have it but when l asked my Drs she just looked at me and was not really interested in me. She has sent me for physiotherapy not sure that is going to help. I was given a course of women physio but that mad it more painful.I am fine if l sit in my chair all-day and do nothing as soon as l do any sort of activity l have pelvic pain. Kind regards Carol