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Mon, Mar 25 6:52am · Dim Sum and 5K Races: Meet @ihatediabetes in About Connect: Who, What & Why

I need to find best cure for toenail fungus. Tried many drops, creams etc… nothing works. Help before it spreads to other foot.

Wed, Mar 6 3:32pm · Metropolol & depression in Depression & Anxiety

Thanks, I believe you are right.

Wed, Mar 6 12:45pm · Metropolol & depression in Depression & Anxiety

I take Metformin Januvia Piaglitazone potassium chloride Pravastatin, Furosemide as well as Metoprolol. I neeed to get off some of these medications, at least I think I do.

Wed, Mar 6 9:37am · Metropolol & depression in Depression & Anxiety

I’m aware that Metoprolol is not for depression, but one of its side effects is depression, so I need to drop it or find something different.

Wed, Mar 6 9:16am · Metropolol & depression in Depression & Anxiety

I have been on Metropolol for several years and my depression is not improving. How do I justify to my doctor that I want to stop the medication to see if my depression improves?

Wed, Feb 6 10:02pm · Too depressed to clean my apartment. in Depression & Anxiety

Very smart idea. I’m thinking about doing that as well. I appreciate your suggestion. I do hate cleaning, especially dishes. Might switch to paper plates, too.

Wed, Feb 6 9:28pm · Too depressed to clean my apartment. in Depression & Anxiety

If I knew why, maybe I could change it, on my own. I’m physically able to do the work. I just see no purpose in it. No one ever comes over and I would try to stop them if they did. Sort of a catch 22. I want to have a clean place, but I can’t muster the interest to clean

Wed, Feb 6 2:47pm · Too depressed to clean my apartment. in Depression & Anxiety

I would like to thank each of you for responding to my message so quickly. I never expected so many well thought out responses. I have been on Sertraline long enough to have increased the dosage. I don’t want to become dependent on pills so I don’t want to be on too many.
I have no problem finding things to occupy my time. Physically, I can do all jobs required to clean my place, I don’t seem to be able to muster up the desire to do it. I watch tv, do jigsaw puzzles and nap. This has been going on for many months, almost a year.this past year, I had surgery for hemorrhoids, three out my back, fell and broke my left elbow, a few months ago, I fell and broke my middle finger. Had my teeth pulled for dentures, it seems like I’m always recovering from some fall or surgery. This is turning into a real pity party. Sorry about that.