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Sun, Feb 3 8:18am · Prednisone in Digestive Health

Definitely not young John! But the skin effect is a strange sort of wrinkling. One of my nurses father has the same effect so it is primarily down to the Prednisone. Certainly be interested in other experiences. I did read somewhere that a cream containing urea will actually hydrate to some extent, as opposed to most creams which seem only to slow down moisture loss due to the barrier they provide. Can't find the reference though I'm afraid.

Sun, Feb 3 5:39am · Prednisone in Digestive Health

John that was a helpful post or three. I've only just found the forum. I suffer from HUVS but seem to be in remission. After taking Prednisone for over 10 years I suffer from thin skin (cataracts and glaucoma as well of course). I've just about got down to 5mg after 4 months. I'm interested to know if my skin will recover?