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Wed, Feb 6 5:18pm · CBD oil for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Wolf , I think I mentioned that I had back surgery , of course it’s been difficult with oxycode with withdrawal. I went off cold turkey on Christmas Day . For a month buy the back ache and also hip pain I now Attribute to the with drawl. I just saw a new drug called lucemyra can you give me some info with your back ground getttib very difficult

Tue, Feb 5 7:34pm · CBD oil for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

I bought a full spectrum cbd oil few hours ago all it did was make me sick i Don’t think I can deal with this another day

Tue, Feb 5 11:25am · CBD oil for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Wolf wanted to get your advice on something . I’m 61 when I was 38 I developed symptoms of Frequent urination without emptying my bladder and just constant peeing and feeling if my bladder was full all the time. My eurologist just at that time diagnosed me with an large prostate and wanted to remove my prostate at the age of 38. I have course got a second opinion and that doctor started me on proscar and all my symptoms were relieved including low back pain which was excruciating.
As I mentioned I had back surgery in October had no relief in sight actually things have gotten worse. I went back to my urologist because I was thinking that possibly enlarge prostate might be contributing to my symptoms a back pain. He examined me and said that my prostate was huge that I was actually in the top 5 percentile. He prescribed an antibiotic for UTI infection and medicine to increase my urine flow but nothing to decrease the size of my prostate he wanted to wait 30 days I am 100% sure that my low back pain has something to do with my prostate.
Any advice?

Mon, Feb 4 7:35pm · CBD oil for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Thanks for the detailed reply wolf , much appreciated!
I’m not really sure what my diagnosis is only I have numbing and tingling in both feet .
About 10 years ago I injured my back in the gym . To make a long story short 4 days in the hospital then release with pain meds … was told I had L5 and S1 , I don’t remember a definitive diagnosis or maybe it was because I was just so doped up .
I was released from the hospital in four days back pain subsided almost immediately but I developed knee pain and nerve pain going down through my inner Psi my growing into my knee where I felt like there was a balloon in my knee. Went to an orthopedic doctor had an MRI done of the knee he said there was a slight tear in the meniscus it might get better and make it worse it may stay the same. Started PT to help strengthening the back even though the back pain subsided you could see the nerve jumping on my knee where it actually was moving my shorts, the PT looked at me immediately and said it was nerve damage ,He then told me there was nothing that he could do or could be done. Over the last 11 years it really didn’t bother me and on some days it was better than others .
Started to get back pain early last spring and then I had a pain management doctor give me nine Cortizone shots in six months. After the last shots I didn’t go back anymore and then five months after started to develop severe pain in my hips where I could even climb a flight of steps. I went to see a back surgeon that said I had spinal stenosis and had a lumbar laminectomy which didn’t solve anything . Now the pain radiates down through my lower back into my left leg like it feels like severe sciatica. Went back to see the neurologist shortly before Christmas and he did another EMG and said that I need to PRP in my back which I knew was a laughable diagnosis .
I’ve been to the ER room numerous times and now they’ve got me labeled. There have been times that I haven’t even asked for pain medicine when I brought to the ER only to find out what was wrong with me of course they don’t do any testing in the ER and that was my mistake thinking they would.
The pain has gotten really bad over the last month or two so I figured my only option was to get on the medical marijuana program and hopefully the pain will subside and I can find a doctor that can diagnosed me correctly because as of now I’ve been to three neurologist three pain management doctors and no one seems to be able to know what to do or help me or give me the right diagnosis which is quite frustrating .
I plan on get on The medical marijuana program and going with the high CBD low THC Indica .
Hoping to get off the gabapentin and getting some rest and getting back to work and finding a doctor that can figure out this nerve problem .
Thank you for your advice quite detailed and I appreciate it you seem to be very knowledgeable in your field if you knew how to read an EMG i would email it yo you .
You and John seem to give out great advice I’m sure everyone appreciates it
Thank you once again !!

Mon, Feb 4 12:16pm · CBD oil for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Yes, I was referring to normal marijuana for medical use I live in the state of Pennsylvania where it is legal I just recently registered and now I’m looking for a physician to sanction my registration wanted to make sure that normal Medical marijuana was safe to use , your reference to spice had me confused

Mon, Feb 4 11:13am · B-6 vitamin danger! in Neuropathy

I just remember that I get my flu shot every year around the same time and shortly there after 2 years ago , I see some talking about having taken cipro and coming up with syppyoms ,

Mon, Feb 4 9:48am · B-6 vitamin danger! in Neuropathy

Hummm very interesting on the flu shot , I remember getting my flu shot every year , the onset of my peripheral neuropathy came about 2 years ago after my shot

Mon, Feb 4 9:44am · CBD oil for Neuropathy in Neuropathy

Wolf ,
I’m sorry I don’t quite understand your 2nd paragraph on medical marijuana .
I am currently in the process of trying to get on medical marijuana , for chronic pain is this ok or am I going to get in trouble