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Sun, Nov 17 6:32am · Pain in the butt - Can't sit down in Chronic Pain

I slipped on wet floor last feb and landed in my coccyx and have had pain sitting ever since. Only relief I get is from a chiro who specializes internal massages to release tension and ease the tailbone back in place. Takes 2 min. And brings instant release sometimes for months. Then I go back. He sees 6 or 7 people every day. Some drive hundreds of miles. I have heard pelvic floor physics also do it also vaginally. He does it annually

Sun, Nov 3 4:23am · Medication overuse headaches (MOH): Detox Experiences in Chronic Pain

My doc thinks my 50 years of chronic daily 24 hr headaches are rebound headaches MOH. He said can’t tell if it is anything else’s u til you get off all pain meds . I have been detoxing from a high of 300mg of tramadol, Daily, plus 2-4 Tylenol with codeine daily. I am now down to 12 mg of tramadol only. My pain is debilitating now that I can only lie in bed back and neck pain of course worse without meds. Does anyone have experience with what happens after all pain drugs are gone? How long does it take before you notice an improvement if that is the problem. My doc says maybe 2-3 moths. The hope is it will return to my episodic migraines of my youth which can then be treated. Anyone have any experience or advice. my doc want me to sit in a proper posture to correct neck pain I thought at 83 how likely am I going to be able to change my neck structure sitting 10 minutes a day in an uncomfortable position. Anyone with experience with MOH. and detoxing from pain meds?

Sat, Jun 22 11:55am · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

With anything

Fri, May 31 7:21am · Marijuana has no effect in Chronic Pain

Hey Mon. Me too! Nothing. —Vaping, 100% CBD oil, 50/50 CBD/THC oil, — nada zilch. Frustrating. Going to try kratom

Wed, May 22 8:48am · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

1. How much CBD oil can I take . I now take 1 ml. of Liquid syringe under my tongue. Very little effect for my chronic daily headaches and back aches .
2. Yesterday I saw a new pain specialist about my new chronic pain in my coccyx. I was hoping to have an cortisone/lidocaine injection directly into my coccyx but she wasn’t able to do it but referred me to a clinic that does. She did prescribe a topical compound to be mixed for me personally from a specialty pharmacy. They are supposed to call me to arrange payment and shipping. Will that be something like ‘Voltaren cream’?
3. Can I use CBD oil I take internally directly on my coccyx externally ?

Thu, May 16 11:14am · Pain in the butt - Can't sit down in Chronic Pain

I have discovered a most likely solution the case study of the woman in photo attached is exactly like my case. And she had an injection directly into the coccus and had total relief. Most experience a 50-75% reduction in pain. A local pain clinic here in Toronto has 2 doctors who do this routinely and my dr has sent a Referral. Hopefully I will get it done before my Africa trek in June climaxing with a gorilla trek in Uganda. If not the African roads will kill me.

Mon, May 13 10:20am · Pain in the butt - Can't sit down in Chronic Pain

I slipped and come crashing down on my sacrum/coccyx 5 months ago. no fracture but pain when I sit for any time is excruciating. Fine standing or lying. But sitting upright on a chair at church or concert, pain becomes excruciating, radiating out in all directions. So little improvement over 5 months. Only had an exray. Did I briuse my sacrum? Crushed some nerves? What could it be? what can be done ? What should I request be tested and how next?

Sun, May 5 5:06am · Chronic Pain, alternative Treatment in Chronic Pain

Where do you buy your kratom ?