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Fri, Feb 21 9:11am · Medication overuse headaches (MOH): Detox Experiences in Chronic Pain

84 year old male. I have written here before about my decades long headaches 24hr a day …every day. My personal Functionality scale is 1-10 For me a 6 or 7 I am able to function but constantly aware of pain while a 10 for me means I am disabled and ly down . Most days were a 7. But once or twice a week I would be a 10 . took Tramadol and tylenol with codeine which seemed to help my chronic nEck and back pain but little for my head. A pain specialist said I likely had MOH . I weaned off my 300 mg a day of tramadol And codeine over 6 months. After I was off pain meds I was 10+ for weeks. Every day! He said it would take 2-4 months before I would know if it was MOH. I pleaded for help. Sent him research articles on treatments such as topirimate amytriptyline . He had hoped I could suffer through this period to confirm if cause was MOH only. But He gave me topirimate until my heart doc approved amytriptylene , I got worse and had erectile disfunction almost immediately. My heart doc cleared me finally and pain doc prescribed 80 mg of amytriptylene starting at 10 mg for a week and adding 10 each week. . My headaches vanished and my severity of neck back pain reduced significantly . was it the drug? Or MOH ? Or both? Who knows. But my decades long pain is gone. The theory is that my occasional severe aural/nausea migraines in my 20s became more frequent and less severe u til they morphed into transformed migraines by pain meds. Now with no drugs for pain i theoreticallly will revert back to occasional true migraines and then treat them with new drugs or Botox . Still haven’t had a classic migraine . Hoping I never will

Sat, Feb 8 12:05pm · When can I take a pain med again in Chronic Pain

I am now off all pain meds for 4 months and my 24 hr daily headaches have reduced in intensity from 9-10 most days to 1-2 daily. I have started 80 mg of amytriplyne daily which has reduced headaches even more

Dec 22, 2019 · When can I take a pain med again in Chronic Pain

MOH. IS the medical acronum for medicine overuse headaches. Or rebound headaches. The more painkillers you use the more headaches you get

Dec 22, 2019 · When can I take a pain med again in Chronic Pain

I was diagnosed with MOH. for 6 months I weaned myself off opiates and others. I have now been off ALL. Pain meds for 45 days. Pain has exploded. Dr says it may take 4 mos before I will know for sure it was MOH. In the meantime can I take a pain med occasionally. Eg for special event. Can I take it 2x per week? Or keep off it till at least 4 mos are up?

Nov 17, 2019 · Pain in the butt - Can't sit down in Chronic Pain

I slipped on wet floor last feb and landed in my coccyx and have had pain sitting ever since. Only relief I get is from a chiro who specializes internal massages to release tension and ease the tailbone back in place. Takes 2 min. And brings instant release sometimes for months. Then I go back. He sees 6 or 7 people every day. Some drive hundreds of miles. I have heard pelvic floor physics also do it also vaginally. He does it annually

Nov 3, 2019 · Medication overuse headaches (MOH): Detox Experiences in Chronic Pain

My doc thinks my 50 years of chronic daily 24 hr headaches are rebound headaches MOH. He said can’t tell if it is anything else’s u til you get off all pain meds . I have been detoxing from a high of 300mg of tramadol, Daily, plus 2-4 Tylenol with codeine daily. I am now down to 12 mg of tramadol only. My pain is debilitating now that I can only lie in bed back and neck pain of course worse without meds. Does anyone have experience with what happens after all pain drugs are gone? How long does it take before you notice an improvement if that is the problem. My doc says maybe 2-3 moths. The hope is it will return to my episodic migraines of my youth which can then be treated. Anyone have any experience or advice. my doc want me to sit in a proper posture to correct neck pain I thought at 83 how likely am I going to be able to change my neck structure sitting 10 minutes a day in an uncomfortable position. Anyone with experience with MOH. and detoxing from pain meds?

Jun 22, 2019 · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

With anything

May 31, 2019 · Marijuana has no effect in Chronic Pain

Hey Mon. Me too! Nothing. —Vaping, 100% CBD oil, 50/50 CBD/THC oil, — nada zilch. Frustrating. Going to try kratom