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Sat, Apr 11 10:27am · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@gingerw @colleenyoung @harriethodgson1 Thank you, I certainly have found that to be true. It's good to have the perspective and support.

Sat, Apr 11 8:32am · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@colleenyoung Treatment during this COVD19 has continued with regular appointments of blood draws, oncology office visits, and CT scans. However, Mayo Clinic in Rochester was eerily empty in comparison to a normal visit. My oncologist let me know I may not see him but another oncologist on staff when I come for treatment next month. Mayo is dividing the staff and doctors into teams and rotating work schedules so it is less likely that an entire specialty field becomes infected. Clinical trials are on hold too which worries me regarding possibly limiting options when I need a treatment change – surgery, radiation, etc. likely in May. 3 out of 4 of my last scans showed progression and if it continues in May, I ve been told we have to consider another treatment. I'm on my 3rd, 4th tier of treatment – surgeries, radiation, hormone therapies, new immunotherapies, etc. and my list of options continue to grow smaller.

However, one of the hardest things for me is deciding to travel from out of state at this time and risk exposure and the extra stress that comes from likely a treatment change in the midst of this! I have a rare cancer that cannot easily be treated or decisions made locally with a very complicated medical history. I have several high risk factors for COVD19. My anxiety over the cancer has ramped up even further with COVD19. Because of complications, I don't see any relief in site for complicated risky travel, treatment options and systems being complicated, possibly limited treatment in priority or focus, and living the future in hiding until we come up with treatments and a vaccine for COVD19.

If you're diagnosed or in treatment now, I feel it's a very difficult time on top of all the hurts that come with cancer. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help or just talk. I've been guilty of this. Everyone is coping with their own fears of COVD19 so I find myself not wanting to bother anyone. But find that someone who can listen, we're not alone in this. ❤

Mon, Jan 13 5:20am · DS-8201 for metastatic breast cancer? in Cancer

Thank you @burrkay and @colleenyoung for posting the question and sharing this new treatment information. Due to recent scans that indicate my cancer is unfortunately and likely progressing, I'm beginning to research new treatment options with my oncologist. My genetic testing indicated HR+ Low Grade Metastatic Ovarian Cancer which is rare and more difficult to find studies and treatments suited directly to this disease. However I've been on 2 breast cancer drugs which was successful until recently due to the HR+ component found often in breast cancer treatments. Any new treatment ideas in these areas are very much appreciated. I'll continue my research, but please do share! Again, I very much appreciate the information.

Dec 22, 2019 · Scared for my mom ); in Cancer

@brookealm2 Thinking and praying for you and your mom. Hoping the doctor's appointment brought some insite to either help find a good treatment option or relief by knowing how to resolve her symptoms. I really hate the unknown sometimes. It is scary – feels out of control. I hope you have some answers, a good plan, and plenty of prayers to face whatever it is during this Christmas season with your mom. ♥️

Dec 15, 2019 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

@IndianaScott @kathleenkin @hannahkeels @naturegirl5 @sundance6 @laihuaqing @gingerw @odette (Hope I didn't miss anyone) Absolutely! Thank you, everyone. Ginger said it well, you've all truly helped and encouraged me. Thank you! I know that I will think of all (Ginger, I'll be thinking of you and your quarterly testing!) and our stories hoping and praying in the days ahead. Sometimes I'm guilty of life getting busy and not even wanting to think of the word cancer. When that happens, I find myself not reading or posting. But I sure appreciate all your responses and see the power we have to uplift each other here. I will pay it forward one way or another. Blessings to all!

Dec 15, 2019 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

@sundance6 Oh that's a great idea. Please do. I have to admit, I'm new at this (new thread, etc.) so I'd be happy for you to take the lead. lol

Dec 14, 2019 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

@hannahkeels What an incredible story of resiliency and love! That's wonderful how you've turned your adversity into such an important contribution to help others. You guys prove the point that many have made – each day is a gift!