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Sat, Feb 2 2:04am · End of stem pain after total hip replacement in Joint Replacements

I am soooooo glad I found this post. I had a total hip replacement done 25 years ago and at the 15 year mark I began to have pain I the front upper thigh. The pain is so bad when it happen that the leg will give out and I will fall. My doctor is a very good doctor and he works with me about it but it he cant see what the source of pain is, how do we fix it. The pain will only last for a short time but, when it does hurt, nothing can stop the pain except to stay off the leg. This is so disturbing to be in such pain that I am about to lose my mind. Not sure how much more I can take. It's not about pain meds. I dont want that. I just want the problem fixed. HELP!!!!!!