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Mon, Feb 24 10:40pm · Side effects and benefits of Gabapentin in Chronic Pain

Thanks for making this known re: real chronic pain patients are the one’s who have been left to suffer needlessly by the opioid drug crisis. Opioids have been on the market for decades and have worked very well to control pain for those who do not have an addictive personality. The “crisis” arose when many of the MD’s themselves started popping an opioid so they could still stand at an operating table to crank patients “needing” bank surgeries, shoulder pain, knee and hip replacements and even dentists were rx’ing it for simple extraction procedures and giving pts scripts for 50 or 100 tabs! Mom left hers in the medicine cabinet and kids began taking them like candy because their friends told them they’d get a nice high. If you don’t have 7 plus scale pain or you have an addictive personality, you will get high….no REAL PAIN…..no opioids. The phara companies lied to their reps who lied to their physicians so they would Rx it in greater quantities and at the end of the day, big pharma made billions of dollars, doc’s were told the drugs were safe and could easily be titrated up to keep their patients pain free and patients could go about their lives, working, playing sports, working out, doing carpentry, waxing the hardwood floors, biking with the grandchildren and living a fairly normal life despite chronic painful surgeries, accidents that would have made them disabled otherwise. Once the pharma folks began reining money out of their ears and their stock prices went thru the roof, not only did the cartels begin illegally selling, but unscrupulous doc’s set up pain “shops” all over the country and the “customer” would go down to the famous drug docs and pay big time cash to them for scripts under the table and unscrupulous pharmacists, with stores next to the drug doctors place set up shop next door. No one seemed to care much about “the druggies” that we’re the result of this $$$$ crime UNTIL the affluent realized their kids had become addicts and started stealing from the folks to get their fix and parents started screaming at their Congressional leaders to “do something to save our kids, cash donations poured into their representatives campaign accounts……well you know how it all went down the tubes for people who were suffering with ligit pain that no more surgery could fix. Yes, even hospitals and surgeons are afraid of giving a monthly script for their
Chronic pain suffering patients. The docs who know and regularly follow these patients have come up with a good idea to continue their patient’s prescriptions and allow honest patients to live a Fairly normal life despite their pain. The patient, hospital, pharmacists and honest pain mgmt doc,s have a legally binding agreement that is signed by all every three months to take only as prescribed and keep their quarterly doctors appointments to continue treatment. Most pain management physicians even run unannounced drug screening tests on their patients which protects both parties. But it is abhorrent that the corporations, physicians, parents, schools, etc did not stop this behavior from the beginning. The old saying “where are your kids and what are they doing tonight?” Ad campaigns of the 60’s and 70’s needs revitalization!

Wed, Feb 5 8:22pm · Jamming sensation after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

My heart goes out to you. After numerous surgeries over the years (very athletic since little) I have learned one important lesson. Listen to your body! You live in it and you know what is normal and abnormal in it. I have learned that you must be your own advocate and not let the doctors intimidate you when you know something is definately wrong. Did you suffer the nerve damage before the surgery? If not, and it appeared after the surgery, your peroneal nerve was damaged during the surgery. That is the nerve that, if damaged, can cause foot drop. I had it happen a year ago after when I had my TKR in my hometown. Those full AFO braces are torture! My surgeon agreed that it was absolutely not helpful for me..a petite female athlete. My PT found me one one line that velcro's to my ankle and attaches to my shoe laces to pull my foot up when walking. Research them online. Amazon has some and so do other companies. Also, research possible treatments to help keep the foot from dragging. I have found a number of them, most involving minor surgery to treat the foot drop. I am planning to discuss with my surgeon and my neurosurgeon. I knew there was something terribly wrong with my TKR and my doc kept saying "your Xrays look great". However, Xrays do not show nerve, or soft tissue, ligament, etc damage. I was also told by my second opinion surgeon that the implant was to big for my size knee, the cement was not holding and thus the knee is very loose. I have consulted two additional well regarded knee surgeons and plan to have a revision surgery this Spring. We have been discusssing all the options…..custom knee, Stem cells, or conventional with robotic assist. I encourage you to research online, educate yourself, reach out to others (glad you found this forum, as you will learn you are far from alone due to complications) and schedule appts for consults with other surgeons you can discuss your issues in your area or go to a well respected medical faciltity that has a good reputation re: TKR surgery results. Finally, don't get discouraged and do not give up. You will find the answers and a surgeon who can help you.

Mon, Feb 3 5:27pm · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

nickel allergy might be it. I am very allergic. I will check that out when up at Mayo in a few weeks. So very sorry you are having to have a revision surgery

Mon, Feb 3 5:12pm · IT band syndrome after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I worked with my Accupunture doc and after five treatments the bands subsided. My surgery was Feb 3, 2019 and knee still is not right. I am suspect that the peronel nerve was not impinged during surgery since its so easy to do. After the knee replacement I started having foot drop on same side as knee replacement. Other ortho's want me to wait another year, but I am seeking three opinions.

Aug 13, 2019 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I am so very sorry for what you are going through. Had TKR almost 7 mths ago. Problems too, but I work the heck out of it to keep from getting scar tissue. Its still swollen and feels like it moves the wrong direction and a doc here said he thought the implant was to large as I am petite. I think he is right. My surgeon keeps saying "Its fine" so I have seen two others for second opinons. One doc on a recent trip to Mayo….but I had to fight to get to see the ortho I wanted and that will be the one who does my other knee….not staying in my state and letting them screw up the other knee! I had a surgeon friend tell me the "won't see you for a year, its still healing" line is because most states have 1 year statute of limitations if the patient has to have other surgeries due to first not being done correctly. I talk to many others who have had TKR and are back out playing tennis in 6 mths and others who tell me horror stories. It all comes down to you, the patient, not accepting their excuses and being a tenacious advocate for yourself. I would not be walking today, if I hadn't refused the 15 surgeons excuses, "Oh you are in pieces after your surgery and none of us know how to put you back together again. Sorry but you will have to live in a wheelchair." My response was, "oh no I won't because I'm going to find a surgeon who knows how to put the pieces back together again!" And, thank the Lord I did find two ortho trauma surgeons at Mayo who had ideas of how to do it and, even tho the said the odds were stacked against me, they agreed to give me a chance to get my life back again. We had many hurdles to climb, but I refused to give up because I knew I would walk, hike, swim, travel and take care of myself again. Don't give up, keep researching to find a doc who might have other ideas and can help you. Good luck friend.

Jul 15, 2019 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Acupuncture worked well for me as he was able to ease the spasms in my IT band, lower back and hip. Also strength training on the machines at fitness center, using exercises given to me by my PT have helped. I walk for at least 40 minutes 5 days a week to exercise my dog (and myself), but I have to take extra care to not fall as this whole experience has caused me to have balance issues, which is really frustrating. The tightness is still there and I can feel the popping in both the lateral portion of my knees and also in my sacrum and mid hip. No MD's here can agree on what is causing this…..I've seen 4 now with so many MRI's I probably paid for the machine by now!
I called Mayo Ortho and am seeing an MD that, hopefully, can tell identify the problem and "fix" it and (praying!) I can then solve my balance issue and resume my bucket list. I am petite and my implant is huge in comparison to my other knee. When I asked my surgeon "who choses the implant size?" He replied, "Oh the rep for the company is in the OR and chooses the right size"!!!! One of my doc's said the issue has to be that a nerve is impinged, most likely in the lateral area of the knee….I bet he is right. I will let you all know what the doc's at Mayo say and/or do. (Back in 2002, I needed a 2 level fusion of my lumbar spine and the surgeon in my city turned out to be on drugs and shattered my pelvis, literally in pieces and left me to die when he nicked my glutial artery and I began loosing alot of blood. My anesthesiologist and the hemotologist on call saved my life. Surgeon was gone in a flash never to return again. I went to 15 of our area's best spine surgeons said there wasn't any way to rebuild me and "you will live your life in a wheelchair". My reply was "Oh no I won't!" and I asked the good Lord to lead me or heal me. He led me to an incredible surgeon and his team at Mayo who gave me a chance to walk again, even tho they told me it was only an 8% one, and it was so invasive to the human body that I had a 50% risk of not surviving the surgery. I knew the Lord had chosen these doctors to heal me and He would work through their hands. I never doubted for a minute that I would walk again. It was a huge operation, and ended up being 4 operations as I wouldn't let them give up on me when a few " monkey wrenches" were thrown on our path. My Mayo surgeons and their team, who literally figured out a way to give me my life back were unbelievably talented, creative, determined and caring in successfully rebuilding my broken body. After 5 weeks, I was allowed to begin using my scooter, then onto a walker, then crutches and/or walker and finally after 3 more months, Dr H and his team met me in a room at St Mary's and he said, give me your crutches and walk across the room. No pain, no limping…..I was rebuilt just as God had made me. It had been a long journey, not so much for me, but for all my phenomenal, dedicated doc's and nurses as well. Dr H looked down at me, (he's very tall and I am short), and said "You know none of us thought you would ever walk again but you kept telling us "God won't leave me behind because he led me to you" and we should not give up either as he was working through our hands. Well, you have something to that God thing of yours as we all agreed if you did ever walk it would be a miracle"
So, don't ever give up. Keep searching for the answers, pray to your God asking to be put on the right path to find complete healing for yourself. Believe your knee will be restored and you will no longer have pain. For if we are not our own tenacious, advocate how can we find the healing we desperately need. We may have to have patience as it may or may not come right away, but with a strong postive spirit (which is hard when you hurt and can't do what you want to right now), I believe we can all be healed.

Jul 7, 2019 · TKA needed with existing femoral rod/nails in Joint Replacements

PS I am very athletic as well, and had my first TKR in Feb. I will need the other knee done as well eventually, but I am going to Mayo to see if I would be a good candidate for the stem cell replacement procedure next time. My knee is not functioning like my other knee and a ligament was pulled loose during the surgery….needless to say, I am heading up to my Ortho's at Mayo to get their opinion and see if they can repair it.

Jul 7, 2019 · TKA needed with existing femoral rod/nails in Joint Replacements

My Mother had a femoral rod put in her leg AFTER she had her TKR however. She was 68 when had TKR and 74 when fractured her femoral bone just below the hip bone. SHe was doing fine, but was extemely independent and decided to build a new home on coast of SC. She knew no one and was still under her orthopedic surgeons care in Lexington. My brother lives 750 miles from her new home on the east coast and I live approximately the same so it wasn't like we were near to help her. She didn't finish her femoral PT before she moved either, which very much concerned me…but she was stubburn so what can you do? Within 2 mths of moving to her new home, she fell and (get this) broke the titanium rod in her leg….and then after redoing that surgery, she fell again 4 mths later and did it again. At that point, I went down to live with her and between myself, her wonderful SC orthopedic surgeon, her PT and my brother who played the "bad cop" when need arose, I had her going to PT 5 days a week, walking with her walk around the neighborhood, water walking 4 days a week in the pool until I finally got her walking 2 to 2.5 miles on the nature trail every evening when it cooled off. (That was probably the longest distance she had walked in 20 years! She looked great, her muscle tone had dramatically improved, etc etc. She did suffer from seasonal allergies and was prone to get bronchitis in the Spring, and SC is particularly high pollen area at that time of year. Her Ortho surgeon was very pleased with her dramatic recovery and didn't feel her TKR 6 yrs earlier had played a part in her breaking the femoral rod…rather, lack of muscle strengh, causing balance issues and not finishing her PT the first time seemed to be the culprit. However, I agree with Debbra, I would get a second opinion. I am a long time Mayo patient for extensive orthopedic issues, and if you are able, I would highly recommend seeing the docs there for you second opinion. God speed and good luck