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Mon, Mar 4 2:35pm · Cystoscopy/stricture questions/concerns. in Men's Health

did you have issues post the scope with anything i mentioned though.

Mon, Mar 4 1:28pm · Cystoscopy/stricture questions/concerns. in Men's Health

male age 25

Firstly, did anyone have further complication post scope? or did it find something which they fixed and now everything is working down there? obviously it causes irritation and with shoving a skinny scope up a urethra which is not impervious to getting damaged or other parts of the body. so im concerned with them messing up and causing damage down there. i am already struggling enough with urinating as is and i dont want it to get worse. i dont suspect them to find lesions leading to interstitial cystitis as i dont have bladder pain. usually just urethral discomfort, hesistancy, difficulty starting. i dont understand what else they could find that would make this procedure worth my while. (going through the mental game of having it done along with the post procedure complication and anything else that could happen)

Secondly, has anyone here had a stricture before. Did it change the way you felt the urge to pee in your urethra from the base of the member to the head or move anywhere along the urethra? or was it just very hard to pass urine and you noticed no difference in the way it felt when you have to pee.with a stricture is it always a very weak stream or can you still pass a good stream sometimes. I now feel my bladder feeling up and the weight/pressure of my bladder when it fills, but i no longer feel the urethral pressure that i once felt at the base of my member.when i start a stream i feel a twinge or relaxation at towards the tip and then i urinate. it is rather difficult to begin urination.

in a very dark place right now with all my symptoms so any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time for reading this.

Sat, Feb 9 1:34pm · Twinge feeling when urinating in Men's Health

Yeah I’ve been thinking this is all nuero Martin. I have an appointment next week with one. And I appreciate all the info and time you’ve spent for me. It’s greatly appreciated. I’ve been having issues nearly two years.

Sat, Feb 9 10:38am · Twinge feeling when urinating in Men's Health

I’m a male. 25years old. I doubt we have similar cases. Ponder away though.

Fri, Feb 8 6:13pm · Twinge feeling when urinating in Men's Health

When I try to pee the twinge feeling when you start your pee. Like where you can start and stop the stream that feeling in your urethra. Basically where the sphincter relaxes. That starting of the stream feeling has moved down towards the end of my penis and is not at the base. Does anyone have any knowledge on this type of issue? I know it’s odd and hard to describe but I’ll try my best to explain further if some clarification is needed.

Wed, Feb 6 1:35pm · Twinge feeling when urinating in Men's Health

I have told a urologist at Mayo about this and they do not have an explanation for the time being.

Wed, Feb 6 1:34pm · Twinge feeling when urinating in Men's Health

So the twinge feeling is something everyone has it’s not an abnormal sensation it’s a normal sensation. It’s that little feeling you have right when you relax the sphincter and start your stream. Normally it’s at the base of the penis. Butfor me the twinge when the stream starts has steadily moved down to the top of my penis. I hope that’s clear . It’s hard to describe. It’s the feeling you feel when you start/stop the stream. I fee it has weakened for me. I’m not entirely sure. There is no pain with it.

Mon, Feb 4 11:05am · Twinge feeling when urinating in Men's Health

I can’t find stuff online so I’m asking here. And searching that term won’t give me an answer to this very odd not ok symptom.