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Jan 30, 2019 · My husband had hip revision surgery last March. in Joint Replacements

I am 62 and I had both hips replaced total anterior hip replacements, one in July the other in Sept of 2018, well the right hip first one went well and so did left hip the 2nd one, until 3 months later I started to have these very painful muscles spasm in my left calf. My surguron think it could be poor blood circulation so they want an ultrasound to rule out poor circulation. I'm trying my PT exercises at home and drinking more water, eating bananas to see if its a mineral deficiency in my body. I want to try to relax these muscles first before spending money on a maybe needless ultrasound which means a new doctor a Vascular doctor comes in the picture. I'm so doctored out after walking in pain for two years from h[p pain, but now that I have both hips replaced and just dealing with muscles spasms I think I'll do what I can for at least 3 weeks and if not improved by then I will see a Vascular doctor. I hope this helped. I'm very pleased with my hips this pain is nothing compared to the pain I had before surgery and for that I feel blessed.