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Thu, Sep 12 8:51pm · Barrett’s esophagus in Digestive Health

It is serious business. I was diagnosed with 8cm of Barrett's at the age of 32 and told I was 30 yrs ahead of the game. What ensued is 26yrs of yearly trips to Endoscopy for biopsies because Barrett's can be pre-cancerous. I had terrible reflux even after a Nissan at the age of 34. I was also told no acid can touch my esophagus so I was high dose PPIs like prevacid. The progression is Barrett's, low grade dysplasia, high grade dysplasia then cancer. My brother's neighbor developed esophageal cancer because he ignored his Drs. Now it has metastasized.
5 yrs ago mine began to change to low grade dysplasia. I've since had 5 esophageal ablations or what I like to call burn and scrapes. I've got 2cm of Barrett's left. Normal esophageal tissue grows back In Jan 2019 I had another hiatal hernia repair, a reversal of the Nissan from 24 yrs ago b/c the wrap slipped and a LYNX band placed around the lower esophageal sphyncter. And voila I am reflux free for the 1st time. I go back for ablation number 6 at the end of October.
In hindsight if I had known about the ability to burn away the Barrett's I would have done it much sooner before the Barrett's started to change but my GI at the time didn't do them and he never mentioned the procedure. I later also learned to take high dose B12 like methylcobalime b/c your body won't absorb it from your food when on PPIs. Long term use of PPIs can cause a host of issues down the road.

Tue, Sep 3 1:39pm · Esophageal spasm in Digestive Health

I've had esophogeal spasms on and off for many years and they've always quite painful lasting 2-20min and always in the center of my chest just like a heart attack. It seems to occur with GERDS. In Jan 2019 after my 2nd hiatal repair, reversal of a 24yr old Nissan wrap and LYNX band placement I began having almost daily spasms. I learned from personal research from one post-op LYNX recovery article that drinking fluids will stop the spams almost immediately. It works! I wish I had known this years ago.

Thu, Aug 29 4:09am · Barrett's esophagus to Esophageal cancer in Digestive Health

Have you had radio frequency ablations to get rid of the Barrett's? Normal tissue will grow back. Have you had the root cause of your reflux fixed?

Thu, Aug 29 4:06am · Barrett's esophagus to Esophageal cancer in Digestive Health

Long term use of PPIs will cause a vit B12 deficiency either as low serum values or low binding capacity. The body's B12 stores can be depleted after appx 2-3 yrs. These meds raise the pH of the stomach by preventing acid production which is why heartburn usually subsides and the gut takes over digestion. All proton pump inhibitors do this. You will need to take high dose B12 supplements.
In a normal low pH environment the parietal cell in the stomach produce intrinsic factor which binds to protein bound B12 allowing it to be absorbed in the gut.
B12 is important for many things in the body especially neurological function. It's best if possible to stop the root cause of reflux.

Sat, Aug 17 7:42pm · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

You may need surgery to stop the reflux. Do you have a hiatal hernia or a lower esophageal sphyncter that is so relaxed it stays open all the time? I had both and developed Barrett's esophagus because of it. I was on prevacid for 27 yrs. I had the LYNX band placed in January and a 24y/o Nissan reversal done b/c the wrap slipped and for the first time I'm reflux free. I finished weaning off the prevacid 2wks ago and so far so good.

Fri, Aug 2 11:00am · Reversal of a fundoplication in Digestive Health

I would suggest to have an esophagram and barium swallow done to check the severity of reflux and to also have an esophageal motility study done to see if you swallow is normal. If it is have the LINX band placed.
I just went through all this last Dec. and had surgery in Jan 2019. I had a rerepair of a large hiatal hernia, the slipped wrap from a a 24 yr old Nissan was removed,so my stomach is normal now and LINX band placed. I'm reflux free for the first time in 30yrs.
If you get the LINX band you must eat every 2-3 hrs for at least 3 months to stretch the band while scar tissue forms around it so as to prevent the scar tissue from creating a stricture enveloping the band and making swallowing more difficult.
Once the reflux stops you can wean off the PPIs. I've weaned very slowly off my prevacid because I was double dosed for many many years. I've read that you can develop really bad rebound acid production if you don't. This week is my last week of prevacid where I am only taking 2 for the whole week. Yeah!
This month I am having my 1st Endo since surgery to see if the last 2cm of Barrett's just above the LES healed up. If not this will be RFA #6. Hopefully it will be the last. I use to have 8cm of Barrett's and medicated for over 24yrs with PPIs. This alone will depleat your B12 stores and cause Calcium loss in your bones.
Make sure you know what your bone density is and your B12 levels because your binding capacity will be low.
Good luck with everything 🙂

Tue, May 21 8:56am · Hiatal Hernia & Surgery in Digestive Health

OMG! How many years have you been dealing with this. Have you developed Barrett's yet? You should have your GI order an esophogram/barium swallow to check the extent of reflux and sliding of the stomach. Your GI or a surgeon specializing in the LINX procedure can also order an esophogeal motility study which tests the effectiveness of your swallowing. If your swallowing is fine then have the LINX done . It will stop the reflux . The hole in your diaghragm will be repaired at the same time so your stomach won't slide any longer.
I just had this done myself on Jan 22nd. My surgeon also undid a Nissan fundalplication from 24yrs ago that had slipped down my stomach making it look like an hour Glass. The LINX band of magnetic beads around the LES/ Lower esophageal sphincter has stopped all reflux and I'm heartburn free for the first time in over 24yrs.

Sun, Feb 17 6:34pm · Linx procedure in Digestive Health

Me too!