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1 day ago · Hiatal Hernia & Surgery in Digestive Health

OMG! How many years have you been dealing with this. Have you developed Barrett's yet? You should have your GI order an esophogram/barium swallow to check the extent of reflux and sliding of the stomach. Your GI or a surgeon specializing in the LINX procedure can also order an esophogeal motility study which tests the effectiveness of your swallowing. If your swallowing is fine then have the LINX done . It will stop the reflux . The hole in your diaghragm will be repaired at the same time so your stomach won't slide any longer.
I just had this done myself on Jan 22nd. My surgeon also undid a Nissan fundalplication from 24yrs ago that had slipped down my stomach making it look like an hour Glass. The LINX band of magnetic beads around the LES/ Lower esophageal sphincter has stopped all reflux and I'm heartburn free for the first time in over 24yrs.

Sun, Feb 17 6:34pm · Linx procedure in Digestive Health

Me too!

Sun, Feb 17 6:34pm · Linx procedure in Digestive Health

So you had a motility study done? This is where they pass a special catheter through the nose into the esophagus. The RN then has the patient take sips of saline and swallow. Mine showed my esophagus was actually spasming trying to push whatever is swallowed thru the herniation.

Sun, Feb 17 2:54pm · Linx procedure in Digestive Health

Are you speaking with a LINX surgeon?
I just had surgery on Jan 22nd 2019 to re-repair a large hiatal hernia and my surgeon who does the LINX procedure undid a Nissan wrap from 24yrs ago that had slipped. She then applied the LINX band. I've been heartburn free for the 1st time on 30yrs. It's awesome.
My surgeon Dr Helen Sohn who works out of Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa CA. which is San Diego east county. She is also part of a nation wide net work of Drs specializing in the LINX procedure.

Sat, Feb 16 1:38pm · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

If I understand you correctly your still having heartburn despite PPIs and H2 blockers. That's where I was the last 3 yrs. I was even doing OTC antacids and Carafate liquid.
A pH study is pointless because you're already having pain despite meds. You're refluxing.
Has an endoscopy shown if your lower esophageal sphincter stays open? An esophogram/barium swallow would show how badly you're refluxing and how large a hiatal hernia you may or may not have.
Also, a motility study would determine how well your esophagus is working. This particular study is crucial for the determination of eligibility for the LINX procedure.
As long as you have Barrett's no acid should touch your esophagus. It's an even higher cancer risk.

Just make sure you mega dose on B12 ie methyl cobalamine. After 2-3yrs of PPI use liver stores of B12 are depleted and that can cause a host of other issues down the road. PPI use raises the pH of the stomach so protein bound B12 from food can't bind to intrinsic factor and get absorded in the gut. The gut will passively absord 1% of nonprotein bound B12 which is supplements are a good option.
Just ask the right questions and the Drs will figure it out. It's imperative you self advocate though. Never be the passive patient.

Thu, Feb 7 8:44pm · Linx After Fundoplication? in Digestive Health

I had it at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, where I work, in La Mesa CA, San Diego east county. My wonderful surgeon is Dr Helen Sohn our resident LINX expert. There is a nation wide system of physicians that specializes in this procedure and Dr Sohn is part of it.

Thu, Feb 7 10:11am · Linx After Fundoplication? in Digestive Health

On Jan 22, 2019 I has surgery to re-repair a hiatal hernia. My surgeon placed the LINX, closed the large hole in the diaghragm and unwrapped my stomach from the Nissan that had slipped and was done 24yrs ago. I've had no heartburn for the first time in over 24yrs.🙂

Thu, Feb 7 9:48am · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

Barrett's is no joke. I had 8cm for over 24 yr and was always told I'd have to stay on PPIs because no acid should touch it. When my 1st GI moved out of state his partner took over my care and at his at his 1st endo he found low grade dysplasia. That was in 2015.
So 3.5yrs and 5 esophageal ablations later, I have only 2 cm left just above the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). This area seems to be refactory to the ablations (laymans term: burn & scrape).
My LES was wide open and I was constantly refluxing despite being double dosed on prevacid, zantac and using over the counter antacids. I pushed to have the LINX procedure and have a re-repair of a hiatal hernia so that this area of Barrett's would have a chance to respond to future ablations. I really don't want esophageal cancer.
So far since my surgery on Jan 22, 2019 I have had no heartburn for the 1st time in over 25yrs. YEAH!!!! I've stopped the zantac and over the counter antacids. I've weaned the prevacid from 60mg a day to 30mg.
I've decided to stay on 30mg until the last of the Barrett's is eliminated just as a precautionary measure. My GI in San Diego said I need to wait 6 months to 1 yr after my surgery to have another round of biopsies and ablations. My saga will continue in Houston.
The take away is don't let a Dr downplay Barrett's. It's a serious cancer risk.