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Mon, Feb 4 2:06pm · Has anyone suffered or heard of gastroparesis? in Digestive Health

I use FDguard also and it is helpful. The best price for FDguard I've found is on Amazon. Recently read about Bacilus Coagulans and it has been the most helpful. I take it after a meal. I got it on Amazon also: Schiff Digestive Advantage "Intensive Bowel Support". There is more than one "Digestive Advantage", but one "Intensive Bowel Support." So make sure it has their proprietary "BC30 Probiotic."

Sun, Jan 27 12:13pm · Has anyone suffered or heard of gastroparesis? in Digestive Health

Discomfort in upper abdomen which is very hard to explain. Not pain really, more like a heavy, uncomfortable feeling. Realized later on, it was probably bloating that I was experiencing. I lost weight because I was so anxious about not knowing what was wrong, and when I had episodes of discomfort/bloating, I stopped eating. My GP was diagnosed with the gold-standard test, Gastric Emptying. That was 2 years ago. I'll be happy to answer any questions. I felt very alone in my journey to self-help. There is no cure for GP and no explanation for mine. It's a "motility" issue possibly caused by damage to the Vagus nerve. Your stomach does not empty in a timely way, allowing food to sit and rot, and also resulting in early satiety. I recently joined a GP group that you may find helpful: Inspire.com Good Luck.