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Thu, Aug 15 9:34pm · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I've been taking Eloquis for a little over a year now since a heart attack and have had no problems with it. The downsides of these drugs are very rare, I believe. They have to warn you to cover their liability just in case, but these things rarely occur. Would you rather have a stroke? That can definitely happen if you don't take a blood thinner and you have A-fib.

Mon, Aug 12 6:12pm · Magnesium and heart rhythm problems in Heart Rhythm Conditions

My cardiologist told me the best magnesium to take is magnesium glycinate. I take 1 400 mg twice a day.

Sat, Aug 10 4:33am · Blood thinners for A-fib in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I'm on Eloquis and have been for a little over a year, after I had a heart attack last May 25. I was also on Brilinta for a year, another blood thinner. Now only Eloquis and a baby aspirin at night. While on Brilinta I had some bruising, sometimes a lot. Now, I don't have any. And I havn't had any bleeds that you mention. All seems to be well.

Sun, May 26 4:33pm · Magnesium and heart rhythm problems in Heart Rhythm Conditions

My cardiologist prescribed magnesium glycinate 400 mg twice a day. He says the glycinate absorbs better than the other magnesiums. I've been taking two a day for years, no discernible side effects.

Sun, Mar 24 12:39pm · Is anyone out there on Eliquis? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I take Eloquis and the only side effect I have is bruising. But I'm taking Brilinta also, two blood thinners.

Wed, Mar 20 7:21pm · DESPERATELY FRIGHTENED PLEASE HELP ME in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi Linda, Please don't be afraid! I had an ablation about 9 years ago. I put it off for a couple years after my cardiologist suggested it, because I went on the Internet and read a bunch of stuff that scared me to death! I waited until my heart was out of rhythm ALL the time and I felt so lousy I figured I had nothing to lose. I didn't care to live feeling so crappy. So I had the ablation, stayed overnight in the hospital and went home the next day – and it put my heart in rhythm and I felt good almost from the beginning. The first month my heart still went out of rhythm from time to time, but I didn't feel bad. It took a little while to settle in. My doc said that was normal. My medications needed to be adjusted a few days later to less! About a month in the rhythm clicked in like Flynn I was quite overweight at the time, however, and about six months after I told my doctor I felt really good and was glad I had the ablation done but I still didn't have a lot of energy. He told me about Dr. Joel Fuhrman's book, EAT TO LIVE. I went on that way of eating immediately and within 10 months I'd lost 67 pounds and felt absolutely terrific!!! This lasted for 8 plus years. Recently, my AFIB came back. Fortunately, I do not feel bad even so. I havn't seen my ablation doc yet, however, I plan to, and if he says I should have another ablation, I would not hesitate! Not for a minute. Good luck and I hope to hear from you on this forum after your ablation! Please, Linda, do keep in touch with us.

Mon, Mar 18 11:58am · Afib and alcohol: Holiday Heart? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I havn't had a drop of alcohol in close to 20 years and I have afib. My ablation doc told me what caused my afib was that the electrical connections in my heart were metaphorically "rusty." And he had to ablate the "rust." When he did that the connections could be made and voila! my heart beat in perfect rhythm. Now as to what causes the "rusty" spots to occur, I havn't the slightest idea. For years I tried to figure out what made my heart go out of rhythm. Was it stress? No, on very stressful days my heart would beat regularly, and it would go out of rhythm when I was meditating and extremely calm. Was it the weather? No. It was out on hot days. It was out on cold days. Was it food? No. It was out when I ate Mexican food. It was in when I ate Mexican food. Was it when I exercised? No. It was out when I went to the gym. It was out when I didn't go to the gym. I don't think anyone knows why it goes out. Am I wrong?

Sun, Mar 10 9:40pm · Afib: What causes an episode? What if I don't notice? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Is the heart being damaged by the A-fib episode?