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Tue, Feb 26 9:40pm · ITCHING in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I have had itching all over my body since last March. It started after a bout with stomach issues terrible Stomach cramps after I eat, then diarrhea, nausea, then the itching & sores on my arms. It seems the itch stopped when the pain stopped, then I had 2 other bout with the stomach cramps & itching. I have multiple blood test, CT, x-rays, endoscopy upper, colonoscopy & next week I go for a gastric emptying test. My skin is now itching day& every night can't sleep. I have had enough of it, last year they told me I had a hiatal hernia, after this upper endoscopy they told me I have Barrett's esophagus. I am tried every cream on the market nothing works….

Sat, Feb 9 11:03am · C. difficile -are your guts ever normal again ? in Digestive Health

I have going around & around with my gi doctor about my serve stomach cramps after eating, nausea, horrible diarrhea that I barely make to bathroom. I had a full month of this in Nov. went my family doctor who sent me to the gi doctor all blood test, stool sample, x-rays, CT are normal. Finally got biopsies back I have Barrett's esophagus, last year I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. My doctor is is gone till Monday so I have no clue if the other issues are related to this BE. I have waited almost 2weeks for biopsy results, apparently the doctor sent them in the mail, which I have not received yet. I only know what results were because i e-mail the office & they sent letter through the e-mail. I really have had enough of this. Last nite I was sick again, it seems like what ever is going on in my stomach is getting because it's almost a daily thing now…

Thu, Jan 31 6:00pm · Chronic Abdominal Pain in Digestive Health

Hi, my name Patricia
I have had problems with horrible stomach cramps for almost a year. No doctor seems to know why, i was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia a year ago. 6months ago the problem started at first stomach pains after eating, diarrhea, nausea, back pains, skin itching with sores on shoulders, no appetite. This lasted a few days, then months later same thing(this time lasting a week) Nov. This time it lasted a full month of serve stomach cramps after eating anything, diarrhea, nausea, itching, sores on shoulders etc. Went to doctor did blood work, everything normal. Told me see a gi doctor, so went a few weeks ago. Blood work, x-rays, CT, stool sample everything is normal. I just had a upper endoscopy the other day, did biopsies so now we wait some more. It's now when I eat dinner only I get those stomach cramps, sometimes they last over an hour, I feel bloated & it just hurts even touching my stomach. The doctors keeping putting off like I am crazy. Gi doctor says my itching is not gastrointestinal so wants me to see family doctor. Who I went to originally 6months & told me to go to the gi doctor. I feel so frustrated….