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Mon, Feb 11 1:29am · Renal Cyst in Kidney & Bladder

Thanks Martin for your very valuable information. My husband had a nephrologist so I called her office for a second opinion. Going in Tuesday afternoon for history and examination. Let you know how I fair.

Sun, Jan 27 12:26pm · Renal Cyst in Kidney & Bladder

Thanks for you info Martin. My concern is the radiologist classified it as a Bosniak llF, to watch and my urologist says I don't need to have any follow up scan. Also a 6mm cyst was noted in the spleen and it hasn't even been addressed at all. I'm concerned.

Sat, Jan 26 8:55pm · Has anyone used CBD oil for chronic pain? And do you have results? in Chronic Pain

Can you furnish the name of the dispensary you buy from?

Sat, Jan 26 4:51pm · Has anyone used CBD oil for chronic pain? And do you have results? in Chronic Pain

Thanks Ginger. How much do you take, how often, what strength and is the oil pure? A lot of questions but I know nothing about this product. I only take the opioid when I have more pain than usual. I find laying down helps the pain level but can't do much else.

Thu, Jan 24 6:06pm · Renal Cyst in Kidney & Bladder

Thank you so much!

Thu, Jan 24 5:52pm · Renal Cyst in Kidney & Bladder

November of 2017 a complex renal cyst was noted on an abdominal CT scan. Again noted in December 2017. Finally addressed in February 2018 with a new scan. And again a follow up in September 2018. Radiologist report said in first report 5cm complex renal cyst, thick walled. Next scan, 4.3 cm exophtic complex renal cyst of Bosniak llf. September ultrasound indicated 3.3 cm complex renal cyst and a 9 mm spleen cyst. My concern is my urologist says the renal cyst no longer needs watching that he is positive it is just a fluid filled cyst and has never mentioned the cyst in the spleen. Should I get a 2nd opinion?

Thu, Jan 24 5:51pm · Renal Cyst in Kidney & Bladder

Should I get a 2 nd opinion. In November 2017 a complex renal cyst was accidentally discovered during a CT scan. Noted at 5 cm. December 2017 again noted as 4.3 cm, thick walled, exophtic renal cyst classified as Bosniak llf. My urologist did a follow up ultrasound in September 2018 and again identified as a complex renal cyst of 3.3 cm. Urologist has discontinued observation scans as such. I would think it would still need to be monitored especially being classified complex and llF. Any experience or advice.

Thu, Jan 24 8:53am · Weening Off of Ativan For Sleep in Sleep Health

I know exactly what you are experiencing.i too have sleep apnea but have never been able to adjust to it. How can anyone sleep with an apparatus on your face. Come to find out I'm also suffering from insomnia. Take lorazapam .1 mg every night and sleep pretty well. Also have RLS and take .75mg and Gabapentin 300 mg for nerve pain. Have 4 nerve root impengements on lower back due to scoliosis and spinal fusion. Before lorazepam I tried Ambien for 3 nights and still laid awake all night.