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Sat, May 25 11:25am · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

hello tadahoov, i also take losec omeprazole, i have taken it for 2 months then i stopped i felt better, i was given cause i had h-pylori and after peptic ulcer, so i was off for one month, but i am back on it , i have very bad stomach pain comes and goes, and also pain on my side, i was wondering if you have the same pain as me for taking omeprazole, ty

Sat, Apr 6 10:44am · I'm having multiple odd episodes that are keeping me undiagnosed. Help in Brain & Nervous System

i am sorry to hear all of those symptoms you are getting, but did you try alternative medicine, a chinese doctor? that is my next step, i will try one of them, it is expensive, but i hear good things, cause myself i started with anxiety, panic attacks, sweating cold, depression, pain in my back, migraine, ecc… still taking one pill every night, and i have peptic ulcer now, my stomach still hurts, i only eat a few things a day, i am waiting to do another gastroscopy, hoping the results will be good, and then i will try alternative medicine, i wish you well, take care.

Tue, Mar 19 6:22pm · Ulcer, chronic gastritis, Nissen - Endless stomach problems in Digestive Health

hello Gabgirl26, i have an ulcer too,first i had an h-pylori, taken a lot of antibiotics, after i went for a gastroscopy and was told i have an ulcer, i am taking prilosec, but i still have pain in the stomach and also in my right hand side, i was wondering if you have the same symptoms, ty in advance, hope for a reply

Thu, Feb 21 3:40pm · Chronic Right-Side Abdominal and Back Pain in Digestive Health

Hello Joshk, i 'am new here, i just registered myself, i had h-pylori and now peptic ulcer, i have taken for 14 days 14 antibiotics a day and the next 14 days 2 a day, after i had finish the antibiotics i went for an endoscopy, and i was told i have peptic ulcer, i am still waiting for the biopsy result, now for one month i am taking twice a day losec 20mg, i am having same problem as you, pain, heartburn, nausea, not wanting to eat i have lost 15 pounds most likely even more some days i don't have any strength, like this morning, force yourself to eat, i also went to buy probiotic i take 3 times a day, digest enzymes, 3 times a day, and peppermint gel, and i am also taking multivitamins, vitamin d3, and vitamin c very important, and since you have lost all that weight i would ask the doctor if he can test you for B12 that's what i am going to do too, i hope that you feel better, force yourself to eat…take care

Thu, Feb 21 9:13am · Rib pain under right breast and back after eating in Digestive Health

ty so much for replying

Wed, Feb 20 9:23pm · Rib pain under right breast and back after eating in Digestive Health

hi alicat, did you have the pain before the ulcer or after, me first i had h-pylori and then i was diagnosed with peptic ulcer, i find that all this pains that i get it started after. ty for replying

Wed, Feb 20 8:02pm · Rib pain under right breast and back after eating in Digestive Health

Hi alicat, i have the same pain as you, sometime on the right sometime on the left, i was diagnosed with peptic ulcer, i am better now, but i have on and off pain, was your pain all the time or on and off? i hope for a reply, ty in advance

Mon, Feb 4 3:38am · Unexplained diarrhea,malabsorption,dizziness,feeling faint, confusion in Digestive Health

i had diarrhea as well for at least 7 months, once i went 17 times in one day doctor told me that it was ibs, finally i change doctor and he sent me to do a colonoscopy and and endoscopy colonoscopy was ok endoscopy i had h-pylori i was on antibiotics for a month after that when i went to the bathroom i notice some mucus with some blood i went to do another endoscpy and now i have peptic ulcer, and sometime no mucus in the stool and some time yes, pain on both sides even my shoulder and i don;t know what to do any more if anyone can reply i would really appreciate…ty