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Dec 23, 2019 · Holiday Greetings in Lung Cancer

@merpreb. Thank you for your kind wishes. Know I wish you and all on this site a most blessed Christmas, Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year. I don't know where I'd be without all of you and your support–we'll I'd be lost. Anyway, we are so fortunate to have this wonderful and supportive group of people to whom we can turn. Love all of you!

Dec 14, 2019 · Holiday Stress in Lung Cancer

@merpreb Yes, I belong to a small church–the folks are great There are lots of opportunities to do things where I live. I just don't have the verve and desire to get out socially like I used to do and attend concerts, etc.. It works for me. and I"m not complaining.

Dec 14, 2019 · Holiday Stress in Lung Cancer

@merpreb Really good advice above! There is so much possible stress out there during the holidays. It is easy to overdo, forget to take care of ourselves and let the stresses and strains affect us negatively physically and emotionally. Being older now, I don't do the decorations, cooking, shopping, and visiting that I used to do. I also try and get a lot of rest that my body and mind need. This year I have begun to stop being such a news-addicted person and listen more to soothing music–love classical–when I am at home. When possible I avoid crowds and like you above, don't get all huggy. I don't need to get ill anytime, but it seems especially easy to do during the holidays. Don't have any close family any longer so that has cut down on a lot of stress and strain. I wish I had some true friends closer to me so as not to feel so lonely, but at heart, I'm more of a loaner than a social butterfly. Having been diagnosed with cancer–lung cancer in this instance–it certainly changes one's perspective of life. Don't want to bother acquaintances with the nagging worries of cancer 'what-ifs. Thus, I try and live in the moment. I have today. I work to think that way. All this sounds so simple and I'm the first to say it is not simple, but when I can live for each day, it really helps. I also try and stop and think of the things for which I am grateful–there are many things that are positive in our lives each day. Will stop running on now. I wish everyone and their families a loving and joyful holiday season and a blessed New Year. Don't know what I'd do without all of you!

Dec 5, 2019 · Mother coughs constantly for the last 5 months in Lung Health

@zeroga Wow, that is interesting. It is good information to know about. Appreciate our sharing this with us.

Dec 3, 2019 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

@scoop2365 You are in my prayers as is your wife and are your daughters. It is a tough time for all of you. Quite often the one standing has a more difficult time than the one who is the patient. God bless you all.

Nov 15, 2019 · Flu Season and drug-resistant medicines in Lung Cancer

@hopeful33250 Thank you. There are plenty of Walgreens around my area.

Nov 14, 2019 · Flu Season and drug-resistant medicines in Lung Cancer

@merpreb Plan on getting my flu shot next week. About five years ago I came down w/ flu on January first of that year— not pleasant at all. Tamiflu helped, but that year I’d simply skipped the flu shot thinking that it indeed would make me feel ill. Well from then on I’ve gotten my yearly shot. This year, my doctor wants me to get the “senior” flu shot. She has suggested setting aside 3 days as there can be stronger reactions to this shot. Finally next week, I have 3 free days IF needed. I don’t want, or need to be sick with flu. Going through my cancer surgery and then cataract surgery has been plenty of doctor and treat time for me. So I am going to drop by the doctor’s office early next week and get it done. My dad never would get a flu shot because the one he got he swore gave him flu. He was lucky and never did catch flu after that. I don’t want to take a chance of flu and the possibilities of its complications. So I’m with you in urging us all to get our flu vaccines. It beats the alternative illness. Also our immune systems certainly can use the help this vaccination gives. N.B. Have two friends who got the triple shots and also repotting feeling awful for several days. The shingles shot is stronger now as is the pneumonia shot. Probably the cocktail of these three injections make the negative reactions in so many.

Nov 9, 2019 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

@merpreb I mean what I wrote. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.