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2 hours ago · Results of CT Scan in Lung Cancer

Just talked with oncologist. No caner as I knew and he isnot concerned at all about the nodule. He is almost certain there is not cancer connected to it. He thinks it is mucus trapped in the airway to the lung–no really in the lung and will resolve itself. Yes, I am at peace. Will have an ealier CT scan in January to see that all is well. My appointment was by phone.

5 hours ago · Results of CT Scan in Lung Cancer

@merpreb Thank you. IT DOES make sense. Lord if anyone can swallow wrong, or aspirate something–I have always been the champion! I am calm. It will be interesting to know if somehow I swallowed a TicTac whole and that is what showed up on the scan :-). Lord knows what it might be. My PCP is different in personality from my oncologist. He's kind of calm and laid back where she is more ready to pounce on anything she is not certain about. When I see the oncologist today, he will explain what it is and what we can do, or if nothing needs to be followed up about it. I'm really more concerned about an earring that came off and that I can't find on the bedroom floor! You are such wonderful support. Thank you for writing back. I admire your strength and fight over all these years with your issues related to lung cancer. Bless you. I"ll let you know what the doctor says this afternoon after this appointment today. It's a beautiful fall day here.

21 hours ago · Results of CT Scan in Lung Cancer

Haven't found anything via google. YOu bet I'll have questions tomorrow. Got this info from my PCP and will see the oncologist tomorrow. All of a sudden, the oncologist is seeing people in real-time! Hooray. I"ll let you know what he says. Think it is time to return to my pulmonologist. and will also ask about that. Here's hoping for the best. He's a good oncologist and kindly.

23 hours ago · Results of CT Scan in Lung Cancer

Heard from my PCP. No signs of cancer in my right, or left lung. I’ll know a little more from the oncologist tomorrow. There seens to be a spot fo some sort on my left lower lung that she says the radiologist thinks is mucus. I’ve never heard of that, but radiologist suggests regular CT scans to make certain it is what he thinks it is. Has anyone heard of mucus leaving a spot, or sign in/on one’s lungs? At least continue to be cancer free. Than you all for hearing me out.

3 days ago · CT scan in Lung Cancer

@merpreb Will certainly hug my babies. RI is a place I’ve not visited, but someday I’d like to. I don’t usually worry about standard blood tests. My doctor calls in a couple of days with the results. This lung scan is the one I want to know about. So will check tomorrow. Take meds for it,but I have depression and anxiety. Don’t feel depressed, but the anxiety is there as would be expected. I’ll know soon enough. Sure will let you all know. Glad to hear from you!

3 days ago · CT scan in Lung Cancer

@mwepreb Yes, it is easy to love them. I am amazed how these dogs just show up in my life. I don't actuallly look for them. They come to me when the time is right. Bucky is doing really well. I am waiting with some anxiousness to knwo the outcome of my CT scan. The mammogram is normal. That's good. Am going to call my PCP tomorrow and find out is she has gotten words about the CT scan. used to think this was pushy, but by golly, it's my health at stake and I have a right to know what's going on. So there we are. It's a beatiful day here in Texas and we can kind of feel fall starting. Lovely!

3 days ago · CT scan in Lung Cancer

@hopeful33250 I am doing my utmost to spoil my four furry friends: Bucky, Tobey, Sammy, and Teddy. Bucky is coming along nicely. Thank you.

3 days ago · CT scan in Lung Cancer

@hopeful33250 This morning Bucky had his surgery. THe MAST cell lesion was removed. Given that it waso n his lower leg, it was hard to get all the MAST cells. The vet did a great job and Bucky is hobbling along with a giant bandage on his leg. We will know results of the biopsy and I refuse to have his leg amputated if it is bad. Radion if needed will be oay. Anyway, he is doing well. I fed all four of my fur babies treats tonight and they are happy. Whatever happens with Bucky, at least the lesion is removed and I will make sure he has a great life and spoil him more and more every day. I do that with my other three doggies. Bucky doesn't seem to bein pain and was barking a little earlier. These dogs are my family and I odn't knwo what I"d do without my fur babies.