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Thu, Apr 16 4:10pm · Switching to Trintellix or Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in Depression & Anxiety

Is anyone taking, or familiar with Trintellix? I have been taking Fluoxetine for years and my psychiatrist and I thought I might try this instead. As I read about this I become more and more reluctant to try it due to the many reports of nausea especially and eye troubles as well. I’d appreciate any information anyone on this site has. Thank you.

Fri, Mar 27 7:22am · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@merpreb Thank you. It was a relief. There will be another year of every 6 months CT scan provided all is well. That is provided all stays as it is. I have to thank my new PCP for having been so thorough in her requests for all sorts of tests. I resented those tests at the time. Ha! She knew what she was doing. I will be thinking of and praying for you that you and your new PCP get along great as well as doing the same for your coming CT. scan in June. That cough could be allergies, or something else much less scary than the Corona VIrus. Keep me posted as to what all is going on my dear friend.

Thu, Mar 26 5:11pm · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@colleenyoung A week ago Thursday, I went for my CT scan to check on any lung cancer present. I am at one year post-surgery. There was a table at the entrance and we were requied to answer an empoyees questions before b eing admitted further into the place. It was the standard stuff: id you travel outside the US int he last two weeks, do you have a dry cough, etc. I was allowed in, had the CT scan and left. Results were negative for any cancer. It was not unpleasant. My city–San Antonio, TX is now under complete lockdown. It wasn't when I went for the CT scan. Oh, my oncologist's office called and the doctor is only seeing people that need from certain cancer issues to be seen personally. Got a call from the doctor to report the results. That is how he's running his practice. Don't know about my PCP.

Thu, Mar 26 5:04pm · What/who's out there? Don't post store names. in COVID-19

@zeiracorp Had to pick up some meds for one of my dogs. Went to a neighborhood grocery store. When there Checked to see if they had eggs. Not many, but I found some brown eggs that were a good price. Shelves were no too bad, but yes, paper products were pretty cleaned out. Some folks were grim, but most were polite and friendly. We were required to use a basket so we would distance ourselves from each other. Not everyone was doing this, but mos did. By and large, it was a pleasant experience. The store had masks and gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. those who wanted them as they went into the store.
Texans by and parge are friendly.

Tue, Mar 17 6:59pm · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

@sueinmm I do this with friends–especially my best friend. She and I are almost like sisters from different mothers. So that's a virtual coffee date. Thank you for letting me know. I am more of a stay at home person anyway and so this self-isolation isn't too bad for me. Am doing Jenny Craig and that was a fun visit–no weighing in and I spoke with my counselor there by phone while waiting outside my car, she gave me the week menu through the office mail slot, I chose what I wanted, then staying on the phone gave her my credit card # and she bagged up my stuff unlocked their door and handed me the bags. It felt good to get out, put down the car windows and feel the fresh air. Got home washed my hands, put up the food, and had a lovely breakfast. I've lost over 10 pounds now and that makes me feel like I've accomplished something good. Should have had a video of how Jenny Craig is doing business these days. So far Ct scan is still on for Thursday and visit with oncologist is still set for next Monday.

Tue, Mar 17 6:36pm · Mayo Clinic: Thank you in COVID-19

@merpreb So well said. We all need to work toward keeping this darned virus at a minimum. We need to come together as one.

Mon, Mar 16 10:41pm · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

@sueinmn WOw! How do you have a remote cut of coffee by phone? Sounds like fun. Great post.

Mon, Mar 16 6:50pm · Visual Escapes and Daily Inspirations: Share Yours in COVID-19

@johnbishop Thank you. I'm glad we have our furry friends with us. Cats rule in one's house as I understand. Of course, dog do too, but in a different way. Not ashamed to say I spoil them rotten and love it. .