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Fri, Mar 22 9:36am · Pyrocarbon thumb joint replacement in Joint Replacements

I am now 2.5 months out from Stablyx joint replacement in my left thumb. It has been a tough recovery but now it's going well. I had nerve damage that is healing without medication and my thumb doesn't hurt at rest like it used to. Every day I can do more and more. It's still tight but improving and I plan to try playing tennis again likely in another month or so.

Tue, Jan 22 12:51pm · Pyrocarbon thumb joint replacement in Joint Replacements

thanks so much for you info. it gives me hope! yes, my nerve pain is from moving that big nerve out of the way that runs along the outside of the thumb just under the skin. no bruising, just the nerve pain. but today for the first time i am feeling a slight decrease in the burning so am hopeful. thanks much! excuse typos please, it's hard to type.

Mon, Jan 21 6:21pm · Pyrocarbon thumb joint replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi – Sorry if I am not doing this right but I am trying to comment on the group discussion, not one in particular. Has anyone had nerve pain after the stablyx implant. I am two weeks out and everything seems good except for a very painful burning sensation along the outside of my thumb that the dr. says is nerve pain. She says it should go away but my research is showing it might not.